News of Korowal alumni


Kristel Thornell won the 2009 Australian/Vogel prize for her novel "Night Street". She has since completed her PhD with the Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University. Her second novel "On the Blue Train" was published by Allen and Unwin in 2016. 

Ben St Lawrence, current Australian and Oceanian record holder in the 10,000m, has represented Australia in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games. 

Del Kathryn Barton won the 2008 and 2013 Archibald Prize and was shortlisted in 2007 and 2011.

Jeremy O'Brien, Korowal graduate and son of our Maths teacher, Simon, was appointed Professor of Quantum Physics at Bristol University at just 32 years of age.


  • Elliot Douglass, completed  Exercise Physiology at UNSW and now holds a position with an Insurance company.
  • Elijah Weber. Completed a Cert III in Financial Services and then a Diploma of Business Administration. Worked in Bookeeping, I.T., and then finally Regulatory Affairs at a medicine company and was employed for 5 years. Now travelling the world for the next 2 years and seeking further education and varied work experiences.
  • Laura Crespo. "After school went straight into a Physics degree at UTS but after a couple of years thought that I needed to do something a little more relating to social policy. Moved to Canberra and to the ANU to do an Arts/Economics degree. Am in my honours year doing a thesis in Australian History while working part time as the Deputy Head of Bruce Hall. Korowal philosphy has always influenced me in having a holistic life and to get out there an be part of the community"
  • Pippa Kern.  "Ive just returned from 4 months in India after completing a degree in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience. Looking to work in ecophysiology and conservation."
  • Zoe Weber.  In second year of a BVA majoring in photography at Sydney College of the Arts.
  • Charlie Finch. "Little brother of 7 who all attended Korowal. After a gap year I began my degree in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at UNSW, which I aim to complete at the end of 2011. I have continued to casually work at the pools in Sydney as a Lifeguard and Swim Instructor."
  • Luke Reid. Diploma in Applied Science, Bachelor of Medical Science, UWS-H Medal winner 1997; worked at UWS-H as Research Assistant in Analytical Chemistry before taking up a staff teaching position with St John Ambulance; lived as a Benedictine monk for 14 months in an enclosed community in Sydney; volunteer work with St John, the Rural Fire Service and the Catholic Church.
  • Emma George. "I had a gorgeous girl at 21 (she is now 12). I have completed a Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Linguistics and am currently working in Aboriginal Affairs for the state government in Victoria as well as moonlighting as a Karaoke DJ!
  • Jimmi Carr. @ korowal 84 - 93. Studied at Lismore conservatorium. Currently a music teacher/producer/performer. 4 albums and an ep released. Toured the country extensively. National and international airplay
  • Kyan Woodpower. In second year of a Media Arts Production degree at UWS.
  • Rose Forsyth-Jackson. Currently in Italy, taking a break from a studying primary teaching at UWS. WWOOFing (working on farms) for the next couple of months. Then back to Uni and working in a backpacker hostel in Katoomba.
  • Neal Harris. Graduated Bachelor of Science and Honours in Engineering from ANU (Canberra). Currently living in Aachen in Germany, working for RWE in European nuclear development and studying a Masters in Energy Systems
  • Jesse Douglass. Completed a Bachelor of Science at Sydney Uni 2006. Now teaching Science at a high school in Sydney.
  • Ian Oosterhoff. Completed a Bachelor of Science at Sydney Uni 2006. Now teaching Science at a high school in Sydney.
  • Amelia Curran. “I have just finished off my Bachelor of Entertainment in Popular Music and Performance, and have now moved back to the Mountains. I currently teach singing, guitar and piano at The Waratah School of Music in Katoomba.”
  • Kiyeon Kim. In final semester of a Bachelor of Business at UTS, majoring in Accounting and Finance.
  • Cynthia Crespo. "Now in my second year doing management in events and leisure at UTS and living in Sydney with 3 fellow Korowalians .”
  • Chloe Hobbs. Graduated in 2005, the best class ever!!! I’m a second year
  • student at Katoomba TAFE studying hard to become a Remedial Massage Therapist. I live with my Dad in Faulconbridge. I love cooking, family, friends and walking the dogs. I heart Korowal. "
  • Rosie Swanton. Currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science and the University of Sydney, majoring in psychology and anatomy. I work in retail, and also regularly volunteer with a youth mental health organisation,
  • Karen Crespo. Graduated with a Diploma in Screen and Media 2008. Currently a film editor for various media.
  • Amber Jacobus. Currently studying a Bachelor or Arts in Communications (Social Inquiry) at UTS, has worked in politics for 5 years as a policy advisor and campaign manager and had a stint in Thailand working as a divemaster.
  • Eamon Waterford. Just finished a Bachelor of International Studies including a year in Norway. Currently working in the youth/homelessness field.
  • Seraphita McCulloch. “I started a family young and had my son at 19. I then got married and had 2 more children. I still live in the Blue Mountains on a farm in Blackheath. I am a student registered nurse at UWS in Richmond. I have been lucky enough to travel the world with my kids and husband and have had a lot of fun doing so. I am forever appreciative of My Korowal schooling.”
  • Lorraine Dowler, “I have just graduated with distinction in Bachelor of Creative Arts - Visual Arts including a year in Scotland.”
  • Guy Oosterhoff. Completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) and Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW. Workingas a tunneling engineer in North Sydney.
  • Jacinta Mulders. Finished Arts Honours in Italian film and a Bachelor of Laws at Sydney Uni. Now living in London and focussing on a career in writing.
  • Joe Gorman. Studying a BA at Sydney Uni. Working in a bakery part time.
  • Emma Lancaster. Studying HR & international business and about to study in Canada followed by a volunteer program in South America.
  • Sarah Horrocks. “Lived with fellow "Korowalians" for
 several years before moving to Tasmania last year with my partner, 
where we purchased our first home. Currently working in Real Estate.”
  • Axel Williams. Studying Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney.
  • Haylea Bridle. “I'm currently living in Leichhardt with 3 other lovely Korowal attendees. I'm studying an Advanced Diploma in Design and Illustration at Enmore TAFE and work part time at a bakery. There is a big Korowal shaped hole left in my heart.”
  • Maxwell Burns-Mcruvie. 3rd year student, bachelor in Media and Communications/film production at UNSW. Spent the last two years studying and working in Europe.
  • Lindsay Westrup. “Studied my cert 3 in children's services and am currently studying my diploma of children's services almost done!!! I’m working full time as a childcare worker in Parramatta and Living in Lawson with my boyfriend of 2 1/2 years Mitchell and our cute kitten Marley.”
  • Jeremy Blake. “Studying music and practicing some freelance artwork. Working in a refrigerated warehouse in Western Sydney. Missing Korowal dearly.”
  • Claire Horrocks . “Recently relocated to the Sunshine State. Have worked in real estate since I left school in 2001. I am a successful property manager and purchased my own investment property when I was 18. Absolutely loved my time at Korowal and plan to relocate back to the Mountains... when I eventually have babies so they can go to Korowal and have the same wonderful experiences I had.”
  • Nina Carmichael-Parissi. “Currently living in Sydney with 3 other Korowalians and studying Jewellery and Object Design at SCA. Very happy to count myself as a true Korowalian”
  • Erica Brennan. “Graduated from an Acting degree from Theatre Nepean. Working as a freelance performer and director. First performed a Midsummer Night’s Dream for Korowal’s 21st anniversary celebration which must have a deeper significant meaning to me as I have performed it 3 more times since.”Clare Stinson, 25. Graduated as a Primary School Teacher from Macquarie University in 2008 and taught for a year in Sydney. “I am currently traveling and in 3 months will settle in London to live and work. I believe Korowal instilled my passion for teaching.”
  • Andy Keane. “Graduated from Commerce (Accounting) and Law degrees from UWS and a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice from ANU in Canberra. Due to be admitted as a solicitor in August and possibly will begin a Masters in Law end of this year at Sydney Uni. Currently working for a large firm in the city in tax law. Living in the Mountains. Looking to do some more substantial voluntary work once I’m admitted helping out with legal issues in the local community”
  • Belinda Wood, nee Coster. “Went straight on to Charles Sturt University in Bathurst and completed a degree in Commercial Radio. Worked in a small community radio station in Bordertown SA for just over a year before relocating back to New South Wales, after which I married my husband Damian in 2008. I work part time at a wonderful club in Penrith. Working part time allows me plenty of time to play mummy to my gorgeous daughter Evelyn, born in September last year.”
  • Stephanie Simcox. “Have completed Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking and Postgrad in Photography. Currently working as news/events photographer and freelance fashion photographer. Heading to Laos later in the year hopefully to pursue photojournalism”
  • Laura Stinson. “Currently in my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design at the Australian Catholic University, majoring in Photography. Very happy and grateful to be a Korowalian and miss it and its people very much!”
  • Carl Cintio. Musician, barista, law student. Graduated with a degree in Electronic Arts from UWS. Currently studying graduate law at Macquarie University.
  • Jeremy Grieve. Second year Bachelor of Social Science student at UWS.
  • Rose Reedy. “ I studied for a B.A. at Sydney University for two years, but felt my life and career needed creativity. So now I am studying my first year of a Bachelor of Communications-Theatre/Media at CSU Bathurst. Absolutely love it, and am using lots of the brilliant life and work skills Korowal taught me”
  • Kit Rigby,  at Korowal 1996-08. Currently attending Enmore TAFE for Cert IV in Design. Living in Rozelle and working at the Red Lion Hotel in Rozelle. Moved to Darwin for work in 2009 gap year.
  • Kezia Slingsby. “In 2009 I completed a communications - theatre/media degree at Charles Sturt University and am now living in Sydney pursuing a career in theatrical set design. In future I hope to start my own physical theatre company.”
  • Rosie Cintio. Graduated from UTS in 2009 with a degree in Communications (Writing) Postgraduate student at UTS (writing.) Short story published in UTS Writer’s Anthology 2009.
  • Shanti Pradhan. "Currently living in Melbourne and Studying Music at NMIT. I'm a singer/songwriter and perform my original music every week. I also manage a French Cafe".
  • Beatriz Alvarez,  graduated 2003. "I'm still in the Mountains with my beautiful daughter. I'm a freelance writer/editor. To all those teachers who would find me at a cafe instead of in class I now have the perfect job! If I'm not found at a cafe with my trusty laptop, you'll find me on set, as a makeup artist, doing my part to make the world a more beautiful place!"
  • Rebecca Mann. "Currently doing history Honours for my Bachelor of Arts at USYD after taking last year off to work and travel around Europe. Next year I'm hopefully heading to Sweden to do a Masters in Humanities."


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