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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 7, term 1 2014

A Window with a View

We can feel the air changing and see the leaves turning as we welcome Autumn at Korowal. Week 7 has passed so quickly and no doubt the next few weeks will do the same, so we grab the highlights.

On Friday we had a visit from Kem Bray, retired principal of Queenwood School in Sydney. Kem has been my mentor for the past 12 months so has heard quite a lot about the school and the changes we have experienced over that time. She was keen to visit us, to meet the people and sense the environment. I want to share her comments with you as she was indeed impressed with everything about us.

We walked around the school, starting in primary. Being experienced in walking and sensing, Kem commented on the structure and discipline as well as the creativity evident while observing students as they worked in their focus study books, or participated in ‘huff and puff’, or prepared for a performance. Then in high school we walked through classes where the students engaged in an art theory class, were signing off in the final sessions of their focus studies, and were painting the backdrops and setting for a production. We then popped into the pathways common room, and were greeted with open and friendly faces in a clean!! space. Kem observed that throughout the school the students appear to be open, happy, friendly and relaxed, and that they have remarkable facilities. She had the opportunity to chat with a few staff members while doing the rounds, and again this reinforced her overall perception that Korowal is an impressive school. Personally, it was a welcomed opportunity to view our school through new eyes and to be reinvigorated by the experience. Having many years of Principalship under her belt, Kem provides a good reality check. In Kem’s words, “you just need people to know about you”.

As this term races toward the end, Pathways students are nearing the completion of Preliminary, or the Year 11 component of their studies, and they will sit their exams in week 9. Cairo and the Drama class are rehearsing ‘The Tempest’ while assisting Paula with set and costume design. Due to the popularity of this subject there are two casts with slightly different interpretations of the play, and they will perform for us in the first week of April. Posters will be going up soon, so keep an eye out for the dates and times, and book a ticket without delay to avoid disappointment. Each cast will perform twice.

With the changes in primary now settling, Bec has just completed her first week as class teacher for Year 4/5, and I wish to commend Bec and the students for stepping up to the new challenges so wholeheartedly. Cate, Denise and the K,1,2 children are likewise relaxing into their new relationships and routines. In addition to this, on Tursday year 5 had a visit from Teekee Marlo, who told inspirational stories to the children as they begin their creative response for the ‘Reconciliation Art Challenge’ this year.

As the folk festival is underway, it is time to sign off and wish you all a musical weekend. On Monday and Tuesday of next week I will be attending a Principal’s Course at the AIS in Sydney, so Nancy steps into my office. I hope to catch up again on Wednesday morning for a cuppa under hanging bough.

May your heart sing,


Primary and High School students enjoying a Supported Play session.

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