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Latest news

From the window with a view - Year End, 2016

A Window with a View

Before the year’s end, on behalf of the staff, we wish you all a very happy, relaxing time with family and friends over these Summer holidays. Thank you all for participating in your child’s education with us, and in our community events. It has been another successful year at Korowal, with learning at the centre of the agenda.

Our students have embraced challenges, and reached peaks they may not have thought possible. They have explored ‘the learning pit’, to fathom their way through conundrums and achieve eureka moments. They have been good and supportive friends, fallen out with friends, reflected on their part in this, and continue to learn about the complexities of human relationships.

The HSC students accomplished great things, with strong results in Visual Arts, Extension English, English Advanced, Physics, Mathematics, Drama, Biology and Studies of Religion. Information has just begun to flow in from our Year 12 cohort regarding their University offers. So far we have heard from students who have been accepted into Law, International Studies, Communications and Engineering, and we have yet to hear from all. We are so proud of these fine young people and look forward to seeing how they craft their lives and the pathways they take post-school. Most will take a gap year, with one student undertaking an International Exchange to Sweden.

Our teachers have also placed learning at the centre of this year, being students together on several projects. Bec, our Primary Coordinator, completed a short Middle Leadership Course and Liz, our High School Coordinator, completed the year-long Flagship Program, a huge undertaking. Teachers examined and applied aspects of John Hattie’s ‘Visible Learning and Visible Teaching’ strategies, as well as ‘Thinking Routines’ and Goal Setting initiatives. They attended a comprehensive range of programs and inservices, and worked collegially throughout all projects.

Our Teachers’ Aides and Library Assistants offer invaluable assistance to many, and they have special places in the staff and students’ hearts. As is the case with our Kirsty!

We have all been beautifully supported by our administration staff of Caroline, Susan, Mel and their volunteers. They continue to smile, be cheery, greet the students and lovingly tend their ailments, refine our systems and ensure communication flows. They are rigorous in their financial acumen and highly principled in their dealings with all of us.

Our marketing team are a terrific group of creatives. With superb networking and attention to fine detail they have kept our presence alive in the local community. Our social media and news media presence has increased enormously this year. Ali and her team have promoted and supported School events throughout 2016, and they are working on some exciting new ideas for 2017.

Finally, it requires sound governance to successfully run a school. Our School Council, under the Chairship of Greg Lucas, work in a voluntary capacity to ensure that the finest processes, systems, policies, rules and relationships are implemented and maintained. We are indeed fortunate to have such committed, skilled, insightful parents and teachers sustaining the operations of the School through our school board as we continue our goal of strengthening and invigorating educational experiences for all of our students.

Now, as we say farewell to 2016, it is with great appreciation that I thank you all for your confidence and ongoing commitment to Korowal. It is an honour to lead the School and serve you.

It is time to slow the clock, relax, read, play, share meals and enjoy the Summer days and nights.



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