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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 1, term 1 2017

A Window with a View

Welcome back to our 2017 school year at Korowal. We have many new faces with us this year and we encourage you to drop by and introduce yourselves to Deb in the school office, and Maria in the library. The School is looking great!

During the holidays work has been undertaken in many areas. Justin is maintaining our grounds over this rapid season of growth with great care. The carpets have been cleaned, fans have been purchased for all classrooms- with ceiling fans installed in rooms with high ceilings, more power points have been installed throughout primary and some interesting pieces of furniture are on order for trial in primary classes. The LRC (high school) is undergoing reorganisation, the art room has had a makeover, new short throw projectors and interactive boards are being installed throughout the high school classrooms, and a set of desks is on order for G1. We have also been extending the pathway to the ball court, with both ramp and stair access.

We have all weathered some very hot days in the short time we have been back at school, and we thank all of our students for resisting the urge to wear beach clothing to school. The UV readings have been sitting on EXTREME for some time now, so covered skin and head protection outdoors is essential.

Over the next two weeks, class meetings are being held for each year group. We encourage you to attend these and meet the other parents of your child’s class, as well as engage in conversation with the class teachers. We will discuss the School’s priorities for 2017, class group priorities and activities.

This year we will also be bringing focus to the Strategic Plan for Korowal for the next 5 years.

The staff began our first session on this prior to the students’ return. We thank Jayne Ansin for leading a powerful planning day with us, and we thank the Old Leura Dairy for providing us with a delightful venue. There will be more to come on this throughout 2017.

In 2016 we applied for a Commonwealth Government Building Grant. The purpose of this grant was to allow for smooth access to all high school areas, to create covered walkways throughout the high school, and provide further sheltered areas for weather protection. Currently, students have no protection from the rain when moving between classrooms.

In December we were notified that our application had been successful! We are most grateful that our cause was acknowledged, and in 2017 we will begin building work across the high school.

This year is also our Korowal Cabaret year, and students are already working on their chosen pieces for a performance in the first week of May.

We welcome Kizz back from parenting leave, Talulah from maternity leave, and we are preparing for Caroline’s maternity leave later this year. We also welcome Steph to our new look canteen on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The menu is imminent.

Following on from our visit to China last year, we will be welcoming some visitors to Korowal over the next few weeks. On Thursday we have eight young Chinese students and their teacher, who are on vacation, visiting us for half a day, and then on Friday teachers from the Datong Chinese School in Leura are running cultural workshops with some primary classes as a celebration of the Chinese New Year.

We are all aware that we are adjusting to the absence of a few key people, and we send our love and thanks to Nancy and Pam. There is a separate thank you letter to you all from Nancy being posted on the Korowal NoticEboard this week.

That is all for now, although there is so much to talk about!

We hope to see you at your class meeting.

May you stay cool,


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