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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 2, term 1 2017

A Window with a View

We wish to extend a warm welcome to all of our new Kindergarten students and their families, and we thank those parents who were able to attend school on their first day and have a cuppa with the parents while their children settled into the new routines of ‘big school’. The class is settling in very well with Jodie, and the Year 1 and 2 students have been most kind to our newcomers.

Throughout the school our students were treated to a number of cultural events this week. In Week 2 at Korowal our high school Drama students, Kelly and Helen, attended ‘Onstage’, at the Seymour Centre. The exhibition of HSC student drama performances was a great opportunity for our students to get to the city, mingle with other schools, see exemplar works and be thoroughly entertained. One of our senior students, Jasmine Ryan, had her HSC Monologue performance shortlisted for this program! In the end, with the luck of the draw she missed out, but she achieved exemplar status. Bravo Jasmine!

On the same day, we hosted our visiting students from many different schools in China. They joined the Year 5 Morning Circle, had a tour of the playground (particularly enjoying our resident frogs), sang & danced with Year 1 & 2, and played rock-paper- scissors with Years 3 & 4 before joining the Year 8 Art class for pen and ink drawing, and had a bit of a play in the music rooms.

We continue to forge links with the Datong Chinese School who have begun teaching Chinese language and cultural lessons at the ex-Korowal School site at Leura. On Friday, in celebration of the Chinese New Year, teachers from the Datong School provided Chinese brush-painting and paper craft workshops with students in Year 3,4,5 & 6. Year 6 students also had the exciting opportunity to learn a Chinese Dragon dance that they performed for all the primary students in the afternoon.

We have already held a number of class meetings and further will occur this coming week. Thank you all for such a strong attendance at the Years 1, 2, 7, 8, 11 and 12 gatherings. Feedback is coming through to us from your suggestions and we appreciate this enormously. For junior high parents, we will be running an evening or two to advise on privacy and other settings on your children’s computers in the near future, and will email you the dates.

On the very hot days we have recently experienced, students have been staying indoors during recess and lunch times. Some parents have asked at what point in the extreme heat we close the school. When we were children we were sent home when it reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or 38 C! This is no longer the case, as we have many working parents. So we will not close the school in extreme heat. However, we recommend that you assess the situation for your family and your child and make your own call. If you decide that you will be keeping your child at home, please advise the school office of the intended absence. If your child is in high school we recommend that they continue to work on their class work at home. At school we will continue to deliver the scheduled classes but the students’ efforts may be impacted by the heat.

We hope that you are able to find some relief over this weekend of extreme heat. Thankfully Monday is expected to be cooler, but we still recommend that all students have water bottle with them in class, and hats for travelling between classes.

Happy weekend!


Our Year 6 students danced a treat for the primary students

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