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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 3, term 1 2017

A Window with A View

From the ebullient novelty of Kindy through to the measured familiarity of our HSC students, throughout the School in Week 3 our students appeared settled and engaged. Thank you for attending our class meetings and sharing your questions and thoughts. Next week we have our final meeting as the Years 3 and 4 parent meeting is to be held on Monday.

This coming week we will have both our high and primary Swimming Carnivals, the first to be held outdoors in Lawson on Tuesday and the second at the Springwood Aquatic Centre on Friday. The high school carnival is quite festive, with each class nominating a theme for the event and earning points for participation at every level, from swimming through to time keeping. The points are accumulated throughout the day and the class with the highest total will have an afternoon of activities at school later this term. We encourage full class participation as it is a great bonding exercise.

Our gardener, Justin, has issued an invitation to anyone who is available and keen to come to our gardens and spend a couple of hours weeding and mulching this Wednesday morning from 9.00-11.00am. The weeds have been allowed to grow tall and strong to enable easy removal. We have newspapers to place on to the soil before mulching. Justin believes we can cover a lot of ground with many people and few hours. Ideally we would have teams in about five different areas of the school. We will provide morning tea after 11.00am. This is the first time we have attempted a gardening bee during school hours rather than on a weekend so we are keen to get your feedback on whether this is a good option. As you can appreciate, this Summer the grass has grown more than ever and Justin’s time has been mostly consumed on the lawnmower. However, the lawns look beautiful! Thanks Justin.

Also next week we will be holding our first SRC meeting with two student representatives from all years in the high school.

On Saturday 4th March we will hold our first Information Morning for 2017. We show new families around the school most weeks, but sometimes people cannot get here on a work day. If you know of families who would like to pop by and have a look at the school on a weekend this occasion is for them, so please pass on the word.

At Korowal, we have several merit scholarships available annually for students who are either entering our high school, or for continuing into their senior years. These include Academic, Drama, Art and Music Scholarships. This year the written ACER test will be held on Sat 25th March at School. It is specifically for students who are in Years 6, 2017 entering into Year 7, 2018 (covers 25% scholarship on 3 years tuition); in Year 9, 2017 for Year 10 in 2018 (covers 25% scholarship on 3 years tuition), and external students in Year 10, 2017 for Year 11, 2018 (covers 25% scholarship on 2 years tuition to students entering Korowal for their senior years). Further information on how to apply is available through the school office and is about to be placed onto the website.

On Friday, I had the honour of participating in an Educational Forum at the Fairmont in Leura for a delegation of visiting Chinese School Principals and Educational Officials. This event was hosted by Sinofield and the Chinese Culture School. The visitors were warmly welcomed by Trish Doyle, MP. They were then keen to hear about the Independent Education Sector in Australia, which was my keynote. This presentation covered the number of Independent Schools, types and funding models in Australia, before outlining the requirements for schools wanting to enrol international students, and for students wanting to apply to be educated in Australia. There are two schools in the Blue Mountains currently with approval under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students, or CRICOS registered. These are Korowal and Blue Mountains Grammar Schools. The regulations for accepting and maintaining international student enrolments are rightly scrupulous, and there is a strong welfare component to this. It would appear that there is a growing interest in the Blue Mountains as a student destination, both for short stay language courses and long stay schooling.

For now, we welcome visitors as we can, where it is enriching rather than disrupting to our students’ learning. This year some of our students will be going further afield for cultural experiences, travelling to Japan with Louise in April, and to Trek in Nepal with Barbara Hall in December. We continue to connect locally, nationally and globally.

May you have an engaging weekend.


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