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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 4, term 1 2017

A Window with a View

What a week of activities we have had in Week 4 at Korowal! Between camps, carnivals, work bees and meetings we have gathered both within and outside of school to enjoy each other’s company.

On Monday evening we held the final class meeting for parents of Years 3 and 4 to engage in fruitful conversation. This was followed on Tuesday evening by a gathering of the ‘Impressions Series’ planning group to look at organising our first conversation for April, in partnership with the Scenic World Sculpture Exhibition. There will be more information shortly regarding this event.

We had perfect weather for our first Wednesday morning gardening bee, and it was so popular that the assembled group decided to hold this every third Wednesday of the month from 9.00-11.00am. Fourteen people weeded and mulched the front bed alongside the primary entranceway. In total we had 28 hours of labour, and finished the job, leaving it looking fresh and beautiful. We welcome many more participants. Justin was the quiet conductor for us all as we engaged in conversations about all sorts of things, then shared fruit and cake after the job was done. Nancy is a keen gardener and came along, only to be enthusiastically welcomed by the students as they stepped off the bus. Thanks to all who attended this moning.

With Tuesday’s High School Swimming Carnival and Friday’s Primary Swimming Carnival we hope that Kizz is resting this weekend, or at least as best you can with a new baby! These events take a lot of organisation and we thank Kizz, the primary staff; Liz and the high school staff for their rousing efforts. We also thank all of the students who attended for their spirit of fun and physical commitment to the races and events. In the high school, Year 9 pipped Year 8 to achieve the highest score for participation.

Simultaneously the Year 11 and 12 students went to Dunns’ Swamp, Ganguddy Camp Ground, for a three day camp on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This was a break away from our conventional trip to the Kangaroo River. By all reports from students and teachers it was an enormous success. It brought the two year groups together through structured activities and casual campside chats, and there was time for deep reflection and stargazing. Thank you to Steve, Lisa and Joachim for accompanying and organising this camp, and also to Redhill Environmental Education for their convening. One of our students was happy to share her story of being from the Wiradjuri people as the students explored the hand paintings and significance of this site.

On Friday we were all excited and prepared for our first SRC meeting, which was held with two student representatives from each high school year group. It is a great group of young people with a focus on bringing issues to the table from their classes. We have now established the procedures for meetings and have an initial running agenda. The minutes from this week are available to the reps on a shared google page so that they can bring them to their classes for further discussion.

Also On Friday we booked the Korowal bus in for a service as the clutch seems to be in need of care. We arranged to borrow the RSL bus for a few days to transport our students in the morning and afternoon school runs, but as you know, the RSL had greater concerns later that day. We send our best wishes to the management and staff as they begin the tough road of rebuilding this facility. Meanwhile, Bec will be in touch with families who use the bus service on Sunday to update on where we are for Monday.

For the remainder of next week the events we will be involved in, outside of our very busy normal routines, include a whole staff inservice from Headspace on Tuesday after school, an Emergency Response Team (ERT) planning meeting Tuesday night, an Association of Independent Schools (AIS) update on HSC reforms on Thursday, National Cleanup Day on Friday as well as the Women in Science excursion to Maritime Museum for interested students in Yrs 10- 12. For girls in these years, Sharon is organising this and there are still a couple of places available. The cost is the train ticket to Sydney only.

Next Saturday we have an Information Morning from 10.00-1.00pm for interested families.

Finally, we are keen to get a gathering place together for parents; a coffee shop of sorts. We have been offered an old bus, gutted, and ready for renovation. It could provide an indoor space in inclement and cold weather, and be fitted with a cappucino machine etc. It could spill out onto the grass on the beautiful sunny and warm days. Are there several people who would like to take on this project? If so please email or leave a message with the school office.

As you can read, there are many developments happening for us all. The meetings we have promised on computer administration and privacy settings, messaging etc. for Years 7-10 parents are being organised at present and will be held in the next few weeks. We will email you the details this week and hope you can come along.

For now we put Week 4 to bed and take a long breath before we launch into Week 5.



Nancy planted her tree, given to her by Years 11 and 12 as a farewell gift

Pathway camp.

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