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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 6, term 1 2017

A Window with A View

This week the sunshine was welcomed by us all. Colour and energy bursts were features of this week. It was glorious to hear singing and laughter bouncing off the trees as the children played in primary, raced about the ball court or sat beneath the trees in high school.

This week Darcy Hollingworth in Year 5 represented Korowal at the HICES Inter-schools Swimming Event. She was impressive, taking five 3rd places and a second place, and swimming a personal best in every race but one. What a wonderful achievement and great reward for the hours of training she puts in each week. Congratulations Darcy!

In response to concerns raised by some parents, for the past two weeks we have been observing traffic patterns in the turning circle and assisting to direct movement of cars for the safety of all. Having assessed potential blind spots, we have now changed some of the arrangements for parking.

There is now a painted ‘No Parking’ indication on to the ground near the three-way point of the turning circle entrance, the back road intersection and turning circle exit. We have painted give way broken lines where the back road crosses the turning circle entry. We have also painted white stripes on areas to be kept clear of cars. The foliage in the centre garden is being thinned to improve sight lines.

Currently after school the majority of cars have cleared by 3.30pm, yet the congestion from 3.15pm until that time is alarming. We suggest that student pick-up will be more efficient if we stagger primary and high school exits.

We are therefore requesting that high school parents arrive after 3.30pm to ease congestion. Currently all high school students who catch buses in the afternoon gather on the front lawn under supervision, before being escorted to the bus stop on Red Gum Avenue at 3.30pm. If parents delay their arrival, all high school students can wait on the grass each afternoon then make their way to the bus stop and pick up point as parents approach from 3.30pm.

A few further observations of concern include children being under-supervised in the carpark area, double parking, use of mobile phones when driving or getting into the car with children, and parking then leaving the car in the Stop and Drop area. While we understand that many parents are in a rush we need to work together to keep everybody safe.

While this may seem obvious, our requests are therefore:

  • slow down as you approach the Korowal driveway from Hall Parade and enter at a at a slow pace
  • ensure that you are with your child, holding hands, in or near the carpark
  • that mobile phones are not used while escorting children or parking the car
  • that parents using the ‘stop and drop’ area (entering the turning circle) stay in their cars, as this is pick-up only
  • that all parents observe the white ‘No Parking’ writing and line zones for the safety of all
  • that high school parents arrive from 3.30pm
  • that the school bus area be kept clear of cars
  • that there is no double parking
  • that all cars STOP at the bottom of the driveway exit before entering Hall Parade

Staff have been requested to refrain from leaving the school between 3.15 and 3.30pm to reduce the back road traffic entering the main exit at that time.

It really has been chaotic for the past few weeks and we thank you for your patience and for bringing this to our attention. We hope these changes improve your afternoons as we all work together to free the gridlock and look after our community.

Next week there are several events that we invite you to participate in, or which our students will participate in. These include:

Japanese for Beginners (parents) starts this Monday at 5.45pm. Because we teach this language in the school, we secured funding through the Polyglot Language Program for parents to learn Japanese for free. Louise will be taking most of these sessions, with some help from Harumi. It is not too late to enrol, so if you missed the previous announcements please call the school office on Monday.

Monday at 5.45pm: Our first Japanese for Beginners class for parents. Because we teach this language in the school, we secured funding through the Polyglot Language Program for parents to learn Japanese for free. Louise will be taking most of these sessions, with some help from Harumi. It is not too late to enrol, so if you missed the previous announcements please call the school office on Monday.

Wednesday morning 9.00 - 11.00am: Our second gardening bee or weed blitz, led by Justin. We had a great morning of weeding and conversation last time, followed by morning tea at 11.00am. Please come along if you enjoy this type of activity.

Thursday all day: Years 3-6 AFL Gala Day and Pathways Art Excursion to the State Gallery and White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney

Friday 17th March: ‘Say No to Bullying Day’. In their personal development classes this week students from Years 5 through to 12 will be discussing some of the key indicators and behaviours that enable bullying.

Fire Drill: All going as planned, we will also be holding a ‘fire in the building’ fire drill this week at a surprise time. If you are in the school we ask that you respond to directions given by staff. Whenever a siren or alarm goes off at school we act as if it is a real emergency. For ‘fire in the building’, our gathering point is the ball court near the staff carpark.

Finally, for those who are new to the school or who may have overlooked this service, we remind you that the Korowal Studios provides excellent music tuition from a range of teachers in voice, sax, clarinet, drumming, piano, guitar, violin, ukulele. If your child is going to be singing in the Cabaret or for HSC Music we recommend they take some singing lessons to assist with technique and confidence.

Neill Duncan is looking to prepare new band members for the Korowal Jazz Band as the senior students move on from school. If you are not wanting to invest in the instrument yet, Neill has access to a couple of saxophones for beginners to have a go. In fact, the fingering the students have learned for recorder transfers well to sax playing!

This has been a long weekly update so congratulations for getting g to the end. I promise a shorter Window with a View next week.


Darcy's achievements, photo by Adam Hollingworth


Pathways Camp

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