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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 8, term 1 2017

A Window with A View

It was lovely to be able to walk outdoors and play outdoors for part of Week 8.

We are delighted to announce that we are launching our ‘Impressions Series 2017’ on April 6th at Scenic World. The focus for our first conversation is on moving between stages and coping with change. Titled ‘Sculpting Their Future’, we are partnering with ‘Sculpture at Scenic World’ and some of the artists associated with this event.

Our panel guests include Tim Hannan, Rachel Peachey and Paul Mosig. Scenic World are providing the venue at no cost and it is to be held at Eats270 Restaurant. Justin and Marina have been working closely with our communications team, Ali and Lisa, to organise a rich couple of events for our students and families, and students and families from other Year 6 classes in the Mountains.

A central focus for this conversation is the place of creativity when managing change. As a Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist, Tim Hannan has been working with children for over 25 years. Head of Psychology at Charles Sturt University and former President of the Australian Psychological Society, Tim is familiar with the issues that families and children face when confronting changes such as the commencement of school, moving from Year 6 to High School, graduating from Year 10 to commence HSC in 11, and then graduating from School to adult life.

Rachel and Paul are sculptors, Blue Mountains Artists who collaborate with their 2 young sons in the production of their art. We are keen to hear their perspectives and perhaps even view their work on the place of creativity in processing and coping with change, and the relationship of self to the environment.

In addition to the Impressions Conversation, a workshop will be conducted by several of the participating sculptors in this years’ exhibition. Our Year 6 students, along with students from neighbouring schools, will come together to create art works around the theme of change and sculpt from recycled objects. This will be held at the Christian Convention Centre, next door to Scenic World, during the day of Thursday 6th April, preceding the Conversation of that evening. The students will then be treated to a preview of the sculpture exhibition prior to it being open to the public on Friday 7th April.

As you can imagine this event has taken a lot of organisation to get to this stage, and we thank Alison Cooke and Lisa Ferguson for instigating the project, and coordinating the events for Korowal and our Mountains community. Scenic World have been most generous in providing all of the artists as well as the venue. As this is being widely advertised we recommend that you book as soon as possible if you are attending the event. While it is addressing issues facing Year 6 students, the Conversation will not be limited to this stage of development. Students as well as parents may be interested in the Conversation. Tickets are available at, and not at the school office.

Year 6 Excursion notes for this day of sculpture and exhibition are on the way.

For High School families, we send a reminder that the permission notes and accompanying money for the Easter Show Excursion are due to the office early this week. We are finalising the booking and train travel requirements with Sydney Trains on Wednesday, so we cannot accept confirmations after Tuesday. Please contact us if you have any concerns about this excursion.

There are only a couple of weeks left of this term, and we hope that you and your children can enjoy the events we have planned over this time.


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