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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 1, term 2 2017

A Window with a View

Welcome back to our lovely school. What fun surrounded us in Week 1! The crunching of autumn leaves resounded at the entry, with piles of dry leaves luring children at every passing.

Each class in primary walked the school boundaries on their first day. To prepare them for the cubby building term, Years 3 to 6 have reviewed the rules and responsibilities they drew up last year in preparation for some amazing constructions. Cooperation, communication and creativity are the keys to their success. We have welcomed our visiting prac(ticum) teacher, Elise, to Year 1 and will host further teachers later this term.

With the commencement of this term you will be receiving class letters containing the highlights of Term 2. We are looking forward to camps, parent teacher interviews, performances of the Cabaret, new focus studies, and glorious times spent in the autumn sun on our lush grass.

in Week 2 we will hold our Korowal Cabaret. It has been brought to my attention that tickets are sold out for Friday and almost sold out for Saturday evenings’ performances. You can book over the phone on 0414 476 330

In week 3, all Australian Schools have NAPLAN testing for Years 3,5,7 and 9. We have sent letters to all families with the specifics relevant to each class. I wish to highlight that some of our older students are experiencing concerns over NAPLAN, due to changes in its significance, but we need to ensure that we are all fully informed of the alternatives as misinformation can cause confusion.

What is new? Well, from 2020, students across Australia will be required to reach a minimum literacy and numeracy standard to receive their HSC. Year 9 in 2017 are the first year that will require this standard. There are several approaches to achieving this. One is that the Year 9 NAPLAN results are used as the benchmark, and the other is that testing can happen over the subsequent few years with a different testing format.

We wish to emphasise that literacy and numeracy skills continue to develop throughout high school and beyond, and each student’s abilities will vary according to their strengths. We recommend that a steady and considered approach within a rounded education will assist all students to continue learning and growing.

Students who achieve a Band 8 in their Year 9 NAPLAN tests this year will have demonstrated that they meet the standard and therefore prequalify. For some students, this will not be the case and there are certainly alternatives. There will be NESA Senior Literacy and Numeracy Tests that students can sit at school in Years 10, 11, 12, up to twice a year if they wish, until they qualify. If for any reason this has not happened before the end of school, the tests can be undertaken for up to five years after they take their first HSC Course.

We cannot emphasise how important it is that we all keep the perspective that only certain things are tested and that many of our children’s strengths are not being examined. It is well known that anxiety can impede the brains capacity to function effectively by flooding it with cortisol. Thankfully the new tests allow many opportunities to revisit and resit.

We encourage you to chat with your children about the fabulous people they are, the strengths they have, the love they bring you, and the importance of having a go to build resilience. Learning is a lifelong endeavour and a steady process and we are not all cast from the same mould.

Our conversations continue to be about what they want to achieve, and their personal goals for their learning.

If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact your child’s class teacher or year coordinator, Bec or Liz, or myself.

Right now, autumn is calling us into the bush, so go and enjoy it.





Staff doodles with clay as we prepare for Term 2

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