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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 8, term 2 2017

A Window with a View

As the final week of term commences we look forward to tying off loose ends and setting things in place for Term 3. We have a number of exciting projects coming up.

This Thursday evening we will be holding our first planning meeting for the Open Day and Fair, 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start, and we hope to have a class parent representative present for all Year groups, plus anyone else who is interested. Please come along if you have ideas you would like to see through. Also, check whether the 12th August has been highlighted on your Calendar!

Next term we expand opportunities for play in primary!

We have been celebrating the success and popularity of primary dance sessions run by Meaghan at lunchtime each week. Building on this, we are planning to bring in support for drama from high school staff next term. Last year, teachers shared their dream that we could have future drama collaborations between primary and high in the Cabaret off-year. The first step in this direction is to place drama firmly in primary.

Further, we will open a ‘Maker space’ lunch time activity. Beginning small with building blocks and simple mechanics, we are hoping to expand to introduce further exploration of design and mechanics. We will be accumulating resources for this over the holidays.

As we continue to provide expanding opportunities in sport, last Friday Years 3 to 6 attended the T20 Cricket blast at Gloria Park, run by Cricket NSW. They were introduced to cricket skills. Year 5 and 6 have their ‘Bike Safety’ excursion to St Marys next Tuesday, and Year 1 are going to the Gully at Katoomba on Wednesday for their ‘Connections’ focus study.

Have a look at the beautiful photos and information on the Noticeboard from our latest Bush School! Our next one is scheduled for 28th July, the end of week 2, Term 3. On the 27th and 28th July we have students and teachers from our Chinese Primary Sister School in Hangzhou visiting us. There will be opportunities for socialising at this time, and more information will be posted early next term.

These holidays, the first stage of building and renovation works commences in the high school. The current toilets will be renovated, with privacy panels, new sinks and window screens fitted and painting undertaken (if the weather permits). The students will then have the opportunity to consult about a wall design, and apply a top coating of paint to the lower walls.

An ability access toilet will be built alongside the current toilets. This will take between 8-10 weeks to complete. Meanwhile the applications to Council are being prepared for the undercover walkways throughout high school.

Shortly after the holidays, the HSC project components of Society and Culture, Visual Art, English Extension 2, History Extension and Music are due for submission or performance. Many students take up the offer for immersion at the start of their break. During the first week of holidays, Year 11 and 12 students will be attending workshops in many of their HSC subjects as their teachers run focussed half-day and day sessions, and individual time on projects. While the students will continue developing these over the holidays, we also wish to emphasise the importance of taking a break for at least a week to replenish before commencing the final term of their HSC courses.

We invite you to a presentation evening of Personal Interest Projects (PIPs) by our Society and Culture students next Wednesday evening, 21st June at 6.00pm in G1 (the middle room of the school). It is always illuminating to hear the projects and gain further insight into the culture, minds and talents of our young people. HSC Music will have a performance evening further into the term, and Visual Arts will exhibit works later this year.

Following the success of the high school Cabaret, a group of junior high students will be running a Spring Soiree at a date yet to be determined. They are keen to provide the space for ongoing performance and sharing of creative works. There are bands to be heard, poems to be read, songs to be sung and dramas to be had.

Following on from our parent meeting last week, and with reference to parent feedback in the Communications Survey last year, we have been investigating the SkoolBag App. It looks to be perfect for us, so we will run an internal trial. If it is as it seems we may then use SkoolBag for all postings, including newsletters and excursion forms. Stay tuned!

Finally, a reminder to high school parents that Parent/Teacher/Student interviews are this Tuesday evening, with some overflow early Wednesday evening before the PIP presentations.

We are on a roll!

Enjoy your weekend.


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