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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 1, term 3 2017

A Window with a View

Welcome back to school for the start of Term 3. We hope that you had a joyous time together over the holiday period. This is the final term for our Year 12 students and we offer them our support and confidence as they prepare for their final assessments and exams. Already this week, Year 6 have been to and returned from their four- day camp to Canberra with Amanda and Andrew. No doubt they have exciting stories to tell! Time elapses in a blink so let’s make sure we take a moment to enjoy the weeks that have passed and plan for our coming events.

The three-week break provided time for maintenance and construction works to be undertaken and we are delighted with the results. In summary:

1.     The Learning Resource Centre off the library has had benches constructed around the perimeter. These can be used for stand-up or sit down work and make this classroom space more versatile for high and primary students.

2.     The toilet facilities in high school have had a makeover, with privacy panels and new doors, new vanities and paint work. The students will now have the opportunity to design friezes to paint onto the walls in Summer. Also, a new toilet facility is being constructed alongside this block that will be a unisex toilet, and will provide ability access.

3.     Landscaping has been undertaken around the primary play equipment, with further mulch for soft fall and terraced gardens constructed below the beautiful tree. Five tonnes of soil have been placed below the tree and in the surrounding plant beds to protect the root system.

4.     Sandbags have been removed and a more permanent drainage barrier has been paced along the edging of the driveway (entrance).

5.     The costume storage garage, which became flooded in the rains earlier this year, was posing a problem with damp smells emanating into the classrooms above. It has been thoroughly cleaned out and dried.

We wish to highlight the significance of the recently formed Student Representative Council in bringing the students’ concerns to us and assisting us to plan for their remedy. The SRC was formed in Term 1. It has taken about a term to establish and refine a communications system, then to prioritise issues and concerns. Hopefully this term you will hear directly from them in an SRC update.

As we bring our community focus to the Open Day and Fair on August 12th, we wish to extend our thanks to the parents who have offered to coordinate year groups around the class Fair activity. A second meeting was held here at school on Wednesday for parents who could not make the first evening meeting. An email will be sent from the school office containing the contact details of the class parents, so that by replying to your class parent’s email address, you can be in direct contact. We are looking forward to celebrating together and welcoming visitors. If you have any questions in the meanwhile please address them to Bec for primary and Liz for high school.

This term we also welcome international visitors for cultural exchange, as representatives from both of our sister schools come to Korowal. The first visit is on July 27th and 28th, where students and teachers from the Third District Primary School in Hangzhou will attend primary classes for Thursday and Friday. We were fortunate to visit this school last year while at the Principal’s Forum and Tour. Parents and friends are invited to attend a b-b-q for Friday lunch before they leave us at 1.20pm. Further information will be issued about this visit.

The second visit will be from our new sister high school in Japan - Genkai Mirai Gakuen. Our students visited them in April this year and were delighted to be partnered with a school with similar values and practices to Korowal. Four students and six teachers will be with us on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th August as they plan their intinerary for future visits. Louise will then be taking them to Sydney on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile this week, on Friday morning, students paraded the office with trays of sandwiches and cakes! It was a surreal start to the day. We soon learned that Years 9 and 10, having presented their original monologues around characters from ‘The Importance of Being Ernest’, were to have a ‘Wilde Tea Party’. Kelly and Lisa were the waiters and served tea from china teapots while the young men and women sipped from bone china cups and saucers and devoured cucumber sandwiches and a variety of tea cakes, all home-made. It was a sight to behold. Connor’s great, great grandparents and great grandparents’ collection of porcelain was entrusted to the students, Kelly and Lisa for their tea. With relief, we can report that the crockery and teapots were returned to grandfather’s car at the end of the day intact. Thank you to all of the students and staff who put effort into making this a memorable occasion.

We have much to be grateful for as we embark on another enjoyable term, at Korowal.


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