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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 4, term 3 2017

A Window with A View

Thank you!

To the parents:
For coordinating the class activities for the Fair and Open Day
For setting up and peopling the stalls
For making cakes, curries, bbq, soups, coffee and tea
For attending and bringing friends and family
For bringing our community together with joy

To the students:
For displaying their work, filming their class activities
For assisting with set up of rooms and activities
For cleaning and clearing the classrooms in preparation for the café, terror tunnel, dress-ups, photo booth, face painting, craft activities
For building their blocks construction in kindy
For participating in artworks, drama workshops, science experiments, music performances to demonstrate the Korowal approach to learning
For running around and attending to people on the day
For welcoming our visitors

The teachers:
For your ongoing facilitation of our students’ learning
For your effort and commitment to beauty and quality
For your good humour and collegiality
For emerging from your sickbeds to set up, run activities and attend our Open Day and Fair
For being the glue of the Korowal community

The office staff, Communications and Marketing team:
For your energy and publicity
For your organisation and outreach
For your laughter
For your persistent hard work and commitment to getting it done with patience

Our Maintenance team of Justin and Alex:
For your scrutiny and creativity
For your diverse range of fine skills
For your care and commitment to our grounds and facilities
For enhancing our environment and beautifying the school

The Directors of the Korowal School Board:
For your time and energy
Your sound governance and ongoing support
Your commitment to attending and promoting our school

The local businesses who provided prizes for the Chocolate Wheel raffles:
We could not have done this without your generosity and support of our unique school.

And finally, to our Coordinators, Bec and Liz
Who steered the organisation of the Open Day work displays
As well as the parent groups
With good grace and fortitude.

We had a wonderful day in a stunning environment, and remain grateful for the commitment everybody contributed toward this successful event.

Simultaneously, as preparations were culminating, we welcomed a group of Japanese delegates, teachers and students from Genkai Town, Saga, and sealed our Sister School agreement with Genkai Mirai Gakuen. Louise has been our beacon in bringing us to this stage, as she ventured over to their school with a group of our high school students in April and returned saying that it was the perfect fit for Korowal. The organisation of this visit, without an agency’s input, has all been undertaken by Louise. She was the homestay coordinator, events manager and tour guide, as well as translater. It has been an extremely successful cultural exchange.

Thank you for your passion and commitment to providing cultural opportunities for our community Louise. Now we need you to get well before you and Joachim lead the Year 9 camp to The Crossing at Bermagui next Sunday!

In summary, we now have two sister school arrangements. One is with a primary school, Caihe, in Hangzhou, China. The other is with a Primary and High School in Genkai Town, Japan. We have recently had visits from both because it is Summer holiday period in both countries.

There is much more to say, but for now, we will relax in the glow of yesterday’s success. Enjoy your Sunday.


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