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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 5, term 3 2017

A Window with a View

We began Week 5 with a walk around the school. All classes toured the rooms and observed the displays of work still on exhibit from our Open Day. It certainly demonstrated a wonderful progression of skill and ability. Deep satisfaction lingered from the success of the events of Saturday. Mel is yet to finalise the accounts from the Fair as we receive the last receipts, so we will let you know how we will let you know how we fared financially next week. All of the raffles have been drawn and Lisa Ferguson will publish the winners shortly.

For the past months we have been working on a few new and exciting initiatives that will enrich the students’ experiences of school in 2018. In response to the research on future needs for our children, we will be expanding our creative, cultural and critical thinking offerings.

Last year we shared some information with you on the research being undertaken by the Foundation for Young Australians to better understand and prepare for the changing workplace. Since then we have been reviewing subjects on offer in high school and approaches to teaching across the school. In July 2017, a further report in the New Work Order Report Series was published. Titled ‘The New Work Smarts’, the following extract is from the Forward of the report:


By 2030, automation, globalisation and flexibility will change what we do in every job. We urgently need to prepare young people with the work smart skills they will need most.’

According to the research, today’s young people will need to be collaborators and communicators, and:

Smart Learners- with continuous learning, and learning on the job, in order to respond to information and new technologies

Smart Thinkers- problem solvers and communicators (listeners, empathisers, persuaders), drawing on Science, Maths and Technology knowledge

Smart Doers- with an entrepreneurial mindset; with flexibility, independence, and use of digital platforms, as we see shifts in how work will be managed, coordinated and delegated.

The full report may be found at

We confidently have a strong focus brought to creativity at Korowal, and there is much evidence of the students engaging in creative problem solving and collaboration as they construct their cubbies, or engage in playbuilt theatre. We are looking forward to expanding the science and engineering challenges for students. As you may have seen, we now have a big old blue bus on site. This is going to become one of our maker spaces where we will offer puzzles and challenges, mostly through construction, to further develop critical thinking and collaborative creativity. In 2018, Jason, our IT Coordinator, will be working alongside primary teachers to expand the participatory learning offerings in the maker space. He will be taking us further towards multi-media studies in the high school.

Simultaneously, we have also been working towards establishing stronger relationships with Sister Schools, in order to provide our students with opportunities to embrace other cultures. Immersion within another language and culture is a profound experience, and requires flexibility, empathy and self-understanding. Having had high school students on cultural exchanges for 2 years now, and having welcomed both primary and high school students from China and Japan to our school, students across the age groups are keen to place themselves within other cultures and experience the difference. They want to travel to schools in China and Japan.

Next term, three Year 10 students will attend our sister school in Japan for two weeks, being billeted by host families. We are also in conversation with Western Sydney University to develop opportunities for us to have a Chinese post graduate student at Korowal for a few days each week. If this eventuates, we would be keen to have Mandarin language classes in addition to Japanese. Our initial focus would be with the Year 5 and 6 classes. Our sister school, Caihe, in Hangzhou, is a primary school and we would like to accept their invitation to visit them in 2018 with students from Years 5 and 6. As we are still in the developmental stages of this project, we cannot yet elaborate on the details, however we are keen to share our progress with you as it happens.

Meanwhile, back in Week 5, our Year 8 students ventured to the Science in the City Excursion at the Sydney Museum, our Year 9 debaters won their interschools debate, Year 10 attended the B-Street Smart driver education program at Homebush Bay, and Years 5 and 6 students participated in the Cricket Blast Gala Day. Louise and Joachim left today with Year 9 for their week-long camp at ‘The Crossing’ in Bermagui. What a fabulous range of opportunities for learning!

May you enjoy the clear skies and winter chill this weekend.


We showered her in petals

Welcome back, champ!

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