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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 9, term 3 2017

A Window with a View

Reflecting on our week that passed we cannot but celebrate the sense of belonging and community evident in our farewell assembly for Kirsty Bishop and Joachim Herrmann. The students from Kindy through to Year 12 were absolutely present to the importance of this event, and we listened to stories and thanks from Kirsty and Joachim, our Year 11 students Kerrod and Sarah, and from teachers Mark and Talulah. We were entertained by our HSC Music students with fine renditions of their exam pieces. Then Alia and Nissa presented our two guests of honour with Korowal Graduating candles.

This ‘Window with a View’ is dedicated to two people who have given their best to make Korowal stronger.


Kirsty has spent 11 years with us as our school counsellor. Prior to this in our early years, Kirsty was one of our first HSC students at Korowal, so her ties with the school are deeply connected. In a brave move, Kirsty is taking her skills into private practise.

Over these 11 years Kirsty has helped so many students, always welcoming them into a safe place, providing them with time and the opportunity to sit in stillness, to reflect on what is happening for them, then to make sense of the chaos and confusion that we all experience as life. With a knack for getting us to laugh at ourselves and our sometimes, strange behaviours, she leads us towards a greater understanding of what it is to be human, and reminds us that our greatest learning happens when we think we have failed. So just get in there and have a go! Kirsty has been a dear colleague whose knowledge, insight and intuition has helped form many of our practices.

Kirsty, you will be dearly missed by us all- students, parents and staff. We thank you for your care and concern, your skill and wisdom, your accepting and friendly personality, and for making Korowal a better and safer place for everyone.


After 27 years at Korowal school, Joachim is retiring from the responsibilities he has shouldered in bringing us into contemporary world of Information, Communications and Technology. Joachim began teaching Science and Maths to start with, then as computers began to emerge, embraced the possibilities that these would enable. He drove the move into ICT. Joachim has also worked as a Director on the Korowal School Board of Governance, and was High School Coordinator for a number of years at our Leura site.

It takes a particular personality to be at the interface of students, staff, parents and technology. Having been on the receiving end of a fair degree of frustration from students and teachers over technological issues, Joachim has remained calm, polite and patient. He always bounces back. He has been a consistent voice of reason and compassion. As a staff member, we could always rely on him to remind us of our core values.

Joachim, you have a huge heart, a warm smile, and a great mind. Thank you for all you have brought to us and the difference you have made. We wish you all the best for whatever the future brings, and definitely for the open roads that you will travel.

It is a sad to farewell people you love, yet joyous to celebrate their gifts and release them into the next phase of their lives. We will remain connected and see them within the Mountains community. Joachim may well do relief teaching and Kirsty may well become a consultant for Korowal. So, it is bye-bye for the present!


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