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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 1, term 4 2017

Welcome back to Term 4, where we will be involved in many interesting events. Our new staff members, Sarah Farrell Whelan and Jason Carthew, have arrived and are assessing the schools needs as well as introducing themselves to students and parents. Focussing on wellbeing support, Sarah has been visiting primary classes to check in, chatting about the good things at Korowal, the things that ‘fill your bucket’, as well as asking for suggestions of things that may not be here but which could fill the bucket further. Similar conversations will be held with the students in high school. Sarah will be consulting with parents and staff also. Jason has some of Joachim’s previous position but also expands into assessing our administration systems, website, communications systems, multi-media, maker space and mandatory technology options. This is a big portfolio and we are working through priorities at present.


Already on Friday of our first week, the primary students were involved in outdoor learning with Bush Day, and the weather was perfect for it. As mentioned last term, we have conducted a bushfire drill with all students, and we continue to hold awareness and prepare our school to ensure that hazards are reduced. To this end, we have had a slasher at school over the holidays, and again on Friday and Saturday this week, clearing our boundary bush from neighbouring properties. We have also cleared a further terraced level at the front of the school. We are still working in these areas so we ask that children stay clear until we have repaired the drystone walls and ground underfoot. Justin has been working around the clock to get things ready, and we send him our special thanks. Steve is continuing to work with his bushfire team to review supplies, and clear leafy areas.


During the school holidays we completed the ability access toilet in high school. It is a beautifully built new unisex facility and is available for all students. The shower and hydraulics are not however, as they are for special use only. We have also placed handrails around some footpaths leading to the ball court and ability access parking space. Projectors are being fitted in primary classrooms and the bus has been completely prepared for painting the outside, with thanks to Bec, Alex and Justin. The sooner we can prepare this the sooner we will have a maker space ready to go.


This coming Monday the HSC examinations will commence, with English being the first exam for our students. The hall area will be in use and ‘quiet please’ signs will be in place when in session. It is important that we all observe these. Our thoughts are with our Year 11 and 12 undertaking these tests, and we hope that they are able to clear their minds of concerns to allow their knowledge to surface. We believe you can!


Next Wednesday we welcome 22 Principals from schools in Hangzhou, China, who will be visiting us for two hours. They are keen to experience both primary and high school classes at Korowal. We will present an overview of independent education in Australia and the options therein, then invite them to witness classes being taught, before sharing morning tea with our teaching staff. The Principals welcome the opportunity to talk about Australian schools and are being hosted by the same

company that invited myself, Louise and Greg to Hangzhou 12 months ago. Hangzhou is the province of our sister school, Caihe.


In week 4 of this term the high school prepares to change the academic year. On Monday 30th, Tuesday 31st October, and Wednesday 1st November, Year 10 have their exam period. On the same days, Year 8 attend their annual camp and Years 7 and 9 finalise all Year 7 and 9 work. There are no high school classes on Thursday and Friday, 2nd and 3rd November, as they are staff development days or pupil free days in preparation for the new programs. When the students return to school the following Monday they will have moved up an academic year.  This same Monday, 6th November, the students who were Year 10 last week become Year 11. They will combine with the Year 12 students for their first sessions as Pathways students and begin senior study preparations and activities.


As most of the preparation for the high school changeover is underway we have commenced planning for primary staffing in 2018 and hope to announce this in the next few weeks.


In November Korowal School will be celebrating our auspicious 40th Anniversary. We have a few events in the pipeline. We will kick off with a conversation around ‘The Art of Belonging’ when, on Thursday evening, 23rd November, we will hold our final conversation in the ‘Impressions Series’ with psychologist, sociologist and writer Hugh Mackay. This will be in our school hall. Then on Saturday 25th we welcome all current families and alumni to our beautiful school to picnic in the grounds ferom 11.00am-3.00pm and share stories, music and food. These events have been listed on the calendars sent home to you, and there will be calls for assistance following soon.


In support of our young people, we have received an invitation for any interested families to attend an eSafety session at Blaxland High School. We highly recommend these presentations as they cover the most current trends. The presentation will provide an overview of how young people use technology and the risks they may be exposed to. Participants will be given practical information to support conversations and safety measures for today’s youth. Strategies for the safe use of the internet will be explained and useful links to the Office’s eSafety resources provided. 

The workshop is a great opportunity for parents in our community to gain more knowledge and understanding on how to manage their child's online behaviour, their access and time spent online. There will be information on popular social media apps such as SnapChat, Instagram, Musicaly, and Facebook as well as privacy and security settings. The event is FREE. 

E-Safety Parent Workshop 
Presented by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner 
Monday 27 November 2017 
5:30pm - 6:30pm 
Blaxland High School Auditorium 
MUST RSVP to Senior Constable Michelle Jancso 4751 0268 by 17/11/17


Enjoy your wet weekend!                   



The rainbows just keep shining on us!

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