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Latest news

From the window with a view - week 6, term 4 2017

A Window with A View

At the end of Week 6, the end of the year will be quickly upon us, so let’s grab the highlights of the past week and declare those imminent.

We extend a warm welcome to all of our new families. We have welcomed our Kindy, 2018 parents and students to Korowal this week. They arrived at the same time as the YES vote was announced, at 10.00am Wednesday, so there was much to celebrate! We have also welcomed our students for Year 7, 2018 into the high school where they enjoyed a day of Orientation on Friday, with taster classes in a range of subjects.

It is lovely to stop and have a Cuppa Under a Tree with you. This continues on Monday and Thursday mornings so if you have 15 minutes, drop by for a cuppa and a chat. Jason is there to talk about the proposed ICT developments, staff pop by if not on class, and we all get to know a few more people.

On Monday, I had the privilege of attending the Association of Independent Schools’ Hangzhou Principals’ Forum in Sydney. My brief was to discuss the topic of Leadership in Independent schools in Australia, specifically of how we develop leaders, and my own journey towards becoming a Principal. While there are many ways, the beauty of Korowal is that it has provided an apprenticeship through a distributed leadership model. In addition to this, we have accessed professional learning through Middle Leadership Courses, Leadership to Principal Courses, Beginning Principal Courses and mentorship with existing and retired principals.

We are fortunate that the AIS Leadership Centre was established in 2012 and has rapidly expanded to cater for the growing needs in the sector. Prior to this we had limited access to leadership training. Korowal is not part of the DET, Catholic, Anglican, or Steiner school systems. We are a non-systemic school and as such we stand alone. The AIS now provides an extensive range of courses which we can access, and draws upon expertise from Australia and overseas. Very recently, the AIS signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide training to emerging middle leaders from Hangzhou, China, as the Chinese seek to understand the way we work with students and staff in Australia. It was good to be at the Forum table and represent Korowal.

Our sister school arrangements and intention to take an excursion to China in 2018 align well with educational trends. We will embrace change at our own pace, and in our own way. On Friday afternoon we held a brief meeting with parents from Years 3,4,5 to discuss our plans and arrangements for 2018. Thank you to those who were able to attend. It was heartwarming to sit in conversation together, as we are excited about our enriching programs for 2018.

Also on Friday, Louise and the Japanese Elective class had an excursion to Sydney to a special showing of a Japanese film. By all accounts, it was a wonderful day.

The highlight of my week was being entertained by the Year 5 and 6 students in their class concert. Drawn from work they have undertaken in Focus Studies they are finely tuned to social concerns, and they recited original poems around a range of topics and passions. The singing and music was highly accomplished, with huge oil can drums and an orchestra of recorders. Special thanks are extended to Kizz, Elise, Amanda, Kim and Peter for their skill and guidance, and to the students for sharing their gifts with us.

Our 40th Anniversary celebrations begin this week!

You are invited to attend our two Anniversary and community event

1. Impressions Event

On Thursday evening of week 8, 23rd November at 7.00pm,

we will welcome

Hugh Mackay


Korowal School.

Hugh is our final guest for our Impressions Conversation Series of 2017, and the perfect person to launch us into our 40th Anniversary celebrations in our school hall. As a social commentator, psychologist and author, Hugh will discuss the significance of community and how, as humans, it is in our DNA to be connected beings. If you have not already come across his book ‘Belonging’ you may want to grab a skim read. If not, there will be plenty of opportunities to hear from Hugh and to ask questions.

We encourage all high school students to attend this session with you, especially Years 11 and 12. They are fortunate to also have Hugh Mackay in tutorial with them on Friday morning, around the English Topic Area of ‘Belonging’. So, if they can get to the Thursday evening event they will be doubly nourished.

2. Korowal Picnic

On Saturday 25th from 11.00am – 3.00pm

You are invited to a picnic at Korowal to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

Current families, Alumni, Friends of Korowal and anyone interested are welcome to gather.

Bring your own picnic or grab a sausage from the barby. Most importantly, share stories and meet old friends. It is a remarkable achievement that we are still small and strong after 40 years!

We will have some formalities from 1.00pm, followed by live music.

The Korowal bus will transport people from Hazelbrook station. People arriving by car are welcome to park in the staff carpark prior to 11.00am, but this will be closed off at 11.00 to allow pedestrian access along the back road.

Let’s come together to celebrate our community and our existence and the end of another successful year at Korowal in 2017

See you very soon,


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