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Latest news

A Window with a View- Week 3, Term 1 2018

A window with A View


In Week 3 we have began to settle into rhythm of the term. The canteen is running smoothly, transport arrangements are steadying and all but one of our class meetings have been held. Year 9 families will have their meeting this coming Monday evening.


Year 7 attended their Yarramundi camp with delightful tales relayed back to us of what a great group they were to take away. They fully engaged in the day activities and slept through the nights (!) to be ready to go again in the mornings. Thanks to Lisa Taylor and Alistair Symons for participating in this camp, and to Mark Thomas for coordinating it and transporting the students to and from Yarramundi.


Contrastingly, our Pathways camp needed to be totally reorganised due to extreme weather conditions. At the eleventh hour, 7.00am Wednesday morning or day one of the camp, we received news from the organising group that the camp could not go ahead due to potential fire danger. I wish to congratulate everyone on the quick thinking and willingness to find an alternative that led us to booking a camp at Lake Lyall for the second and third days, and supplemented the first day with a trip to Blackheath pool and the movies.


Steve Garthwin, Lisa Harding and Andrew Ireland were open and willing to support all ideas. The students were challenged hugely by this inconvenience, and bounced back to realign their bearings and engage in a highly successful alternative. Thank you all.


Thanks also go to our Pathways parents for responding so promptly to the call for new permission notes and health information for Lake Lyall. Your response time was remarkable!


Special thanks and acknowledgement go to Deb, Jes and Caroline in the front office. Their day was totally disrupted by this change yet they got everything done with humour and good grace. Even the catering needed to be reorganised!


It is at times such as this that we really get to appreciate the extraordinary capacity we have to respond to change. The focus was on the task- find a suitable alternative with water play activities for our senior students to come together and bond as a group. Everyone cooperated to ensure this would eventuate. No egos, no tempers, just clear thinking and laughter. We are so fortunate to have people around us who are always working for the students.


Throughout the week, while pathways students were on camp, Angela and Adam have been applying final touches to the students’ common room. A week ago, 5 students came in and painted the brick walls, and Angela has been decorating it throughout this week. It is a beauty! It will be officially opened at recess on Monday so I won’t spoil it by posting photos just yet.


This week we also received delivery of our Replas Gym Circuit. Justin and Alex have been jackhammering holes and preparing the ground for our circuit which will be set behind the science labs.


On Saturday, our builders demolished the stairs leading up to the music rooms and began setting the structures for our new staircase. This will be completed next weekend, so this area is closed off for the coming week.


We have two further community events coming up in Week 4.


I wish to remind high school families that our swimming carnival, or day of fun in the pool, is being held on Thursday at Lawson Pool. We expect all students to attend and participate in some way, whether swimming, time keeping, cheering fellow classmates on, or assisting as a runner. There is a place for everyone and lots of fun to be had. Shared experiences are great bonding opportunities.


Then on Friday afternoon we have a whole school B-B-Q from 3.30pm. This is a parent run activity and we hope that we see you all here.


Until then, may you enjoy your week.


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