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Latest news

A Window with a View- Week 4, Term 1 2018

A Window with a View


We have had a very social week at Korowal in Week 4.


The week began with four staff members attending a ‘Science Practice to Research’ briefing, for the commencement of our Primary Science Project through the Association of Independent Schools.


At recess on Monday, the Pathways Common Room was officially opened. What a transformation this space is. It is a cafe style space fitted with benches for stand up or sit down work spaces, or cafe bar snacking. Many people have contributed to its success, and in particular we thank the Zadro-Jones family for their design talent and muscle. We can reveal all now that the secret is out!

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Congratulations to all of our junior high school students who came together to create a festive carnival atmosphere at Lawson Pool on Thursday. For some, there is great pleasure to be had swimming laps, or playing water games. For others the opposite exists, and we see their reluctance. Kizz is to be congratulated for the successful organisation and running of of the High school Swimming Carnival, along with Alistair, and the Year Coordinators, who all managed to convince the class groups that this was a fun event rather than a competitive swim fest. And indeed it was! Year 10 accumulated the most points for participation and proudly attained their goal. Years 7 and 8 also gave it their best shots, while Year 9 felt the internal tug- many engaged fully while others pulled away. Maybe next year they will accept the challenge as a group, but Years 7 and 8 will be certainly be giving it a good shot!


On Friday afternoon we came together for a community B-B-Q and that was delightful. Such joy, lots of laughter and good conversation was had, with many of us commenting on what a relaxing and enjoyable gathering this was. A beautiful way to start the year. Our children played soccer, climbed the play equipment or dug in the sandpit, and enjoyed delicious food. The idea of bringing one piece of fruit and one salad vegetable was brilliant. Thanks to Talulah and Year 1 parents for making the salads to accompany our vegetarian and meat sausages. Thanks to Bec for the frozen oranges, and thanks to all the parents who assisted with the BBQ set up, cooking and clean up. I reckon this event is here to stay!


There are many photos that describe these events, so without further ado, we will let the pictures complete the story of Week 4 at Korowal.



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