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Latest news

A Window with a View- Week 5, Term 1 2018

A WIndow with A View


Already, Week 5 has passed us by, but not before the students enjoyed their Primary Swimming Carnival. We continue to welcome parent volunteers for reading in K,1 and 2 and thank all parents for assisting us to ease traffic congestion by staggering arrival and pick up times.


To the Carnival: Bec reported that ‘the enthusiasm was limitless and our students participated in the carnival events with great commitment and stamina. The teachers were impressed as the students gave it a go, pushed through to finish races, or endured to complete 100m of swimming. The novelty events saw everyone in the pool, with lots of cheering and good humour. It was a great way to end the week, and everyone was ready for a restful weekend’.


Following on with the theme of physical challenge, over the past two and a half weeks Justin and Alex have been totally committed to getting our new outdoor gym gear up and running. They have been jackhammering rock, measuring then setting concrete, layering the ground with aggregate and geotech webbing before finally laying the mulch  for the circuit. It has been strenuous and specific work, and we are overjoyed to announce that the circuit will be opened next Wednesday. Kizz will advise the students on how to use the equipment for safety and best practice in the PE classes that follow throughout the week.Then it will be available for all! It is located behind the science labs on a split level course.


Three of our Primary teachers, with Jason our IT Coordinator, are involved in a Science Research to Practice Project with the AIS (Association of Independent Schools). In order to understand our Science program from Kindy to Year 6, this group will be following a "Spiral of Inquiry" - a method to review, survey, research and design ways to make Science education at Korowal as effective, relevant and accessible for students as possible.


This comes at a significant time, when the new NSW Science and Technology Syllabus is in a year of familiarisation before implementation in 2019. We have an opportunity to assess our current Science programs and pedagogy, before planning for, and meeting the new Science outcomes.


The focus group will share their knowledge and consult with the other primary teachers to comfortably facilitate the changes our way. They will be meeting with our consultant 2 to 3 times per term this year, and have already spent a day with all the teams from the independent schools involved in this program. Our first step now is to survey students and teachers from Kindy to Year 6 about what science at Korowal means for them and this will happen over the next few weeks. Bec is happy to answer any questions you may have about this project.


Meanwhile in the high school, teachers continue to share their classroom practices at our staff meetings. This week we continued with the application of Universal design for Learning practices.


Next Saturday morning we will hold our first Information Morning for 2018. This is a great opportunity for people interested in Korowal to come along and be shown around, meet teachers and ask questions. Please do share this invitation with friends. We will be open from 10.00am-1.00pm.


Sadly, this week we heard of the passing of three people connected with Korowal, Ann Coleman, Dr John Hunt and Dan Crawford Smith. Ann Coleman was a dedicated primary teacher at Korowal for several years at our Leura site. John Hunt tutored copious students over the years and was fondly regarded. Dan Crawford- Smith was Katie’s brother, and many of us will recall the sad passing of her father when she was in Year 10, seven years ago. We send our love and condolences to all three families, and hold you all in our hearts at this time.


As we say bye for now, let us cherish those we share our lives with.



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