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Latest news

Window with a View - Week 11 - Primary Perspective

Window with a View - Primary Perspectives from Bec

Week 11, Term 1


Term 1 has been an important time of setting up, settling in and setting things in motion. Thank you to all who have been part of the teaching, learning and all other aspects of the school. We have started the year with strength!

At the beginning of the year Barb asked us “What would we change if we wanted to place community at the heart of our being as a school?” This question remains essential for us.

Opportunities for community involvement in Term 1 included the Community BBQ, Bush School Day, Nepal Book Sale and Afternoon Tea, Pathways Drama production, and Thursday mornings Cuppa Under the Tree.

As outlined in the Calendar and Co-Curricular Activities sent out on Friday, Term 2 presents many more opportunities for students, families and friends. Thank you to those people offering to share their time and skills with others.

Our sense of belonging is fostered by the knowledge that we are individually valued as a member of a community, yet also unique. Hugh Mackay

Years 3 & 4 have had weekly sessions with Sarah Farrell-Whelan guiding them through mindfulness, resilience and social activities. They wrapped up the term this week with a group drawing of their most desired treehouse/cubby house. We highly value this collaboration for students, to build their capacity as individuals.

Social & emotional learning is seen in all aspect of education at Korowal, supporting academic engagement and achievement for students in Kindergarten to Year 12.

Both the Year 7 class and the Pathways students started their year at camp, building resilience within new and stronger friendships.

A Year 7 student wrote:

“The activities I liked were kayaking, cave maze, and alpine rescue. I found these activities fun because they used teamwork. The kayaking was my favourite because we got to swim. But I really liked cave maze and alpine rescue because we got to work together and bond. Tania our coach helped me by teaching me how to put a harness on and she was really supportive. She also was very clear in her instructions. One of the skills I learnt was to work with a team in hard and challenging situations. We had lots meals which was good for all the strenuous activities we had to do. The way we split the rooms was good cause there was more room and it was good to have a bit of common space to hang out with the people who weren’t in the same room as you. In conclusion it was an okay camp but I do think it would be good to do it with future Year Sevens because it was a bonding experience. I do think we should go later in the year because it was so hot.”

Next term, Year 5 & 6, and Year 10 embark on their own camps. Other things we have to look forward to, are a new parent craft group, lunchtime craft for primary students, parent yoga classes, student drama classes, a bread making course, a Primary dress-up day, Futsal and Huff & Puff Gala Days, another Bush School Day, Information evenings for 2019 Year 7 & 11, a Drama elective production...and more!

Wishing you all time with your loved ones and a breath before embarking on the new term. Bec

Kindergarten free play afternoon.


Year 6 new collaborative furniture.

Year 2 performing their “Readers Theatre”.


Year 4 & 5 boys in a game at recess.

Pathways production “What is Child?”


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