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Latest news

Window with a View, Week 5, Term 2 2018

A Window with A View


In Week 5 we had many excursions and interschools activities, and excitement is building for Year 12’s Pyjama Day fundraiser next Tuesday.


Let’s take a glimpse at the week that was.

From Tuesday to Friday, Years 5 & 6, Bec, Elise, Jill and Michelle adventured in Canberra. There was great excitement as they embarked on their journey. As Bec summarised on their return:


‘The children were positive, resilient and helpful. They worked together well to get through the long drives, prepare and maintain their cabins, and be ready for each new adventure. We certainly had some small challenges - mostly the cold - and they rose to the occasion. From our perspective, we felt honoured to witness their intellect, interest, humour and kindness.

Thank you to Jill for all her driving, to Elise for her constant cheer, and Michelle for all the braiding and chats. Hopefully the children felt well supported by our team.

And a big thank you to you, the parents, for your support, your delicious snacks and pasta sauces, and for the wonderful people that are your children’.


Thank you also, Bec.


Meanwhile back at school on Tuesday, students from Years 7-12 participated in the Science Competition. Then on Wednesday, Kelly, Jason and Drama students from Years 9 through to 12, attended a performance of ‘Stolen’ by Jane Harrison. The students study the form of Aboriginal Theatre and the play ‘Stolen’ brings focus to the Stolen Generation, with five individuals’ stories told on stage. Although written 20 years ago, this production has been described as “expansive, earthy, and generous” Time Out.  Our students were thoroughly engaged and, as Jason commented, ‘really listening’.


Then on Friday, Kizz and Helen accompanied high school students to the Futsal Gala Day. There was great excitement in the school office as Kizz called in to Deb and Caroline with updates, and the Year 7 girls in the final against Winmalee was the highlight. Kizz’s account of the day follows:


‘Korowal took four high school teams along to the Mountains Magik Futsal day at Katoomba Sports Centre. Our year 9 boys played hard all day, but had the most difficult time of it with some losses against quality opposition. They were also short on numbers, and admirably supported by the talented representative goalie Lola Parsons-Burns who was playing in the year 7 girls comp, but also volunteered to play in goals for the year 9 boys. She impressed the organizers, opposition players and umpires with her grit and determination. Our year 8 boys had a mixed bag of results but thanks to some fancy footwork from, Tariq Miller did post quite a few goals on the board. Year 7, led by Max Johnstone, had a pretty even win-loss record for the day. And the year 7/8 girls finished top of their pool only to narrowly lose a close grand final 2-1.

Congrats to all participants for representing our school at a great community event.’  


Behind the scenes in week 5, the Exec and Admin staff spent time reviewing our Emergency Procedures, with a focus on our Lockdown Procedure. This is an annual occurrence and our entire School Emergency Response Team will be gathering in the next week to review all procedures in this area. Coincidentally, we had a random visit from our new Police Youth Liaision Officer (YLO) and our outgoing YLO Dean, so we were able to keep them informed of our practices. We value our relationships with the local police and we are booking information sessions for next term. They will update high school students on safe cyber use, the law, and how to help each other.


As the review of NSW State Curriculum is rolled out, in 2019 we will see changes to some syllabi in the high school, so behind the scenes, staff planning sessions are under way. This week Jason, Anne and Andrew met to plan for the new Year 7&8 Technology Mandatory Syllabus. Barbara Hall also attended an AIS inservice for the revised History Extension Syllabus.


Our English teachers commenced their planning a few weeks ago as the entire suite of Year 11 &12 English programs- Standard, Advanced, Extension 1 and 2- require rewriting for implementation from 2019. This is a major task in any school, but particularly in a small school, as we deliver the same number of courses to fewer classes and therefore have fewer staff to share the programming load. Hats off to all of our teachers for the dedication they bring to their work.


For some time now, we have been trying to overcome the dilemma of sharing interesting pastiches of life at Korowal while observing student privacy. Seeking permissions for every photo can be time consuming, so we are trying a different tack. The running shots we are using to celebrate the fabulous activities and opportunities our students are involved in are focusing more on hands and connections, rather than faces. The shift allows us to maintain students’ privacy on social media platforms while continuing to share engaging moments on facebook and Instagram as things happen. We ask that you also hold awareness of this with any photos you may take at School events for publishing identifiable images of students in any photos requires permission from the child/ren and also their parents.


Finally, with Winter now upon us, it will be fun to dress in pyjamas on Tuesday!

Year 12 run this fundraiser, with money collected going towards our sister school in Nepal, and also their Year 12 Formal event.


Until next time, may you have a great Week 6 of Term 2!


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