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Latest news

Window with a View - Week 1, Term 4 2018

A Window with a View


Welcome back to Korowal for Term 4 2018, where we have many opportunities to connect and celebrate before the extended Summer break.


This week the HSC Exams got underway with two English papers now completed. Our Year 10 students met their elders for the Intergenerational Project at the Bodington Home on Friday afternoon and emerged from their visit quite animated and grateful for the opportunity to hear stories of rich lives. Amongst the ten elders we have a former Detective and a former Ballet Dancer with the Royal Ballet London. We look forward to hearing from all of the students in class next week as they debrief and plan for the next session.


Next Monday, Louise will take our Japan Excursion with students from Years 8-10 for a two week tour and visit to our sister school. Currently Maddie Lucas from Year 9 is there, and will have spent 18 days at the school before meeting up with Louise and her friends on arrival. There is great excitement about this after having skyped a class with Maddie this week. Thank you for providing this opportunity Louise. The cultural and language emersion provides such a rich and unforgettable experience for the students as it deepens our understanding of each other.


With our Primary Play fast approaching, opportunities for creativity are aplenty. We began mask making this week and the design concept is coming together, with thanks to Talulah and Sarah for leading this. The Term 4 calendar was uploaded onto our Skool Bag Ap on Friday so please print it off and keep it in a prominent position as it has dates for the play, swimming programs, Year 10 Semi-Formal, Year 12 Formal, end of academic year switch over for High School, and other significant events for this term.


At the beginning of each term we take the opportunity to remind families of a few housekeeping guidelines to assist with the smooth running of the school from the turning circle to the classrooms and to raise awareness of the impact of an individual on the group or community.

Turning Circle:

We ask High School parents to arrive for pick up at 3.30pm to allow primary parents to drive through prior to this.

Please do not double park in the turning circle at any time.

Children under 12 must hold an adult’s hand as they move into the turning circle.


School Bus Changes:

The Korowal Bus after school now leaves at 3.30pm not 3.20 to take the first trip to the station so no student needs to leave class early.

The Korowal bus to Katoomba after school leaves 10 minutes later than in previous terms as a result of the delayed departure of the first bus.



Being late for class can cause anxiety, while it also impacts learning. The start of class is the time for greetings, messages, settling in. Please ensure that your child is on time for school every day. We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes prior to classes starting.


Absences from school have a direct impact on learning and student wellbeing. We have a high absences record and would like to highlight the connection between of punctuality, resilience and self-discipline. A late student must be marked as absent until present.


Not all absences are currently due to illness. If your child has regular absences and you have not discussed this with us, we ask that you make an appointment to meet about this. Sometimes it requires further support from the School. There are often times where a student’s absence impacts others in their class, eg. when doing group work or project work, so we request that we look at this holistically. What is gained and what is lost by making the decision to take a day off? Who is impacted beyond the child that is absent (as opposed to sick)? Why is it happening? What support may be needed?


Over the holidays you may have noticed that we ran advertisements for two teaching positions for 2019. As expected, we have received applications from several strong candidates and will be interviewing people within the next few weeks.


The Primary position is to replace Meaghan as she and Adam are expecting their first child! We send congratulations to both Meaghan and Adam on this exciting event.


The second is a Science position as Steve is retiring in three-weeks’ time.  Steve Garthwin has been with us at Korowal for 17 years. He is known for his enthusiasm for science, his terrific adventures and remarkable stories of survival (all true!) Apart from his skills as a  raconteur, Science and Maths teacher, Steve has Coordinated Pathways with Lisa for many years now, been WHS Officer with Bec in recent years, previously shared  the role of High School Coordinator and engages in School governance as a Director on the Korowal School Board. With such extensive engagement and commitment, his knowledge of Korowal, our history and ways, is comprehensive. His dedication to caring for, educating and supporting students is legendary. As a colleague, Steve’s compassion is second to none. Needless to say, we will miss Steve enormously. Thankyou for all you have been and given to us all Steve. We are richer for your contributions.


We will be holding an assembly to farewell Steve at 2.15pm on Wednesday 7th November. If you are wanting to attend please call the School Office on 47587466 to register interest.


Let’s enjoy the familiar and welcome change as we embrace each day this term.

Have a lovely week.




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