High school: years 7-10

Our high school is small enough for teachers to understand the potential and needs of every student, and to challenge and support every student as is appropriate. We believe that this human-scale environment is the most conducive for study, academic success, creative and social development.

Our high school students feel part of a community in which their individuality is respected. It is also a community that provides a rich variety of social interaction and co-curricular activities. High school students at Korowal have meaningful interaction with older and younger students and with their teachers as well as within their own age group.

Each class group from year 7-10 has its own two class teachers, who meet with the class for morning meeting, and generally stay with the same group for four years. Individual subjects are taught by specialist teachers. Elective subjects are often made up of students across a three-year age range, thus expanding the student’s intellectual and social horizons.

In high school, our integrated curriculum takes the form of focus studies, in which a theme is studied intensively every morning for two weeks, allowing for immersion and the development of extended concentration and research skills. All curriculum requirements are covered with a unique and dynamic combination of focus studies and separate subject tuition.

Quality is emphasised throughout the teaching and learning process, and with respect to teacher-student and peer relationships. This emphasis allows our students the pride and satisfaction of producing quality work.

The transition from primary to high school

This transition is not a frightening one for Korowal students. If they have been students in our primary school, they will already have friendships with older students. They will already know most of the high school teachers and will be familiar with the intensive study method of the high school curriculum. Students often begin at Korowal in year 7 after attending other primary schools and they also settle easily without having to make the transition to a large institution.

A high school on a human scale

Because our school is small, high school students do not become lost in the crowd. Teachers know each student's potential and needs, watch over their academic and social development, and challenge and support them where appropriate. Students feel part of a community - a community in which their individuality is respected - which is as important for older students as it is for those in kindergarten.

However, high school is not just a continuation from primary school. Students enjoy the changes and challenges provided by specialist teachers, elective subjects and new friends. Our student numbers are small enough for students to feel that they matter as individuals, and are known and understood by their peers; but large enough to provide a rich variety of social interaction and co-curricular activities.

A school community that is small enough for teachers to encourage and understand every student is the most conducive environment for study, for academic success, and for personal and social development.

"I value Korowal's kindness"


Adventurous outdoor education at Korowal School 

“I feel that Korowal School shows a great deal of respect to its students and because of this the students show a great deal of respect to each other and most importantly to themselves.” (Year 10 student)

“When people tell me about how hard it is at other schools, I never really understand. Korowal is such a welcoming and creative school ... I value Korowal’s kindness. If you’re a bit different, people still accept you.” (Year 7 student)