Our Campus

The Korowal School campus is beautiful. Located on the eastern escarpment of the Blue Mountains Range within the village of Hazelbrook, the area is surrounded by temperate eucalypt forests, sweeping valleys, canyons and waterfalls. 

The campus consists of a number of heritage-listed buildings situated on seven hectares (approx. 17 acres) between Lawson and Hazelbrook on the north-easterly face of Lawson Ridge. 

The original historical Edwardian buildings (circa 1908) are arranged around three courtyards. During the 1980s, these were extended, and in 2008 the school renovated and added a number of purpose-built facilities to meet the school’s educational vision and student needs. We continue to maintain, adapt and add to these facilities with modern, sustainable and sympathetic design and materials so that we cater for diversity.

Korowal Grounds

We have views across the north and north easterly aspects of the Blue Mountains National Park, stretching to Easterly views of the Sydney Basin.

The grounds include a number of grassed areas and gardens that provide a safe and natural environment for students to explore and play.

The school grounds are a rich and vibrant resource for the integration of the school's learning practices and a restorative space to play and discover. We have a multipurpose ball court, mini oval, play equipment, sandpit, outdoor gym circuit and bush track. 







Classrooms & Learning Spaces

Our classrooms are stimulating, comfortable and creative spaces which inspire learning.

Specialist spaces accommodate Science, Physical Education, Art, Drama, Music and Technology and Multimedia Studies.

Primary classrooms are ablaze with colour and children’s artworks, while the high school classrooms are more neutral spaces, reflecting that much of the student work is processed using technology. 

Pathways students have their own dedicated common area, where they can study, relax, and make their own snacks with snack and tea-making facilities. 

Our Backyard

The site’s northern aspect looks across the Blue Mountains National Park to Lawson Ridge, Woodford Creek and the Kolonga Labyrinth in the Mount Hay Range.

To the east there is Lyrebird Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Burgess Falls, The Amphitheatre and Hazelbrook Creek and further east the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area.