Academic Scholarships

2024 Academic Scholarships

To be considered for an Academic Scholarship for 2024, you must complete the ACER Scholarship test. The scholarship test will be held at Korowal School on Saturday, June 3, 2023. 

Based on the ACER Scholarship test, previous academic record, and an interview with the Principal for shortlisted applicants, scholarships may be offered to students who exhibit qualities compatible with Korowal School’s values. 

Applications for our 2024 Scholarships will close on Monday, May 22, 2023. 

Students entering Year 7, Year 8 (external applicants only), and Year 10 in 2024 are eligible to apply. 


The duration of the scholarship will typically be for three years, depending on the year of entry. For example, a Year 7 scholarship will be awarded until the end of Year 9 and a Year 10 scholarship until the end of Year 12. A scholarship awarded for Year 8 (external candidates only) 2024 will be offered until the end of Year 10. 


We will be offering scholarships with up to 50% fee reduction (to be determined on an individual basis).

Application Process

  1. Registration for the Korowal School Scholarship Program must be completed online via the ACER Scholarship Website https://scholarships.acer.edu.au Registrations close on May 22, 2023There is a fee of $100 per child to register. The fee allows students to register for as many of the categories as they would like in the 2024 Scholarship Selection Test.

  2. Applicants will also receive a Korowal Academic Scholarship Application Form after registration, which needs to be completed and returned on the day of the ACER Scholarship Selection Test.

  3. Applicants sit the ACER Scholarship Test at Korowal School on Saturday, June 3, 2023 and return their Korowal Scholarship Application Form. 

  4. Upon review of test results and application form, applicants may be invited to attend an interview with the scholarship committee. 

  5. The applications will be reviewed by the scholarship committee. 

  6. Applicants (successful and unsuccessful) will be notified following the interview period.

The regular Korowal School enrolment process would then proceed for the successful candidate/s. This includes interviews with the Year Mentor, or Stage Advisor, and completion of all enrolment paperwork, policies and procedures. The receipt of a Korowal Scholarship is dependent on completion and acceptance of the enrolment process.

Details of ACER scholarship testing

On the day of testing, students need to arrive and report by 8.45am to the school Hall. Students will be escorted into the examination by our supervisors. Testing will be finished by 12 noon. Please collect your child promptly at 12 noon.


Latecomers may only be admitted during breaks between tests. If you are late and miss a test, you forfeit the opportunity to sit the test at Korowal School as we are not offering additional test dates.


We will provide your child with pens/pencils and erasers. You should ensure that your child has warm clothing, covered shoes, several adequate snacks and drinks to ensure the comfort of your child during the examination and breaks. Mobile phones, bags and any additional equipment/property must be submitted at the door. 

What’s included in the Korowal Application Form?

The Academic Scholarship Application form will be emailed to applicants once their ACER registration is received and should be returned on Saturday, June 3, 2023 when applicants sit the ACER test.


Applicants are required to submit the following parts of the application, each of which will demonstrate how they exemplify the school's values. 

  • PART 1. Personal Information

  • PART 2. School records, such as reports

  • PART 3. Personal statement

  • PART 4. A letter of recommendation from an external community member (someone who knows your passions)

  • PART 5. A letter of recommendation from a teacher who knows you well