Indigenous Scholarships

2024 Indigenous Scholarships - Primary and Secondary 

It is our desire to share our learning environment with the wider community of the Blue Mountains. Through the enrolment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families at Korowal we will enrich the learning environment for all students, staff and families. It is our ideal that we would grow a stronger connection to the culture, spirit and arts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our learning environment

Korowal School welcomes applicants who model our school values to apply. We are offering the opportunity for two families with children who identify as Indigenous to apply for a scholarship for enrolment in 2023 or 2024. The duration of the scholarship will be from the year of entry, until the end of that stage of schooling. For example, until the end of primary or the end of secondary. If the student enters in primary school, there is the opportunity to extend the scholarship into high school after review. 

Scholarship Criteria 

In applying for a scholarship, please consider each of the following: 

● How you model Korowal’s values of kindness and respect. 

● That you Identify as an Indigenous Australian. 

● That you have a commitment to serving your community. 

● That you are willing to work in partnership, with open communication. 

● How a Korowal education can make a difference to your life and your community. 

Applicants are invited to submit the following parts of the application, each of which will demonstrate how they exemplify the above qualities: 

● PART 1. Personal Information 

● PART 2. School records, such as reports 

● PART 3. Personal statement 

● PART 4. A letter of recommendation from an external community member 

(someone who knows your passions) 

● PART 5. A letter of recommendation from a teacher who knows you well 

Application Process - please download application forms here 

1. Complete Parts 1-5 and submit via email to exec@korowal.nsw.edu.au by Thursday, June 22, 2023We will be reviewing applications as they arrive and may be in contact with you prior to the closing date. 

2. Applicants will then be invited to attend an interview with the Principal, Deputy Principal and/or Primary Coordinator. 

3. The applications will be reviewed by the School's Scholarship Committee.

4. Applicants (successful and unsuccessful) will be notified following the interview. 

5. The regular enrolment process would then proceed for the successful candidate/s. This includes interviews with the Year Mentor, Stage Advisor, or Class Teacher and completion of all enrolment paperwork, policies and procedures. The receipt of a Korowal Scholarship is dependent on completion and acceptance of the enrolment process. 

More Information 

For further information on Korowal School please visit our website www.korowal.nsw.edu.au; email us at info@korowal.nsw.edu.au or call the school office on 4758 7466.