COVID-19 Updates

Korowal Staff are working to maintain connection with our students and community during this difficult time. All learning is now taking place via Remote Schooling. Families have received their child/rens Education Plans and information on how to follow this with the remote support of your class or subject teacher. Our teaching staff are planning and inovating every day to make sure their classes continue to be engaging and can be delivered effectively via remote schooling going forward, for as long as required.

COVID-19 Updates - Family Communication 

Please make contact if you have any questions about your child/rens remote schooling, or feedback about how it's going. 

Our staff are available and working remotely to support students and families. This includes Teachers, Teachers' Aides, Learning Support, Wellbeing Support, Admin Staff, Finance Team, our Leadership Staff, as well as Maintenance and Groundskeeping. 

For regular updates from our Principal, Barb Fitzgerald, on how things are going with remote schooling, planning and more you can read A Window with a View each week. 

Below are the communications that have been sent out to families about COVID-19 relating to the school's response, education, health and wellbeing. 

12.10.20 COVID-19 Update - Term 4 Information for Families 

12.10.20 COVID-19 Update - NSW Health Information 

18.08.20 COVID-19 Update - NSW Health Information

18.08.20 COVID-19 Update - Information for Families re: Further Restrictions

20.07.20 COVID-19 Update - Public Transport update for Schools

17.07.20 COVID-19 Update - Term 3 Information for Primary School Families

17.07.20 COVID-19 Update - Term 3 Information for High School Families

21.05.20 COVID-19 Update - Information for Primary Families 

20.05.20 COVID-19 Update - Return to Classes Onsite

01.05.20 COVID-19 Update - Transition to Campus

24.04.20 COVID-19 Update - Term 2 Overview for families 

24.04.20 COVID-19 Update - Remote Schooling Handbook 

06.04.20 COVID-19 Update - Mental Health and Wellbeing Information 

31.03.20 COVID-19 Update - Korowal Community Facebook Page 

26.03.20 COVID-19 Update - Remote Learning Feedback

23.03.20 COVID-19 Update - State and Federal Government Advice

23.03.20 COVID-19 Update - Information for Primary Families

20.03.20 COVID-19 Update - Pathways Trial Remote Learning Day

19.03.20 COVID-19 Update - Tips for Talking to Children about Corona Virus

16.03.20 COVID-19 Update - Overview 

13.03.20 COVID-19 Update - Overview 

06.03.20 COVID-19 Update - Response Plan