Korowal Studios

Korowal Studios offers the opportunity for students in our primary and high school to learn music, singing, yoga and drama at Korowal during and after school hours.

Students from other schools are invited to attend Korowal Studios after 3:30pm. 

Making a Booking 

To make a booking for Korowal Studios please contact the relevant tutor, and where neccessary, your childs' Class Teacher or Year Coordinator to establish the best time for the session to be scheduled. Booking and payment is organised directly between families and the Tutor. Below is a current list of Tutors for Korowal Studios and their contact details. 

Devi Mamak - Piano
Devi Mamak - Piano

Devi Mamak - Piano 

I am a classically trained pianist and have been teaching piano for 40 years starting at the age of 14. I am also a composer with published works, recorded an album with my 6 piece world fusion / classical / jazz band and perform locally with a disco funk band and perform in a duets, (one with a violinist and one with a sitar player).

Apart from my classical training the last 10 years or so I have changed my teaching style to have a more wholistic approach with plenty of improvisation, composition and exploring. I like to encourage students to guide me into finding what they would like to learn rather than me set a curriculum for them. Of course I always will suggest supplement pieces and exercises so students get plenty of support in note reading and general musical knowledge.

Ph: 0419 184 231

Elliot Boyd Reynolds - Guitar
Elliot Boyd Reynolds - Guitar

Eliot Boyd Reynolds - Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Muscianship & Theory

Tuition in guitar, bass, mandolin, musicianship and theory. AMEB 1991. Full writer, APRA 1991.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, composer, music producer and professional teacher since 1987. At Korowal I will be offering inspirational tuition in guitar,bass and mandolin. I have a wealth of experience working with students of all ages and have run courses for NSW Department Of Community Services, music centres and schools.

As a musician I have played with over 30 Australian bands including Matt Finish and more recently our own Blue Mountains based SideShow Annie. Over the years I have played specialist roles in the Australian Queen Show (as Brian May), the Australian Cure Show and the Australian Yes Show (as Steve Howe). I have toured with performers such as the Beach Boys (USA), Gerry and the Pacemakers (UK), INXS, James Reyne, The Choir Boys, Noiseworks, Mike Caro (Gloria Estefan, Michael Jackson, Erasure), Spy V Spy, Paul Wheeler (Icehouse), Rod Ford (Crossfire/Galapagos Duck),Vanetta Fields (John Farnham), Harry Bruce(Australian Crawl/Renee Geyer/Leo Sayer) and Harry Manx (USA).

My music has been published by Warners/Orient Pacific/Alberts since 1991. I have released CDs both independently and through BMG. I have composed for Home and Away, major Hollywood film libraries, Cannes Film Festival films and Western Sydney University educational releases. I also run SongCave Studios – Lawson recording studio where I record and produce my own and other artists' music. In addition I run open mic nights across the Blue Mountains and have an excellent reputation/rapport with musicians far and wide.

Eliot Boyd Reynolds Ph: 0402 224 122 Email:  

Helen Laird - Yoga
Helen Laird - Yoga

Helen Laird - Parents Yoga

Helen is a mum and a professional Yoga teacher with over 15 years experience. To  find out more about what Helen is doing visit

Reconnect with the natural movement of your body, find your strength and rediscover your flexility. (And arrive at pick-up feeling recharged and relaxed!). Classes suit all experience levels. 

For more info and to book your place, call Helen on 0404 180 481

Huw Charles-Walsh - Drums
Huw Charles-Walsh - Drums

Huw Charles-Walsh - Drums

Hi everyone! I’m Huw, a drummer and singer of 13 years and an educator for 4 years. I love music, I love to play the drums, sing, and I love showing my students how easy it is to pick up a new instrument and start a journey of self development through incorporating music into their lives. I'm offering drumming and singing lessons at Korowal Studios.

During the last 4 years of teaching full time. I have helped people of all ages and walks of life to start playing the drums and navigate the process of learning a new instrument. I have taken students of mine from their very first lesson to completing AMEB courses all the way up to 4th grade, and helped others be accepted into Monash and the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

After I had completed my B.A. of Music from the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and studied privately for a year with internationally renown drummer Rick Dior in the US, I accumulated a broad understanding of the available texts, methods and syllabuses, new and old, that have been used to teach many of the great drummers of past and present, all around the world. This means I am able to cater my lessons to the individual goals of the student. I can help you develop beautiful and flowing technique that makes playing the drums effortless and satisfying, teach you to play with good feel and keep a solid rhythm, and give you all the right things to practice so that you don’t spend any time expending energy and effort to no avail.

Above all however, the most satisfying part of teaching for me is seeing my students enjoy themselves and have fun. As the last two years have shown for us, having activities to do that bring you joy are invaluable and worth cultivating as an investment in a rich and meaningful life.

Please check out two videos that I have recently uploaded to my YouTube channel if you would like to see my teaching in action, and maybe even start your drumming journey from there.

Lessons with me are $40 per 30 minutes, $60 per 45 minutes and $70 per hour.

You can contact me on my mobile 0413 253 235. Or email 

Hope to hear from you soon.