11-12 Pathways

At Korowal our primary aim is for students to complete their schooling with a resilient, creative, compassionate approach to life
and a desire for future learning.
Stage 6 - Year 11 & 12
Stage 6 - Year 11 & 12

Stage 6, Pathways (Year 11 & 12)

In Year 11 & 12, students undertake the Higher School Certificate (HSC) program in a compressed curriculum model we call Pathways. HSC subjects are usually taught over two years, involving 120 hours of instruction in each of two years. At Korowal we teach an HSC course compressed into a single year. This means that students experience 240 hours of instruction in a subject in a single year. For a full time student, half of the HSC subjects are studied in Year 11 and exams in those subjects are undertaken at the end of Year 11. The other half is studied in Year 12. It is also possible to study part time over a longer period.

The advantages of the Pathways approach are that

  • the HSC is completed in two manageable cycles, avoiding the stress of sitting for all exams at the end of Year 12

  • assessment is more formative or continuous, as it is for university stduents

  • serious HSC study commences at the start of Year 11

  • in a small school it allows us to offer an increased range of subjects

Because our course is compressed and accelerated, senior secondary students at Korowal must be enrolled by October each year. HSC classes begin during Term 4.

We offer the following subjects

  • English - Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2

  • Mathematics - Standard, Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2

  • Science - Physics, Chemistry, Biology

  • HSIE - Business Studies, Society & Culture, Studies of Religion II, Modern History, History Extension

  • Visual Arts

  • Music

  • Drama

  • ITM (Industrial Technology & Multimedia)

Also available to students are Distance Education Courses such as Ancient History, and Open High School Courses such as Languages, as well as VET via external providers

The Pathways Senior College Environment

Senior students at Korowal have unlimited access to the library and Learning Resources Centre. They have their own common room and study space. They refer to teachers by their first names, and do not wear uniform. Relationships between students and teachers are mutually respectful. In all of these ways, Korowal provides an environment that is appropriate for senior students.

Each Pathways student has a mentor relationship with one member of staff, who oversees and helps with their study, as well as their social and emotional development.

HSC Outcomes
HSC Outcomes

HSC Outcomes

Korowal has an established record of excellent outcomes across all disciplines. Our students often surpass their own goals. However, our primary aim is for students to complete their schooling with a resilient, creative, compassionate approach to life, and a desire for future learning.

Korowal Graduates
Korowal Graduates

Korowal Graduates

Our graduates are involved in a fascinating range of post-school studies and careers in science, mathematics, dance, music, writing, media, visual art, film, psychology, medicine, social sciences, architecture, engineering, plumbing, building, mechanics, international relations, small business, teaching, and more. Our graduates have won prestigious art and writing awards; have represented Australia in athletics; and are involved in cutting edge scientific work on an international stage. For more details, visit the Alumni page. 


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