Music Enrichment

Junior & Senior Bands

We started a new primary/middle school "Junior Band" in 2023 to enrich music learning at Korowal and create more avenues for performance for our upper primary and Year 7 students. This will complement the high school "Senior Band" that we started earlier in the year and our whole school music programme. Junior band is led by our very talented Music teacher, Steve Clark, who is assisted by Wes Stormer, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and composer/improvisor. 

Junior Band's session is held each Friday morning at 8:15am–9:15am.
There will be an annual, at-cost instrument and band membership fee, which you can see in the video below.

Senior Band's session is held each Thursday morning at 8:15am–9:15am.

To view and fill out the expression of interest form for the Junior Band, click here.

For more information on either Senior or Junior Band, please reach out to Steve via email sclark@korowal.nsw.edu.au