A Window with a View - 2019

Principal's Weekly Update

A Window with a View - Wk 8, Term 3, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 8, Term 3, 2019

A Window with a View 

Week 8, Term 3, 2019

Throughout Week 8 our senior students sat their HSC Trial exams, which means that in less than two weeks we will be holding the Year 12 Graduation Ceremony.Another year has flown.  We will enjoy their presence and the conversations yet to be had over the next weeks as we prepare to farewell our students and their families. Simultaneously, we observe our primary students, and linger in the knowledge that there are still years for them to experience the journey towards graduation. For them it seems like there is all the time in the world!


This week, along with thousands of other Sydney students, Year 10  attended the BStreet Smart road safety program run by Westmead Hospital’s Trauma Service and the Royal Automobile Service. This is not for the faint-hearted. Through the re-enactment of a road accident, students witnessed the reality of a traumatic scene of devastation as it played out before them. Along with the narration, it highlights the responsibilities we have as both drivers and as a passengers, and emphasises the significance of choices we make when driving. In summary, the message is to ‘drive safely, make smart choices, get your hand off it (devices)’. As Dr Ken states, ‘many “accidents” are in fact preventable acts of omission. A licence is a privilege and with that comes responsibility’.

For the first time, in 2019 this session has been live- streamed, so if you want to view the program that your teenager saw, you are able to access this through:

Each year the teachers who attend these sessions are moved by the impact of this educational program. To those of us who have been driving for years it is a sobering reminder that lives can be changed forever over a split-second decision. 

If you follow the link, you will be asked to register your name and email address. The company name is also required, so simply enter Korowal School.

DR ROY TASKER, Chief Scientific Advisor at Planet Ark

We were privileged to have had Dr Roy Tasker come and speak with students from Years 6 to 9 on Friday afternoon. His message for action was passionate as he highlighted the urgent need for us to reduce carbon emissions. Roy Tasker spoke sensitively of the need for action now, and presented a summary of evidence charting changes and weather patterns that have scientists very concerned for our future. He also spoke of ways we can turn this around and directed the audience to the site of  https://www.drawdown.org, which lists 100 ways of making the difference we need.

Dr Tasker will return to us on Wednesday from 10.30 -11.30am, to hold a session with senior students and any parents who may be interested in hearing his presentation.  If you are able to come, please arrive at the office before 10.30am to sign in, and we will direct you to the venue. 

Roy Tasker is an alumni parent of Korowal, and we are very grateful to him for taking the time to educate us all on climate action prior to the Strike4Climate on Friday 20th.

May you have an interesting and engaging week.

A Window with a View - Wk 9, Term 3, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 9, Term 3, 2019

A Window with a View 

Week 9, Term 3, 2019

As we near the end of Term 3 we can state with confidence that we have made great progress towards being a sustainable community. So many plans are becoming realities. The announcement of our fees dropping for 2020 has seen an increase in student enrolments and interest in Korowal.

What other exciting things are happening?

  • We have the imminent arrival of Alan Howe from Cambridge University, UK, coming to  work with us on our Oracy program in Term 4;

  • Our use of Network Meetings in Open Dialogue with Sarah Farrell Whelan is expanding;

  • Our Strategic Vision and Plan with sustainability as a focus is in its final stages of development;

  • Our Year 10 students are driving our move towards solar energy at Korowal;

  • Our connection to Country is strengthening and our indigenous students had their first Koori lunch this week, supported by Tracey McManus;

  • Primary and high school students, families and staff attended the Strike4Climate rallies in Springwood and Sydney to highlight the importance of listening now to our scientists, of becoming educated on this issue. In science and Civics & Citizenship our students are learning about weather patterns, societies under threat and the impact of carbon emissions by looking at scientific facts. Dr Roy Tasker presented us with a summary of the years of research he has reviewed, the longitudinal studies and the graphing of predictions;

  • We will take action, and develop projects that we can implement towards treading gently on our earth.

Year 12 Graduation

Over this coming week we will celebrate the Graduation of our Year 12 students and in some instances, families, who have been with us for many years. Each year, the joy we experience at launching these beautiful young people into the adult world is palpable. Many students long for this day, but the actualisation, the assembly, where they speak to the gathered crowd of supporters, can summon a plethora of emotions and blur thoughts. It is a quintessential experience to celebrate the milestone of completing thirteen years of schooling. We look forward to this on Thursday.

Stage 2 Parent evening, Wednesday at 6.00pm

On Wednesday night at 6.00pm we will be holding an informal session for parents interested in knowing what happens when students reach Year 3 or Stage 2 of the curriculum. The teachers will be sharing some of the programs and activities that stimulate learning and creativity in Years 3 & 4. Please come along if you have children in the early Years of School and want a broader understanding of their learning journey.

You may notice that blossoms are starting to appear throughout our grounds as Spring returns. We hope you have a terrific final week of term.


A Window with a View - Wk 10, Term 3, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 10, Term 3, 2019

A Window with a View 

Week 10, Term 3, 2019

2019 Year 12 Graduation Ceremony-  Principal’s Speech

Here we are!

Welcome to our students, parents, families, friends, members of our community. Budguri gamada- or ‘good afternoon’ in Darug language. (Pron: Boo-dgeri Ga-ba-da_)

We are here to celebrate and farewell Year 12 for 2019.

No doubt you have all longed for the day when you are the people on stage at the farewell assembly, having witnessed previous year 12 students, heard their speeches, and imagined the day when you would finish school. Today is that day. Congratulations to each one of you for this accomplishment.

Now you leave school and emerge from Korowal, our safe haven, where you have been regarded with respect, care and love.

Here, people listen, give you space and facilitate your needs.

We recognise your individuality, see your strengths, and challenge your self-imposed limitations.

We have really enjoyed your company.

Along with your parents and friends, these supports have helped you to become the strong people that sit before us today, and as we look on you there’s a flood of stories passing through us, whether they are from 12 years ago or even 12 months ago.

Some which date back to kindy- Ari and Jatin, to Year 1- Charlie and Ruari, to Year 2 – Edward and Cecila and to Year 3 – Aidan and Tarquin.

Thank you to all of the parents here today, for trusting us to partner with you to raise your children. It is a significant gesture that you each make in committing to send your children to Korowal, and we hope that you feel we have honoured our partnership.

We farewell 10 families at this assembly Lewis Attard, Phoebe Duncan, Sashka Edwards, Ruari Forbes, Megan Hill, Jaya Kortegast, Tarquin Muirhead, Ari Star, Charlotte Tanner and Sinead Winn. Thankfully we still have many remaining with us.

To our graduates, we have been privileged to share your lives with you and your families. We have witnessed your growth and the developing consciousness of your rights. This is a great thing.

You understand that you have a right to be educated, to safely voice your needs and concerns, to be heard, to be treated as equals, to be considered with respect. Don’t ever doubt that.

Hopefully by now you have also internalised the truth that with Rights come Responsibilities. It is a symbiotic relationship.

So, while you have the right to be educated, the responsibility to discipline yourself to achieve your potential sits with you; you have the right to safely voice your needs and be heard, alongside the responsibility to ensure that you pay others the same respect.

Being Australian, you have the right to live in our democratic country, but also the responsibility to honour Country and the aboriginal heritage and culture we live within; the responsibility to vote and register your voice, to call our leaders to account when they stray. Many of you exercised these rights and responsibilities last week at the strike4climate… and we are proud of you taking action.

The earth needs us all to listen and respond.

That is just the beginning, so continue to awaken your awareness and take baby steps towards a life that you are proud to live. As you exit school and enter the adult world, so many more opportunities will present themselves to you.

Be the difference you want to see. Influence the world around you. It will take courage to stay true to your values, but it will take its toll on you if you don’t.

Listen to your heart, trust your gut, and exercise your brain.

The next phases of your lives can be exciting so grab the reins.

Without a doubt- the road will be bumpy, you will change directions many times, and clarity will turn to fog at possibly often! Opportunities are sometimes hard to recognise.

But hang in there, lean into your family and friends who have already trod, and continue to walk this path with you. We will also still be here with a listening ear. You have touched the hearts of your teachers and they are invested in you, yet set you free.

I leave you with a quote which I believe we at Korowal could have written, but it was written 85 years ago by none other than Albert Einstein.

“The ideals which have lighted my way, and time after time have given me new courage to face life cheerfully, have been kindness, beauty and truth.”

I trust that our School has provided you with not only an appreciation, but also an embodiment of these qualities of kindness, beauty and truth, and that they light your way and give you courage.

We are really proud of each of you, and together today, we celebrate your graduation from Korowal. Congratulations to you all.

Barb Fitzgerald


May you all have a restful, happy and safe holiday.

A Window with a View - Wk 1, Term 4, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 1, Term 4, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 1, Term 4, 2019

Welcome back to school for this final term of 2019. Our senior students commenced their HSC Exams this week and our thoughts are with them as they navigate this rite of passage. As is our ritual, the staff formed a guard of honour while students entered their first English exam, and a hush fell across the high school. It is always quieter on the days of an exam as the students respectfully minimise noise and possible distractions for our seniors. Our love and thoughts are with our Year 11 and 12 students over this four-week exam period.

As will become evident in this post, we are excited to be launching some new initiatives this term. Through the SkoolBag Ap, and again in this post, I invite all parents to meetings on Tuesday 29th October, with the Primary meeting at 5.00pm and the High School meeting at 6.00pm, to keep you fully informed and respond to questions. At the end of Week 1, we are confident that the new structures are further supporting the students, staff and parents.

Coordination Roles

This week we implemented our trial model of management for Term 4, whereby we are distributing leadership across a number of very capable people. The changes are:
Talulah and Bec are sharing Primary Coordination. 
In High School Coordination, in addition to our Year Coordinators in High School, Andy is now Coordinating Stage 4 (or years 7 and 8), Louise is Coordinating Stage 5 (or Years 9 and 10), and Kim is Coordinating Teaching and Learning. 
Bec has stepped further into the Deputy Principal role. 

At the end of Week 1 the transition appears to be steady, and we are confident that the new structures will better support the students, staff and parents.

Parent Meetings 

At the meetings on Tuesday 29th, we will clarify the new communication channels. 
We are also thrilled to be able to announce our new statement that emerged from our Vision & Mission consultation with parents, staff and students earlier this year. 
We will highlight our Strategic Priorities for the next three years, and speak to an exciting model for student-centred Project Based Learning as an additional approach in the High school. 

Finally, we will briefly reflect on the first stage of our consultation with Oracy Cambridge- understanding ‘through talk’ and ‘to talk’. This week we welcomed Alan Howe from the UK as he is in residence at Korowal for four weeks, and is working alongside teachers to develop a program for Korowal Oracy. Alan is available for a chat at ‘Cuppa Under the Tree’ on Tuesday mornings from 9.20am, so do drop by if you can.

Tuesday Author Talk

Jodie McLeod, award winning author of children’s book ‘Lyrebird’, will be at Korowal for an author talk with Primary students at 2.20pm on Tuesday 22nd. You may recall this was scheduled originally for Book week but needed to be rescheduled. Parents are welcome and Jodie’s book will be available for purchase.

Outdoor Experiences and Swimming Intensives

Over the next few weeks there are many opportunities for students to be outdoors in Spring. Between bushwalks in high school PE, a Camp for years 5 and 6, our whole school Fun Run on November 1st, Swimming for Year 7 and Primary classes, Medieval Experience Day for Years 7 & 8, and a Science excursion for Year 9, the first three weeks will provide exciting and varied educational experiences for our students.

We hope that the first week back has been as smooth for you as it has been for us. As always, I am in awe of our fine staff who support your children at Korowal. The quality of the preparation, care and rigorous conversations that they engage in is first rate. 

Have a great Week 2!

A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 4, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 4, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 2, Term 4, 2019

October 5th was World Teachers’ Day and we were on term break, so it slipped by without acknowledgement at that time. However, NSW celebrated World Teachers Day in Week 2, on Friday 25th October. There is no better way to celebrate our fabulous teachers than to create this post in their honour, for our teachers at Korowal are exceptional in a job that just keeps on getting bigger.

In 2018 the NSW the Teachers Federation commissioned a survey by the University of Sydney and Curtin University, titled ‘Understanding Work in Schools; The Foundation for Teaching and Learning’. After surveying 18,000 teachers in NSW schools, the key findings state:

‘Despite new and encroaching requirements relating to administration and accountability, teachers in schools retain their primary focus on matters directly related to working with students in teaching and learning. This accounts for the bulk of the daily work that they do. Yet there is also evidence that many teachers are struggling to preserve this student focus in the face of the new work activities that impose additional hours, work demands and personal burdens upon them….

Classroom teachers most commonly report working upwards of 50 hours per week, which places teachers’ work in the category of ‘very long’ working hours.…

Besides a general increase in hours, there has also been an expansion of the range of duties performed, particularly in relation to administrative tasks. Over 97 percent report an increase in administrative requirements, while over 96 percent report an increase in the collection, analysis and reporting of data.'

Gone are the days where people used to think of teaching as a 9.00 - 3.30 job, with teachers receiving the same school holidays as students. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Where does the harmony we experience at Korowal come from?

Our staff are the people who hold the culture, model our values and keep the students interested in learning. Our teachers act as guide, educator, instructor, facilitator, listener, critical friend, carer, role model, inspirer, motivator, observer, responder. Our teachers like children and teenagers and young adults, and are alongside them in large groups every day. They share their stories, their ups and downs, their colds and flus, tears and laughter, and they respectfully and genuinely invest in each child under their care. They then communicate their observations, successes, concerns, professional opinions with students, parents and staff towards further growth and development.

Teaching can also be one of the most rewarding and satisfying positions. As children are growing and changing their teachers provide constancy in their lives while creating lifelong impressions. This carries with it a huge responsibility and we are so grateful that our teachers accept this mantle.

Our teachers do most of their program writing and planning, review and registration, lesson preparation, marking, report writing and professional development in those hours outside of the school day or term time, which supports the findings of the 2018 report that placed teachers within the category of ‘very long’ working hours. Yet they start each day with a smile and meet the students’ energy.

As teachers, there is no mask to hide behind when you are on first name terms and are so local that you bump into each other at the shops, or gym or doctors’ surgery. We celebrate our teachers at Korowal for being authentic, gifted, talented and compassionate people.


Thank you all.



Teaching is an instinctual art, mindful of potential, craving of realizations, a pausing, seamless process.

― A. Bartlett Giamatti

A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 4, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 4, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 3, Term 4, 2019

In Week 3, it was timely for us to have Years 3-6 commence their swimming intensive program, and for Year 7 to continue their swimming and life saving course. We are starting to feel the call of the pool as the heat builds. 

Nothing replaces the connection forged by direct communication and two-way conversation. 

It was nourishing to have many of you support the School at our meetings on Tuesday evening. Emails and class letters impart information. They do not provide timely opportunities for response. There is so much happening in our vibrant School. We need to take time to share the story with you and refine it with your feedback. We hope that you are aware of our developments this term, the most significant of which is the announcement of our revised Vision Statement. It is now complete. After many workshop sessions with students, parents and staff, the qualities, values and focus points suggested by participants can be summarised in the following statement.

‘Korowal inspires compassionate and discerning voices for a sustainable world’.

Our Strategic Plan is being finalised around this statement. We have emailed our Strategic Overview and Education Model (graphic representations) to you this week. We have begun working on the projects identified within the strategic initiatives of Oracy, Project Based Learning, Sustainability, and Partnerships. 

As we consolidate our Phase 1 Oracy program, Alan Howe from Oracy Cambridge will spend his final week with us in Week 4. We will miss him thereafter! Then in Week 5 the high school years of 7,8,9 begin our Project Based Learning Pilot program, based around sustainability themes. The same week Years 10 and 11 become ‘Pathways’, with a special week of study skills and their camp.


At this time of year, we always need to re-educate around sun protection. In Hazelbrook we have recently had UV readings from 7 (high) to 11 (rated as very high with risk of harm). There have been active alerts from 11.00 - 4 .00pm. For this reason, students need to wear protective hats, have shoulders and midriff covered, and cover legs as much as is possible. The gauge for appropriate clothing for school is whether the wearer can participate in a range of physical activities without needing to adjust skirts, shorts, tops etc. Can their covered shoes stay on? As you can see, short-shorts and short skirts are not appropriate school wear, nor are sandals.

Attendance, and submission of tasks (HS)

Term 4 can see a deterioration in focus. We all look forward to a well-earned rest over Summer. The swimming program in primary is tiring, and there are changes to the academic year in high.  With still a lot of learning to happen at Korowal before December 10, we ask that you hold this focus with your child/teenager, so that together we support them to develop resilience and commitment. 

Within our calendar we have planned high school staff development days mid-term, next Thursday 7th and Friday 8th November, for Years 7-10. As we are preparing reports, all student work is now due in high school. Year 10 students have exams on Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th.

There is a lot of fun yet to be had!

How good is it to see the rain!


A Window with a View - Wk 5, Term 4, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 5, Term 4, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 5, Term 4, 2019

Our priority this week was to ensure that we were all safe. As our first catastrophic fire day was announced Korowal was closed on Tuesday. We envisage this will always be the case when the rating is ‘Catastrophic’ due to our proximity to the bush. We are so grateful to all the people in our community who work and volunteer to protect us from danger. Thank you.

If you had any difficulty receiving our alerts then please contact the school office. We used our SkoolBag Ap, Facebook, Instagram and email.

In week 5 we embarked on several new ventures. Project Based Learning is now underway for Years 7,8 &9 and students have mostly formulated their key questions and begun research. It is a whole new way of working for us. This requires great focus at a time when many schools are winding down for the year. Not at Korowal!

It is also the week that Years 10 and 11 commenced their orientation program for Years 11 and 12. With our national parks being closed Pathways’ planned camp was cancelled. Plan B was swiftly created.  This program included walking, swimming, drumming and white-water rafting, and sharing of food. It provided time together to experience physical challenges, clear the cobwebs, have a laugh and to bond. Thanks to Lisa, Kizz, Mark, Rick, Bec, Kim, Caroline and Deb for swinging into action on Plan B. Also, to Tom Harding for his entertaining drumming workshop.

We extend a huge thanks to the Fairmont. With such late notice, the local pools were already booked for swimming programs. The Fairmont shared their pools free of charge, as they understood the disappointment our students must have felt with the cancellation of their camp. Thank you so much for your community spirit!

As it turned out, Plan B may have trumped Plan A, as the two days of activities were rated highly by all participants.

This week we also had our Kindergarten and Year 7 Orientation Days. In fact, we celebrated each major point of a child’s educational transition through orientation days this week. All were joyous occasions. The final event of Week 5 was the Year 12 Formal on Saturday afternoon.

Breaking with tradition, the students this year went for a garden party at the Everglades, with photo opportunities galore. They frocked up and mingled with family and friends rather than sitting at tables over a three-course meal. It was extremely successful and fluid. Everyone moved about, enjoying the company and the grounds, and celebrating that this was the final School event for all the graduate students and many of the parents. Charlie and Meg are to be congratulated on organising such a superb Formal.

Significant friendships have developed over the time spent together and we hope to see you or hear from you over the coming months and years. 

We still have primary swimming, Year 2 camp, concerts, Year 6 Graduation, Year 10 Graduation, Jill’s farewell and the Neill’s Armee Soiree on our calendar of events. We hope to see many of you over the coming weeks before we break for a Summer vacation.

Meanwhile, we enjoy our being here.



A Window with a View - Wk 4, Term 4, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 4, Term 4, 2019

Our priority this week was to ensure that we were all safe. As our first catastrophic fire day was announced Korowal was closed on Tuesday. We envisage this will always be the case when the rating is ‘Catastrophic’ due to our proximity to the bush. We are so grateful to all the people in our community who work and volunteer to protect us from danger. Thank you.

If you had any difficulty receiving our alerts then please contact the school office. We used our SkoolBag Ap, Facebook, Instagram and email.

In week 5 we embarked on several new ventures. Project Based Learning is now underway for Years 7,8 & 9 and students have mostly formulated their key questions and begun research. It is a whole new way of working for us. This requires great focus at a time when many schools are winding down for the year. Not at Korowal!

It is also the week that Years 10 and 11 commenced their orientation program for Years 11 and 12. With our national parks being closed Pathways’ planned camp was cancelled. Plan B was swiftly created.  This program included walking, swimming, drumming and white-water rafting, and sharing of food. It provided time together to experience physical challenges, clear the cobwebs, have a laugh and to bond. Thanks to Lisa, Kizz, Mark, Rick, Bec, Kim, Caroline and Deb for swinging into action on Plan B. Also, to Tom Harding for his entertaining drumming workshop.

We extend a huge thanks to the Fairmont. With such late notice, the local pools were already booked for swimming programs. The Fairmont shared their pools free of charge, as they understood the disappointment our students must have felt with the cancellation of their camp. Thank you so much for your community spirit!

As it turned out, Plan B may have trumped Plan A, as the two days of activities were rated highly by all participants.

This week we also had our Kindergarten and Year 7 Orientation Days. In fact, we celebrated each major point of a child’s educational transition through orientation days this week. All were joyous occasions. The final event of Week 5 was the Year 12 Formal on Saturday afternoon.

Breaking with tradition, the students this year went for a garden party at the Everglades, with photo opportunities galore. They frocked up and mingled with family and friends rather than sitting at tables over a three-course meal. It was extremely successful and fluid. Everyone moved about, enjoying the company and the grounds, and celebrating that this was the final School event for all the graduate students and many of the parents. Charlie and Meg are to be congratulated on organising such a superb Formal.

Significant friendships have developed over the time spent together and we hope to see you or hear from you over the coming months and years. 

We still have primary swimming, Year 2 camp, concerts, Year 6 Graduation, Year 10 Graduation, Jill’s farewell and the Neill’s Armee Soiree on our calendar of events. We hope to see many of you over the coming weeks before we break for a Summer vacation.

Meanwhile, we enjoy our being here.


A Window with a View - Wk 8, Term 4, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 8, Term 4, 2019

A Window with A View

Week 8, Term 4, 2019

We really did have a busy week in Week 8!

Primary concerts, graduations, farewells, parent/teacher night; projects completed, swimming classes completed, reporting completed.

With family and friends gathered, Year 10 and Year 6 students received their Graduation Certificates and celebrated the end of a significant stage in their education. Well done to you all!

Monday and Tuesday

 We will gather for two further community events before our holidays. These include a ‘Projects Marketplace Event’ in high school, from 12.00 -1.30pm on Monday in the hall. Then we have our final shindig with ‘A Night of Jazz and Dancing’ with Neill’s Armee and Friends on Tuesday evening from 6.00pm. All welcome.

School Office

The School office will remain open on Wednesday and Thursday for any final pickups or payments.

Farewell to Jill Day

It’s time now to pay tribute to Jill Day, our first and longest serving teachers’ aide at Korowal, as she moves into retirement.

Hundreds of children have shared Jill’s time and patience, received help with reading and maths, learned art skills, or had wounds tended to by her. For many years Jill also had a toolbag around her hips and fixed anything that broke. Jill was my production assistant and stage manager for our drama productions. There is very little that Jill has not been involved with at Korowal.

Jill is a good listener. She sits with children, senses their needs, responds, and makes everyone feel special and valued. She loves to laugh, to sing, to walk, create and adventure.

Jill is an artist and craftsperson. When we moved from Leura, Jill spent the Summer holidays painting the beautiful primary classroom doors with Paula, creating the banksia room, the pomegranate room and so forth. She was a key player in the re-establishment of our primary school at Hazelbrook.

So, after nineteen wonderful years with us, Jill will be retiring on Tuesday. Her big heart, compassion, empathy and know-how will be dearly missed. As she hangs up the chalk, toolbag, sunhat and bus keys, we wish Jill a well- deserved break from routine.

We love you Jill, and will carry you in our hearts as you enjoy your well-earned retirement with family and friends. Thanks for all the fun!

Weather Forecast- Safety first

Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be very hot, 31-37 degrees in Hazelbrook.

Please ensure that your child/ren have water bottles and that their clothing is appropriate for school, with light fabric wherever possible, and with little skin exposed to the sun.

If your child is asthmatic or there are any health concerns due to the heat and smoke, err on the side of caution and keep them home and indoors.

May you have a gentle final week of Term 4, 2019.



A Window with a View - Wk 6, Term 3, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 6, Term 3, 2019

A Window with a View 

Week 6, Term 3, 2019

Yesterday we opened the doors for our Open Day and Fair. Broadcast throughout the day on Radio Blue Mountains, this event attracted many past, current and new families to Korowal. Together we celebrated our work and play. Having shared the news that we are dropping our fees, there was a lot to be happy about.

We express our profound thanks to Caroline Flack for project managing this annual event.  Her support team of Deb Robinson, Jes Somerville and Michelle Maunsell saw that the program was rich and the communications thorough. We also thank all of our teachers, aides and students for the beautiful works on display, as well as the demonstrations and workshops in Science, PE, Art and Music. We were entertained by the musical talents of Korowal Studios teachers and students, and, as a piece de resistance, by Neill’s Armee- the Korowal Jazz Band led by Neill Duncan, supported by Greg Brooks and high school students.

We were also treated to delicious foods prepared by families and staff. The curries, bbq, sandwiches and cakes were an absolute hit, as was the coffee, tea and chai. The raffle, coordinated by Jes, had beautiful crafted prizes with a sustainability theme, all donated by parents and local businesses. Thank you all. This year at Caroline’s suggestion all rides and activities were free, so the little steam train rides, the jumping castle, terror trunnel, crystal dip and other games were available to everyone.

Our grounds are always well maintained by Justin and Alex, who stepped them up to the next level for this event. Many people commented on how beautiful the School is, winding through pathways and courtyards to get to the vibrant classrooms, library and hall spaces. The additional decorations and floral displays were led by Caroline, and Jeanette Dunn, with parents and students assisting throughout the processes. The stalls were managed by parent coordinators whose cheery faces greeted all. The exec team supported it all!

With our deepest thanks, the school shone due to all of these creative, generous, dedicated people. This is what Korowal is about, the people and our relationships, all coming together for the benefit of our children, and their education.

We were delighted to host our local dignitaries, including Susan Templeman, Federal Labour MP; Trish Doyle, State Labour MP; Rosemary Dillon; General Manager of BMCC; Chris Van der Klay, Deputy Mayor of BMCC;  and Blue Mountains Councillors Brent Hoare and Romola Hollywood.  Thank you all for your ongoing support of Korowal School.

We would also like to send a special thankyou to Radio Blue Mountains volunteers who broadcast outside and live for the day, interviewing dozens of people, bringing a pastiche of perspectives on the School alive on air. To our roving reporter, Robyn Catchlove, and the event coordinator and regular breakfast show host Ron Green, we enjoyed every moment you and your team brought to us and are most grateful for your generosity and skills. Thank you all. Brad Diedrich has shared photos of Neill’s Armee on the Radio Blue Mountains 89.1 facebook page, and we repeat some of them in this post, with thanks to Brad.


A Window with a View - Wk 7, Term 3, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 7, Term 3, 2019

A Window with a View 

Week 7, Term 3, 2019

In Week 7 we began to show the film ‘2040’ to students in high school. This an inspiring film, by Award winning director Damon Gameau, where he ‘embarks on a journey to explore what the future would look like by the year 2040 if we embrace the best solutions already available to us to improve our planet’. It is a positive voice and the inspiration for us to springboard our conversations around how we can impact change locally, starting with our own homes and schools. We will continue to show the second half next Friday afternoon.

‘A School Strike 4 Climate’.

As you are possibly aware, September 20th is scheduled ‘A School Strike 4 Climate’. It is a global strike date where students are striking from school for climate action. Young people are encouraging everyone to attend as students wish to demonstrate concern for the future. This march comes three days before the UN Climate Emergency Summit on September 23rd and there is hope that this register of concern may propel some action.

There will be a rally in Springwood as well as in the Sydney Domain. We have heard from many students in the high school that they are striking and Korowal supports this action. 

We plan to have staff attend the Sydney city march with our high school students who want to attend, and also have your permission to attend. This would be run as a school excursion, with all of our usual procedures in place.
Students wishing to attend outside of this, in either high or primary and with your support, would not be part of the school excursion. They would therefore be travelling independently if in high school, or with you. As this is a School endorsed activity, we ask that you let us know if you intend for your child to attend. As participating in rallies may be overwhelming for some students, we ask that discuss this with your child.

Any high school students coming to school will continue to have teacher supervised lessons. Once we know how many students will be here and how many on excursion, or independently attending, we will staff accordingly. Primary classes will run as usual.

There is comprehensive information available for us all on the ‘School Strike 4Climate’ website, and we recommend that you and your child look through this together.

 As we linger in the glow of our celebratory Open Day and Fair, we thank you all for your support, care and participation.

Stay Warm!


A Window with a View - Wk 5, Term 3, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 5, Term 3, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 5, Term 3, 2019

You may recall that our community came together for an exceptional meeting on June 3rd, where we presented a series of proposals on growing student enrolment numbers and potential fee changes that this could enable. With your support in spreading the word to friends and inviting families to come and meet us and experience Korowal, we have achieved the first part of our target for 2020 and are well on the way to our 2021 target enrolment of 250 students. Thank you for your support in this. Week 5 of Term 3 became the week that Korowal announced it is reducing fees from 2020!

In the announcement letter to our families, Greg Lucas, Chair of the Korowal School Board, mentioned that the KSB Directors’ decision on this new 2020 fee schedule was unanimous. So, let me take you behind the scenes to shed light on the important role that the Korowal School Board plays in the process of good decision making.

Why the changes to fees?

Our aim has been to make Korowal accessible to as many people as possible. The obstacle that we identified was the fee structure. Thus, we embarked on a complete review of resourcing and costs. With the combined skills of Melanie Williams, our Business Manager, Greg Lucas with financial advice, and an enrolment subcommittee composed of directors, staff and parents,  we reviewed, surveyed, brainstormed and calculated projections to arrive at this proposal. The Board then scrutinized the proposal through rigorous discussion, in particular around risk analysis. When they were satisfied, we shared the proposal with you, our families to assist us to build enrolments.

Throughout this process our conviction in our way of working drove the desire to become as accessible as possible to the broader community of the Blue Mountains. We are proudly offering quality educational experiences in a supportive environment with excellent teachers. Schooling at Korowal continues to strengthen and satisfaction levels are high. The positive response to our announcement has reinforced this belief.

‘Governance encompasses the system by which an organisation is controlled and operates, and the mechanisms by which it, and its people, are held to account. Ethics, risk management, compliance and administration are all elements of governance’.

The Governance Institute of Australia

Our Board is comprised of Greg Lucas, Financial Adviser; Chris Lee, CEO, Environmental Management; Nathan McLellan, Lawyer; Eleanor Phelan, Languages Teacher; Juliette Meaney, Lawyer and Business Owner; Dr Louise Dungate, Japanese Teacher at Korowal; Talulah Vane, Korowal Art Teacher and practising Artist. All Directors act in an honorary capacity and volunteer their time to ensure that Korowal is well governed. As Principal, I report to the Board and work with the Board.

As numbers have grown, the Board voted unanimously to drop fees from 2020. This signals the confidence the Directors have in the comprehensive information provided to them, and the staff leading this change. From a leadership and management perspective, we are grateful for the Board’s trust as well as their expertise. The relationship between Board and Management is the secret to a School’s success.

We extend gratitude to Greg and all of our Directors, the Enrolment Subcommittee, Mel, Caroline and our administrative staff, and our fabulous teachers and assistant teachers.

Congratulations to you all. We look forward to an even richer and brighter future. At5 present we now have waiting lists for two year groups and are close to creating a third.

As for the other exciting things that happened in Week 5, they have been posted on Facebook and Instagram. Have you seen the fabulous photos of our book week parade? Maria is to be congratulated for her efforts and passion around this event, and the children and families for embracing it with gusto. There are ideas aplenty for how to take it to the next step for 2020 so watch out for those next August!

Focus now swings to Open Day and The Fair. Please respond to our calls for assistance to help make this a joyous event. Radio 2Blu FM will be broadcasting live from Korowal!



A Window with a View - Wk 4, Term 3,2019
A Window with a View - Wk 4, Term 3,2019

Window with a View

Week 4, Term 3, 2019

Week 4 was another lovely week of learning experiences for Korowal students. You may have seen some of these events shared on our Facebook page as our staff are regularly sharing interesting lessons and learning outcomes with our community. 


Monday was the Science Olympiad Exam for a few students in Year 10 & 11 who volunteered to test their scientific knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Earth and environmental science and Physics. 


Tuesday was the day of two Science excursions with Year 8 at the Australian Museum, and Year 10 at ANSTO. The Year 10 excursion to ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) in Lucas Heights is part of their Stage 5 Science study regarding nuclear energy. They visited the ANSTO Discovery Centre with interactive activities helping them understand nuclear radiation in medicine and research. They were also able to tour the site, including the OPAL reactor and the particle accelerator. 


Wednesday was the Primary Basketball Gala Day at Katoomba Leisure Centre. 
From Kizz: 

Korowal Primary were well represented at the Blue Mountains Basketball Association annual Gala Day on Wednesday.  We had 32 students in attendance from years 3,4,5 & 6 and fielded 4 teams in the round robin competition.  Nine other Mountains Schools were part of it too, so it was a very busy, loud, fun-filled community day.  While our Korowal teams didn't trouble the scoreboard as frequently as some of our opposition, it was wonderful to see our students' rapid improvement in game-play and team-work throughout the day.  As always, Korowal spirit and cheering was in full force and a good time was had by all!


Thursday brought visiting educators and administrators from Hangzhou, China to Korowal to learn more about our school and what we do to prepare students for work life after school. Barb returned from her leave for a day to meet and present to the 26 visitors, and Lisa Taylor involved some of her students, showing what she does in Business Studies and Work Education. Year 5 & 6 students practised their Mandarin by welcoming the group and singing a song in Mandarin. They also presented artworks that they had completed especially as gifts.

Thank you to Jes for all her organisational efforts, and also to Bing for her translation both in preparation and on the day. The presentations were received with great interest and gratitude, and we were pleased to learn more about our international neighbours.

We’ve had two writing challenges in Primary and High School this week that have been engaging processes for our students, and resulted in moving and entertaining outcomes.


From Lisa Harding

Yr. 7 are writing microstories that will be entered in an Australia- wide competition called 'Storyathon'. Greg and Elise are also intending to do this with their classes. It is open to years 5-8. The students' challenge is to write a story of exactly 100 words. No more - no less. This term the theme is Escape. Below are a few drafts that the students came up with on Thursday. 

I am familiar with this chamber. Many days have passed, but I have always been kept in this room, this place. She keeps me in the room for something I should not have done. But in my perspective, it was hilarious. Her cooking is ok, but far too many vegetables in my perspective. The other prisoner is very annoying and would never leave me alone. The chief of security was alright, nice and ever so slightly funny, but very, very strict. 

“Let me out out of here you mad people,”

“Be quiet Alex, you know very well that you’re grounded.”

 by Remy Vaughan


Waiting room 

The second hour goes by. Mum, Dad and I haven't heard any news. The waiting room is very white, and has a cold, clean feeling to it. Not knowing is my least favourite feeling. More time ticks by, those itchy chairs aren't helping. This is ridiculous. My sister has been in there for almost three hours. I want to run in there and see if she is alive. I want to scream, cry, escape but I can’t. Then the doctor walks out and tells us to come in. I see her unconscious body. Then she opens her eyes.  

by Kate Armour


Friday was the day of poetry presentation in Stage 3, as Year 5 & 6 presented their Slam Poems – some of which are shared below.

From Elise

We have been studying poetry throughout our Focus Study with a final task for the students to write and perform a Slam Poem based upon a topic they feel strongly about. The students had some time to research their topic, adding some authenticity to their work, and time to write and prepare. 

Using their developing oracy skills, the students got up and performed their poetry in front of their peers using any handmade props or extras they wished to incorporate.

I’m so proud of every one of the year 5/6 students, they all did a really wonderful job.



By Jadon and Imogen


Buzz buzz buzz no more honey for us,

As the bees are fading like dust,

Due to us making flowers safe from bugs,

The bees die and there will be nothing for us.

No carrots or vegetables thanks to us


The Great Barrier Reef

Written By Sofia and Jessamine


Its seen from space

Across our globe

Endangered by

a great big load


The Thorn Starfish

Come to the waters

Breaking down

All its boarders


Half the reef

has been lost  

Causing the sealife

A too big cost


Over fishing

Is costing lives

the lives that can

not be revived



Stop the pollution

And this aint

No illusion




Written By Natane and Bronte


We huddle through the longest night,

The winds are strong enough to fly a kite.

But it's not as cold as it used to be,

The ice is melting into the sea. N


Our friends surround us, keeping us warm,

Through this long, blazing storm.

We move on forwards, towards the ocean,

To fish for food, but there is no motion. B


The water is still, no more creatures,

The humans have ruined all the oceans features.

With their bombs and mines,

And polluting airlines. N


They took our future, they took our hope,

We just slid down an inescapable slope.

We dive into the ocean, in search of food,

But there is none, not even enough to raise one's mood. B


I am alone now, no one to hold me close,

All my friends are gone, there was not a single dose.

Look what has happened to my home,

The humans have ignored us, as if we’re in a dome. N


But if we wound back time,

We could make it all fine.

So stop being lazy, get off your bum,

We exist too, stop acting like we’re dumb. B


I’m not just a penguin, I’m more than that.

I’m not just here for a chat.

I’ll warn you now, of what's to come,

Because you’ll take the lives of many, not just some. NB


Some teachers finished Friday afternoon in the staff room reflecting on the future facing our young people and how we can be active in supporting their voices to be heard, and their actions to make a difference. It is this constant reflection and commitment to their students that highlights the incredible value of our staff, and the ever-widening scope of possibility at Korowal.

Next week is another big week with School Photos on Monday, the Primary Book Week Character Parade on Tuesday morning, and a Pathways run Cake Stall on Friday.

And just 2 weeks until Open Day – the excitement in the Admin area was palpable on Friday as preparations are gathering momentum. Please contact Caroline if you haven’t already volunteered to be part of this wonderful community event.




A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 3, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 3, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 3, Term 3, 2019

It is delightful to share our School and converse with the students and teachers from afar, exchanging stories of our similarities and differences. Week 3 brought us visitors from two schools in China on Monday and Tuesday, and our Sister school in Japan on Friday.

Our teachers, Jason and Andy, ran very engaging engineering, science and IT sessions, and Anne led pizza making. The activities were a hit! The visiting students also enjoyed playing basketball with our students at recess and lunch times.

The Chinese visiting teachers and Principal commented that our students seem happy, relaxed and open. One Principal, himself an art teacher, examined the paintings and drawings on display in primary and high and summarised that the works looked to have heart, and reflect the individual artist, rather than having the more technical approach that he is familiar with. He commented, ‘your works show the students’ spirit’.

Then midst the cold and wind, we hosted visitors from Genkai, Japan. We were honoured to have the Mayor of Genkai, members of the Education Board, teachers and students with us for the day. Their visit to Hazelbrook and then Katoomba included the windswept Three Sisters and Scenic World, before the students and teachers returned to Korowal to meet their buddies for homestays over the weekend. The Mayoral party visited our Blue Mountains Cultural Centre where Councillor Chris Van der Klay and the Sandor Sister City Committee welcomed them to the Blue Mountains. They then flew back to Genkai the same night.

Being welcomed into family homes is greatly appreciated by our visitors as they gain insight into our western ways. Thank you to the families who hosted the Japanese students for the weekend, to Louise for organising and operating as guide for this event, and to Jes for coordinating the Chinese delegations.

We hope you are all rugged up while the cold spell is with us. How beautiful was it to wake up to snow this weekend?


Have a beaut week,


A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 3, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 3, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 2, Term 3, 2019

In Week 2, we welcomed Bec back to School! Because of the prep work undertaken by her in the term break, Talulah’s task of settling primary into their new timetables was smooth. Special thanks are extended to Talulah for stepping across into Bec’s role for the week and ensuring everyone and everything was held.

On Thursday, Year 9 ventured off to the Snowy Mountains for their 5day ski camp accompanied by Kim, Mark and Louise. The group will experience the Snowy Hydro Scheme and the National Parks Education Centre, where they will be welcomed by local Aboriginal people who will also share their history of the area. They will then spend 2 days with ski lessons and skiing on the slopes at Thredbo before returning to School on Monday afternoon. Louise reports that all are well, enjoying the experiences enormously, and that the students are just delightful company.

OPEN DAY AND FAIR Sat 31st AUGUST- that’s 27 days from now!

Meanwhile back at Hazelbrook, Caroline is as excited as if it was Christmas, for our Open Day and Fair are approaching. If ever there is a time in the year when we need you it is now, leading up to, and on the day of the event. Please volunteer to be a class parent coordinator, and please say yes to helping when called, or phone Caroline directly and ask what needs to be done now. We have fliers to be distributed to businesses in villages across the Mountains, amongst other things.

There is room at school to have knitting and crochet groups, or to make wax fabric covers for sandwiches, food bowls etc. If we think of ‘sustainability’ as a theme, then what skill can you share, or what can you make over the next three weeks to see our Fair rich in sustainability ideas and recycled practical objects. Maybe you would like to run an activity on the day where people make sculptures or objects from recycled materials? Talk to your friends and get together to craft. By the way, Jams always sell!

Facebook and Instagram

Every week we post several engaging photos of activities that our students are involved in at school. If you are not on these social media platforms you may not be aware of this. They tell a beautiful and current story of our School. 

If you do receive the posts, we ask that you ‘like’ and ‘share’ these to spread the word. We see evidence that they are starting to attract people to our School, and we also hear from our community they are a window into the daily life at Korowal, which parents are not here to see. If you are not on either of these platforms, perhaps you would like to ask someone who is to show you the posts occasionally. Scrolling through them brings a School day to life before your eyes.

Visitors to Korowal over the next two weeks

As it is the Summer holiday period for Asian Schools, and Korowal continues to be of interest to them, next week we will welcome three groups of students and teachers. Our visitors come from two Chinese High Schools on Monday and Tuesday, and from our Japanese Sister School on Friday. The Mayor of Genkai is also accompanying the Japanese visiting party. 

The following Thursday we will share professional practices with a group of 28 teachers and education officials from Hangzhou, China. The visitors will make a presentation to us on ‘Educational Programs in Hangzhou’.
We have been requested to run a workshop on ‘Careers’, where our students will demonstrate the online platforms they use for careers advice, Lisa Taylor and students will demonstrate some of the Work Education and Business Studies activities they undertake, and we will discuss our Personal Development Community Service and Work Experience programs that prepare students for life post-school. 

We can accommodate around 5 visitors to the Chinese delegates’ presentation on Hangzhou, so if you work in this area, or if you are one of the parents who went to China with Year 6 last year and are interested in knowing more about education in Hangzhou, please call the School office or email jsomerville@korowal.nsw.edu.au, for further information.

Have a great week!

A Window with a View - Wk 8, Term 2, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 8, Term 2, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 8, Term 2, 2019

The mild winter sun shone and the air was crisp and bright as Primary School spent all of Friday outdoors playing, learning and connecting. Students, teachers and parent volunteers worked in multi-aged groups experiencing a range of six nature-connected activities. In addition to our usual exploration of our environment Friday’s Bush School marked the start of our NAIDOC celebrations. 

The day began with a Welcome to Country by Darug Elder Uncle Graham Cooper. Uncle Graham explained his connection to Darug and Gundangara land and described aspects of his childhood growing up in the Gully. Darug educator Tracey McManus joined Uncle Graham and Elise around the campfire to guide the children in developing our school totem and learn about Aboriginal culture through yarning and using traditional tools. Our school totem project is an exciting and rich opportunity for us to further connect and care for the beautiful grounds where we work and play. The children now have the task of carefully observing the animals that share our school grounds. Once the totem has been decided we then have a responsibility to that animal- we will plant foods to nourish them and protect them from harm. 

NAIDOC themed activities continued throughout the day with making friendship bracelets in the colours of the Aboriginal flag after learning about the symbolism of the flag with Sarah, Leanne and Louise. Jodie held a relaxed, recalibrating reading tree. Children snuggled in blankets under a tree reading books from the growing collection about Aboriginal culture from the school library. Children bought in t-shirts and worked with Talulah to block print the Korowal symbol in the colours of the Aboriginal flag. Talulah will work with children this Thursday to print t-shirts if they didn’t bring one in to Bush School. 

The billy tea and damper were warming and delicious at Denise and Kizz’s campfire. Kie, Billy, Lola and Joel from High School were all on hand to help with the fire and damper making. Rita and Helen lead students on a bushwalk through the back of the school. The children returned fresh-faced and energised. “It’s so great to think that all that bush is right there all around us” commented one child. Parents, Nathaniel and Mic, worked with Maria to guide students in a landscape building activity where they turned the sand-pit into a 3-D map of the school. They used found natural materials and the freezing cold sand to build, form and create.

Being outside in nature awakens our senses, we notice the micro and macro details of the environment around us, we learn with resourcefulness and resilience and connect across our community- this is what makes Bush School the invigorating, inspiring, rewarding and pleasantly exhausting highlight that it is. 

The Year 5 and 6 students rose to the task of leading their groups with generosity, kindness and care- they did a wonderful job! 

Thank-you to all of our parent helpers- those who were there on the day working with engagement, warmth and energy; and those who have been part of the bigger conversations about Bush School. 

Thank-you to Uncle Graham and Tracey, your knowledge and guidance was a rich contribution to our learning.

Thank-you to the teachers and aides who steadily steer Bush School with their many talents and dedication.

Thank- you to Bec for the endless organising, managing and supporting!

We will continue our NAIDOC activities with a student-led, teacher-supported High School Basketball competition on Wednesday 26th June and then again on Wednesday 24th July we will hold our whole-school NAIDOC assembly from 10am. 

Wishing us all a creative and productive final week of term 2!

A Window with a View - Wk 7, Term 2, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 7, Term 2, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 7, Term 2, 2019

On Thursday night of Week 7, a small gathering of parents met to hold the second conversation around Bush School and Environmental Education. This is a great initiative started by a group of primary parents and spreading into high school, and is looking at the purpose as well as ways of including more options and developing a plan for the whole school. If you are interested in knowing what is happening, the parents at the centre of this include Helen, Tatiana, Amie, Nathaniel and Sheona, amongst others. As we have Bush School in primary this coming Friday, as the first of our NAIDOC week celebrations, we invite any parents who wish to support the activities on the day to contact Bec.

Korowal NAIDOC Celebrations, 2019

‘Voice. Treaty. Truth. Let’s Work Together for A Shared Future.’

NAIDOC week falls in the school holidays from 7th-14th July. We will be celebrating NAIDOC week at Korowal in the weeks leading up to and following the holidays in numerous ways.

Our Aboriginal High School students will be joining us for some of the day’s activities at Bush School. These students have been at the centre of the suggestions for how they would like to celebrate NAIDOC.

Friday 21st June- Primary School Bush School

There will be several NAIDOC related activities included in our Term 2 Bush School. We will begin with a Welcome to Country by special guest Darug educator, Tracey McManus.

Tracey is a board member of the Blue Mountains Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and an experienced teacher, specialising in Aboriginal education for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students. All students will have the opportunity to work with Tracey on the day.

Tracey will be helping us develop our school totem.

There will be a Fabric printing workshop. Students can bring in a white t-shirt to print with the Korowal symbol in the colours of the Aboriginal flag. We will also be printing bunting.

In addition to this, students will make wool friendship bracelets which will be handed out to all people attending the NAIDOC assembly as they enter in Term 3.

Further activities will take place the following week. These include:

Wednesday 26th June HS Basketball Competition, Morning Tea and Lunch

A series of 3x3 basketball competitions for HS students open to all HS students where Years 3-12 are welcome to watch and support all games on the ballcourt. We extend thanks to Ki’s family who have donated beanies and a jumper as a prize.

Friday 28th June PS Walk to Kangaroo Rock (TBC)Primary students will walk to Kangaroo Rock via bush track and Queens Road. Here they will observe and discuss rock carvings.

Term 3, WEEK 1, ON Wednesday 24th July- NAIDOC assembly from 10.00am-11am in the School hall

On the day, people will be given a friendship band made by primary as they enter.

The Hall will be decorated in bunting printed with the Korowal symbol in the colours of the Aboriginal flag (bunting made at bush school). The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island flags will be displayed in hall and Uncle Graham Cooper will give a Welcome to Country.

We will also be treated to a Performance by Jo Clancy and Wagana Dancers.

We are excited that this is such a rich cultural event and extend our thanks to the staff and students who have been in conversation about these celebrations since the start of the year.

Chickenpox outbreak continues

This week we have seen a further 12 cases of chickenpox, which now also include adults in our school. If only the holidays were starting now!

However, since they are not, we appeal to all families to be vigilant and check for spots, while knowing that the period of contagion occurs prior to spots appearing, and during the outbreak. From what we have heard, some students have not had a runny nose before, nor it would appear, had any flu symptoms, but have felt a bit sick. They then appear in sick bay with a fever or spots. We have also seen cases where the person has had a bad cold or flu, then also developed chicken pox, as their immune system was down. We are seeing cases where the people have previously had chickenpox. Please, if your child is not feeling well, keep them home and observe them. We are concerned for the families who are vulnerable.

As the virus is air born, and spread through coughs and sneezing, it may help if you practice (with your children) them covering their mouths for coughs and sneezes and washing hands afterwards. There are many children coughing directly onto others, including their teachers.

Information Morning, Saturday 15th

On Saturday, we had around twenty new families visit our School at our Information Morning, so thank you for spreading the word. Maddie and Will from Year 10 were student ambassadors on the day and they were comfortable in speaking of their experiences as students at Korowal. We have no doubt that a student voice resounds with families, as they live the experience. Sincere thanks are extended to all students, parents and staff who are championing a Korowal education.

May you stay warm and have good health for the final weeks of term.


A Window with a View - Wk 6, Term 2, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 6, Term 2, 2019

A Window with a View 

Week 6, Term 2, 2019

Week 6 at Korowal was a week of celebrating our community.

We commenced with a meeting on Monday night where we had around 120 parents and carers come along to hear our immediate plans for growing our School and giving back to parents. We invited parents to speak with friends and let them know just how beautiful, nourishing and strong our School is, and issue an invitation to make contact if they want to attend Korowal. On Saturday 15th June we will be having an Information Morning where you and your friends can visit us, you can show them around, or direct them to contact us. The more the merrier.

We then had a snow day!

When snow falls and interrupts the highway, teachers and families cannot get through. If police advise us to close the School we will, but that was not the case on Tuesday. We did not close the School but called it a snow day, as we had reduced staff and student numbers, but many students live outside of the snow zone. The highway was covered in ice to Wentworth Falls, so our School bus ran from Bullaburra only.

With numbers in our high school being the equivalent of one class of students, and with half the usual number in primary on Tuesday, the high school took to cooking soup and making pizza bread, doing homework and projects, and watching a movie together while eating their spoils of their labours for lunch. The atmosphere was delightful. Similarly, with smaller primary classes, routines were broken and the students responded with a relaxed playfulness.

Our school Inspection from NESA

Then on Thursday we were visited by three inspectors from NESA (NSW Educational Authorities) for the second and final phase of our Registration and Accreditation review, which happens every 5 years. Our staff have been working diligently to ensure that all evidence supporting our programs, policies and procedures was ready for the inspection.

The inspectors stated that quality teaching was evident in all of the sample documents. They cited strong evidence of variety in teaching strategies, with a balance between theory and practices, with clear evidence of adjustments and differentiation for students, plus very detailed teacher feedback and evaluations. They commented on the very sound reflective practices we have in place. This was emphasised! They also commented on the constant alignment between the elements- from programs, assessment calendars and tasks through to samples of students and teachers’ work. The quality of work submitted by our teachers was praised.

Similarly, in Administration, (attendance, enrolment procedures, Working With Children Check register etc.), Finances and Governance areas, we passed with flying colours. Evidence of the application of policies and procedures, including student wellbeing and discipline procedures, staff child-protection training, publication of policies and procedures on our website and communication with families, were also scrutinized.  

We can confidently state that our house is in order!

As a small school, we do not have faculty heads or other ‘heads of…’ structures that would support some administrative requirements which otherwise burden teachers. Our teachers often carry a heavier load as they cannot share the subject programming requirements with colleagues within a faculty. They are not only masters in their field but also extremely committed individuals who go above and beyond for students, and our School. 

Our executive and administration teams have been the drivers of key areas, and we are all beneficiaries of their dedication and care. They do not shy away from hard work, nor do they accept compromise easily. As is the case with our Directors on the Korowal School Council. No stone has been left unturned.

On behalf of all of our community I applaud our teachers, our administration team and all of the staff who support our students and make Korowal a great School. We can proudly state this.

Futsal Gala Day

On Friday the high school students participated in the Mountains Futsal Gala Day. We wait to hear from them, but by the looks of it, Lola has been awarded a medal. Thanks to Kizz, Helen, and all who played for Korowal.

Vision and Mission

On Tuesday we will be working with our AIS consultants to refine the information collected through our parent, staff and student sessions. We are excited to move to the next stage, towards finalising our School’s Vision and Mission Statements.

We hope you have a beautiful week.


A Window with a View - Wk 5, Term 2, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 5, Term 2, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 5, Term 2, 2019

Why Korowal? This is a question we are often asked.

We answer that we are a School with inspiring and dedicated teachers; where relationships are respectful and recognised as integral to learning - academic, social, personal; where we celebrate difference; and where curiosity, enquiry and questions are welcomed. We are small and nurturing.

In recent weeks we have met with several families from Sydney, looking for an alternative approach to schooling. Through our conversations the thematic link between these families is that they are all are seeking a school where space and time is provided for children and teenagers to play and be creative whilst surrounded by beauty. They want their child in the company of adults who listen and share a passion for learning while encouraging intrigue and discovery; where rules are logical and based on safety and respect rather than seemingly trivial authoritarian directives; where open and honest conversations can be had so that we all, the children and adults, learn from each other.  

That sounds like Korowal!

These parents and students are concerned about being regularly tested from kindergarten, and are noticing anxiety levels increase in their child, and therefore the family. They also want to know their neighbours and are looking forward to getting to know our community.

Of those met, we are aware of three families who will be moving into the area to attend Korowal in 2020.

Korowal Graduates.

It appears that Korowallians pop up everywhere. At a gallery One88 opening on Saturday evening, Kath Veel, our retired art teacher, participated in her first exhibition, and there were many alumni families present. It was a treat to see Kath’s paintings of seascapes on the walls.

One graduate, Aloka Hammiel, was embarrassed when her father Phil proudly announced that Aloka had just received the Deans Medal at the University of Technology, Sydney, on graduating from her Architecture Degree. It reminded me that a few weeks ago, Anna Summers, a recent graduate and teacher of our Year 1, also received an award. Both young women were awarded for achieving their degrees with Distinctions and High Distinctions.

It struck me that I have heard this repeated of Korowal graduates many times over, and a deep sense of pride and satisfaction, of rightness, came over me. Kath’s son, Kit Rigby, was also present at the exhibition, and is one of a rare breed of artists who is making a living from his art as an animater for ‘Flying Bark’ in Sydney. Aloka and Kit both spoke fondly of how they keep in touch with people from across the years at Korowal and enjoy catching up when they can. The bonds forged in our beautiful environment linger.

Community Meeting Monday June 3rd at 6.30pm.

Tomorrow, on Monday night at our community meeting, we will further celebrate our uniqueness. We look forward to seeing you at 6.30 in the School Hall.

Chicken Pox

We send a reminder that we have several cases of Chicken Pox in primary. Please observe the health guidelines to ensure that we minimise the risk of spreading this disease, especially for people who are vulnerable in our community. The SkoolBag post and email has the Health Department’s Communicable Disease factsheet attached.

May you and your families keep well through the flu season.



A Window with a View - Wk 4, Term 2, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 4, Term 2, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 4, Term 2, 2019

Parent Conversations – Bush School

We have many passionate, thoughtful and involved parents in the Korowal Community – some of whom are wanting more conversations about education for their children. We had the first of regular conversation evenings last Thursday focussed on Bush School. I gave a brief overview of the Primary Bush School Days, and wish to take this opportunity to reiterate the enormous energy and innovation that the Primary teachers bring to these days. We have used these special days once a term to bring students together in mixed age groups and spend the entire day outside. It is fun, interesting and delightfully exhausting for everyone involved.

The parents sitting together on Thursday evening came with their own experiences, skills and desires for outdoor and nature-based educational experiences. We opened the moment for all ideas to be shared and discussed in small groups. They were recorded in bright, dynamic crayon script and will be compiled to share and ignite action. If you have ideas, time and energy you would like to contribute, please contact Helen Laird:  yoga@helenlaird.com

Bush School Day this term is Friday 21st June.

Our next Parent Conversation is a whole school focus on environmental education and action. Please come along on Thursday 13th June 7pm – 8pm
Parent involvement in education at Korowal has been a focus this term with these Parent Conversations, and the Mission and Vision brainstorm sessions last week described by Barb (see Window with a View, Week 3). The Mission and Vision review continues next week as we run a session with the Pathways students. 


We continue to form links with community groups and events, and would like to thank Tatiana Lozano for supporting Korowal students to attend the 2019 International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) event on 17th May.   It was a wonderful show of the strength, passion and commitment to inclusion held by young people in our community. We were proud to stand alongside representatives of other mountains schools, while standing out in our individuality and rainbow colours!

Pirate Day

Our next exciting event is tomorrow, Monday 27th May when we participate in Pirate Day in May to raise money for childrens’ medical research. Kindy, Year 1 & Year 2 have worked with Year 10 students to craft a cardboard Pirate Ship and eye patches to wear tomorrow. Everyone is invited to dress up like a pirate and bring your gold coin treasure to donate or spend at the cake stall during lunchtime.

Community Meeting

The intrigue doesn’t end with the promise of Pirates among us…there have been many questions about the invitation to our community meeting next Monday 3rdJune. You have been asked to come along to hear our Principal, Barb; and Chair of the Board, Greg share important news.
The notice sent out states, “We have come up with an amazing idea that will positively affect each of you and we are really excited about sharing this news with you. This news is so important that it has to be shared in person.”
We will meet in the school Hall on Monday 3rd June at 6:30pm. RSVP using the link on your SkoolBag notification.
It is the personal and relational challenges of working in a diverse and dynamic educational community that I love about Korowal. We continue to strengthen the experiences and development of our children, together!

A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 2, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 2, 2019

A Window with a View 

Week 3, Term 2, 2019

On Friday at the end of Week 3,  Year 10 returned from their city camp, and Years 3 and 4 futsal teams returned with sweet victory to the Under 9 Girls team, who were undefeated to the end. While we have not yet received feedback on the camp, we are able to publish a parent’s response to being a spectator at the Soccer Gala day.

‘My first Futsal Gala Day as a parent at Korowal was full of excitement as I watched my son prepare for the day, arrive full of nerves, have his turn on the field and come off so excited and raring for the next game. This was a sweet moment for him after he had attended try out after try out at his old school, always unsuccessful, simply because he went to a large public school and they would only send one team and he never made the cut….The atmosphere was fantastic, the kids were competitive, keen for their turn, encouraging towards each other, but the cheering and excitement for each other between U9 Boys, U9 Girls and U10 Boys was by far the most rewarding part of the day! Kizz was full of enthusiasm, fair and consistent, her encouragement towards every child for the effort they bring to the team was refreshing! It was a pleasure to attend!’

Thank you to all of our enthusiastic players and their teacher, Kizz. We were receiving updates through the office as play was underway, so we felt connected and excited for you all. Many people commented on the support and encouragement the students gave to each other, so sport was the winner!

Parent Mission and Vision Sessions

This week we held two sessions for revision and renewal of our Mission and Vision statements. It was deeply satisfying to invite parents in and work together on a meaningful and significant activity that will set the future direction for our School.

Overall, we had 19 parents brainstorm around the themes of ‘Korowal Now’, ‘Korowal 2030’ and ‘A Korowal Graduate, 2030’. The discussions at each group table were dynamic and aligned. The task of refining priorities and summarising into a simple statement all that has gone before, was a creative process. It twisted and squeezed the brain before arriving at the quintessential statement.

We now have hundreds of post-it notes with single ideas, summary category headings, priority statements and final statements of ‘Korowal exists to………so that……….’  from each table. We will process these and combine them with the staff/directors’ workshop summaries. We will then have a focussed discussion with Exec, the Co-Chairs of the Board, and be led by the AIS Leadership Centre in our discussions towards a final series of statements.

So hopefully, by the end of June, we will be launching our new Vision and Mission Statements. From what we have heard and seen from our community the differences between the old and new will be minimal. Korowal will look the same, with a renewed and current direction. Focus on relationships, environment, leadership, compassion, outdoors, leading learning - came through with every group. We are excited for the next phase of our process.

We extend our thanks to the parents who contributed their time and ideas to the sessions, while also acknowledging those who made contact to apologise that the week was too hectic to fit another thing. 

This Thursday Night Parent Bush School Discussion from 7.00-8.00pm

Coming up on Thursday evening is a parent discussion group, the first of two in this series where the focus is on Bush School and Environmental Education. This has been requested by primary parents and is open for all parents, to have a forum for ideas. 

Monday Evening 7.00-8.00pm - Year 10 to Year 11 HSC Information Evening

It is already that time of the year when students and parents are thinking about the transition from Year 10 to Year 11, and the Pathways Compressed model of subject delivery at Korowal. On Monday night we will explain how it works and we encourage at least one Year 10 parent to attend with their child. It can be confusing to receive a lot of information about the subjects on offer, how the HSC is structured, and what an ATAR is used for. When your child needs to talk it through, two heads are better than one.

Please invite families from outside of Korowal if they are looking at senior study with us. Current parents of younger students are also welcome to attend.


There are a few other excursions next week and we encourage you to keep up to date through our SkoolBag Ap. Caroline has posted over the weekend warning that there may be an issue for asthmatics due to lingering smoke from backburning over the weekend.

Our Korowal Website and Policies and Procedures

Jes has spent time this week further updating our Korowal Website. You will find our reviewed policies under the ‘Community Resources’ dropdown. Those listed are to do with day to day operations of the school, especially around providing a Safe and Supportive Environment, and ensuring we are compliant with Child Protection. The Complaints Handling Policy is also listed. As we have in excess of 90 Policies and procedures, we have not placed all of them on the website, but they are available on request through the School office. They make a good read over a cuppa!
As the flu season has commenced, we ask that sick children are kept home to recover. They need the rest, and we need to remain well to teach the classes. We really appreciate your support with this.
May you enjoy the week ahead and notice the leaves turning. Our maples are ablaze with autumnal tones.

A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 2, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 2, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 2, Term 2, 2019

This week, at the end of Week 2, this edition is given over to hearing from students as we celebrate creativity. Through creative pursuits we engage the mind, body and emotions. We can explore, interpret, innovate and challenge, which is why we place great importance on the importance of creativity at Korowal.


On Saturday morning Andrew, Anne and I were excited to attend the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre for the opening of the ArtExpress HSC Touring Exhibition. Here, Alia Gravaldis (Yr 12, 2018) spoke to her series of digital photographs, on exhibit. In her speech, Alia celebrated that the strength of her work ‘is because of the strength of character of the individuals in the photos’.

Here is an extract of Alia’s speech.

‘The Theme of my work is The Sublime, a fleeting, elusive feeling that has been part of art and literature for a long time. It is almost always associated with nature and when evoked, the emotional response completely overcomes rational thought. It can be described as a seemingly conflicting emotional state, like a strangely fascinating mix of awe and terror’.

Through her exposure to and participation in the exhibitions of ArtExpress in different locations, Alia commented:

‘In ArtExpress I am astounded by the quality and diversity, the real themes and raw talents,  that ranged in scope from personal experiences ….. to more broad and universal concepts, such as our relationship to technology, climate change.

So often words are simply not enough and art becomes the vehicle through which we impress these ideas to people in refreshing ways’.    Alia

If you want to know what our young people are concerned about, go and see this. The touring exhibition has a powerful impact due to the range of significant themes and the striking quality of the artworks. In addition to those mentioned by Alia, the themes that echo throughout these works include inequality, and injustice, and the need for action; gender stereotypes; notions of gender; the refugee experience; disillusionment with traditional authoritarian structures. They are powerful statements ‘When words are simply not enough.’ (Alia).

It is our intention to take the high school students to this local exhibition. It is free entry for all, and we encourage you to step into the space with an open mind and heart.

Sydney Writers Festival

On Thursday 3rd May, Lisa and Helen accompanied 11 students from Years 7-10 to the Sydney Writers Festival High School author talks. They listened to 3 authors, Neal Shusterman, Dhonielle Clayton both from America, Aboriginal author Ambelin Kwaymullin and award winning Australian author Will Kostakis , who engaged the students with their stories of the trials and successes of writing.

Here is some of the feedback from our students:

“It has inspired me to write more because every writer that spoke said you just had to keep writing”.

“ I think it was a worthwhile excursion because of all the tips and different writing styles and viewpoints that each of the authors provided.”

“It gave me insight into other writers’ experiences and lives, and gave me useful tips on how to write and how to push through.”

“ Will Kostakis inspired me to grow as a writer.”

“ We got to learn about the writing process as well as hear some political opinions. I now want to write more frequently.”

On a more personal note, I am aware that when I am working on compliance documents such as policies and procedures, I feel a slow death approaching, but when I am writing freely, or performing, I leave that sepia world and enter into a vast, expansive world of colour, life and possibility. I acknowledge the importance of both.

May we all have moments of creativity throughout Week 3.


A Window with a View - Wk 1, Term 2, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 1, Term 2, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 1, Term 2, 2019

This week we welcome you all back for Term 2, where our strategic focus for the community is the revision and renewal of Korowal’s Vision and Mission. An invitation has been issued to families by email this week for the parent consultations scheduled for Tuesday 14th from 1.00 -3.00pm and Wednesday 15th for 6.30-8.30pm, and we hope you can make the time to participate in these sessions for we value your insights.

As always, coming together to discuss our values and priorities was a deeply satisfying experience when we commenced the week with our staff and directors’ review on Monday, in workshop style sessions. The process exposed passion, dedication, alignment and even excitement when looking at Korowal’s Visions for our future.  

Our Pathways students returned to sit their end of Year 11 Course exams and as they sat in the sun with final notes they were greeted by Lisa and her beautiful Care Dog, Aloy. Aloy wandered calmly between the students, available for calming pats. The whole scene was serene!


We have a number of exciting events for our community in the next few weeks.

Annual General Meeting

The first is our Annual General Meeting to be held this Wednesday night from 6.00 -7.00pm. We welcome your attendance.

Year 7 & 11 Information Evening 

Following this in Week 3 is our ‘Year 7 and Year 11, 2020- Information Evening’, on Monday 13th from 7.00- 8.00pm. Please invite any friends or neighbours who may be interested in Korowal.

Parent Session - Review Korowal Vision & Mission Statement

Also in Week 3 are our Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday night ‘Korowal Vision and Mission Review Sessions’ (see above).

Parent Session - Bush School 

Then in Week 4 on Thursday 23rd May, at the instigation of a group of parents, a primary parent discussion session will be held from 7.00-8.00pm around the theme of Bush School. The aim is to create a place for parents to share their ideas.

We Celebrate Our Recent Graduate Students’ Success

On Saturday 11 May, the Art Express Touring Exhibition opens at the Katoomba Cultural Centre, and we will be there. Alia Grinvald’s Major Work of photographs titled “Vignettes 2018” will be on display. Alia graduated in 2018 and her HSC artwork was selected for this prestigious exhibition.

A further 2018 Graduate, Sarah Keenahan, has recently been featured in the ABC series ‘Employable Me’. While it was no surprise to us to see her vivacious personality and exuberant positivity, she has made a splash in the community. You may recall that Sarah represented Korowal at State and National Swimming competitions throughout high school.

Then in a trifecta, a third Korowal graduate (2017), Conal Osfield, is the recent winner of the Australian Film Television and Radio School inaugural Storytelling Competition.

We congratulate you all as you embark on your post-school journeys.

Of course, there are many good news stories of our graduates. When we are aware of them, we enjoy sharing them. We are proud of our alumni.

We look forward to being in conversation at these, and further events planned for the term. Meanwhile we remind us all to be aware of hygiene as the cold and flu season greets us. We encourage all students to cough into sleeves or tissues, wash hands thoroughly and to be cared for at home if they are sick.

Thank you for observing turning circle safety procedures. The traffic is certainly relieved when high school parents arrive from 3.30pm onwards.


A Window with a View - Wk 11, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 11, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 11, Term 1, 2019

At the close of Week 11, we thank our students and staff for a fulfilling term. We now have time to rest and replenish. We congratulate our Kindy and Year 7 students for settling in with ease and completing their first term of big school and high school.

There is a lot to celebrate about who we are. Being a school in the Mountains we experience the seasons, and are surrounded by bush. Our senses are alive. This has certainly been the case as we welcome in Autumn.

Some of the highlights of this week included the seniors students’ Art Excursion to the NSW and the White Rabbit Galleries, our Work Education elective students’ Tea Shop, Year 10’s extraordinary Science Fair, our junior high excursion to the Royal Easter Show, Kindy cooking muffins with apples from Jodie’s garden, Year 6 t-shirt printing for their Excursion to China in the holidays, and everyone cleaning their areas of the school to signal the end of term.

We continue to embrace our independence as educators of young people from kindy through to HSC, in a co-ed, inclusive environment.  We are so fortunate to have this opportunity and appreciative of the degree of autonomy that this avails us. As many of you are aware, Korowal is an Aboriginal word meaning 'the Strong One’. The skills we work towards developing in our students relate to the individual’s ability to stand strong and confident, to know oneself, to embrace difference, and to be respectful of life in all of its forms. To be ‘Korowal’.

Next term we will all have the opportunity to review our Mission and Vision statements. We will provide the time to come together in groups and reflect on Korowal now, and into the future. Our Mission and Vision have been reviewed and renewed twice in the past 20 years, so when the time comes around it is a significant event. We extend an invitation to you to participate in these sessions.

We will commence with the staff and directors of the School Board engaging in a workshop on 29th April. We will then conduct two sessions with parents, one afternoon and one evening, in the second week of May. The dates will be published on our SkoolBag Ap this week. We hope you can find the time to join us.

For some students the end of term can be confusing as they have just established routines and developed friendships that are now interrupted by holidays. For others this change is not an issue at all. From our experience, if your child has taken time to settle into the term, we encourage you to keep to routine bed times, mealtimes, and access to technology. It will make their return to school smoother.

May you all enjoy the well-earned rest that the holidays bring.


A Window with a View - Wk 10, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 10, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a Vew

Week 10, Term 1, 2019

At the end of week 10, and as we approach the last week of term 1, there is much to celebrate.

Huff and Puff Gala Day

Congratulations to our staff and students for the spirit of participation and inclusion that permeated the Huff and Puff Gala Day. You may have seen the Korowal facebook post with our primary students crossing the finishing line together, however it is worth mentioning again. Year 4 decided that there was no need to have any winners, but that crossing the line together was more important, so that no one felt bad or left out. Their pride in their group was worth more than any individual accolade, and made a powerful statement to all who witnessed this. The teachers were brought to tears as they witnessed such strong compassion. Here is a recap from Anna, Primary Teacher:

Huff and Puff Gala Day was a fantastic opportunity for students to work together to support their teammates, across the year groups. It was lovely to see how supportive the senior students were towards their younger team mates - many taking on the role of explaining the expectations and activities to the kindergarten students, who were experiencing the Gala day for the first time. It was also great to see the parents and teachers compete in races, with the students cheering them on, and to see the hidden talents of many students that shone in their races. There was fantastic teamwork and support across all colour groups. In the apt words of a very wise five year old, "when we are all separate we are the colour groups, but together we are a rainbow."

Year 7, 2020

On Tuesday, we welcomed our current Year 6 and further students enrolled for Year 7, 2020, to experience the high school and visit three Technology Mandatory sessions, as well as participate in a science experiment with Andy O’Doherty. Our current Year 7 students warmly welcomed the group, introducing them to each other and taking them on a tour of high school. Two families were visiting from Sydney and will be moving to the Mountains to attend Korowal. They are keen to forge links with current families and a Year 6 parent, Julia Westley, has offered to coordinate a group for parents to maintain contact throughout this year while still in Year 6, organising picnics or at the very least, sharing information about school events. We will be holding several of these immersion sessions throughout the year, so if you know anyone thinking about Korowal for Year 7, please invite them along.

Kindy, 2020

On Tuesday we will be hosting a play session from 12.00 - 1.00pm for children and parents looking at Kindy 2020. This is an additional way to get to know us and experience the environment when the children are in school, as often people attend the Information sessions on a Saturday. If you are intending to participate or know of others who may want to do so, please call the office on 47587466 to allow us to plan for the number of children.
Offers of place are being generated this week for Kindy and Year 7, 2020.

Women’s Football

We extend our congratulations to Lola Parsons Burns and Mia De Melo- Morton, both in Year 8, who were successful in Orange at the football trials on Thursday. Both students were selected to be in the Open Women’s Football Team for Western Associated Schools (WAS) This is a huge accolade for them, especially as they are in Year 8! They will play in the Australian Independent Co-educational Schools Tournament schools (AICES) in May.

Being Organised can Alleviate Stress

As we near the end of Term 1, students in the high school are submitting their projects and work, and Year 11 and 12 students are finalising their Year 11 Courses in this cycle of subjects. They will sit their exams in the first week of Term 2. The most important aspect of this time for our students is how they are managing to organise themselves in order to complete their tasks on time. Planning in advance, looking at assessment schedules and creating timelines in the lead up to the submission of tasks will alleviate unnecessary stress. We wish to remind you all that teachers are available to assist where students need extra scaffolding, and that every morning from 9.00-11.30 the Hub, in the library, is staffed for this purpose. It is also a place where students who have completed tasks early are offered extension activities. 

Year 6 Students & Parents visit our Sister School in Hangzhou over Easter

The final countdown is on for five families as well as Bec, Elise, Kizz, and Bing as they prepare for their tour to China. On Thursday evening the tour group met with to finalise arrangements with Jenny, their tour guide. They will leave Sydney on Wednesday 17thand return Wednesday 24thof April.
The visit includes attending classes in calligraphy, woodwork, 3-d printing, paper-rolling, Chinese painting, table tennis and ocarina at our Sister School in the 3rdDistrict of Hangzhou. The group’s accommodation includes hotel and homestay arrangements, and the range of activities should prove to provide great insight into many aspects of Chinese culture. The tour includes visits to tea, art and pottery museums, the West Lake, Hefang Old Street, then catching a fast train to Shanghai and visiting the Bund, the Old City God’s temple, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and Disneyland Park. It is a whirlwind tour over 7 days, and excitement is growing. We look forward to seeing photos and hearing stories in the near future. 

Trip to Nepal

Also this week, Barbara Hall held an information session on her intended trip to Nepal in December. This is open to any members of the Korowal community so if you want to know more, please contact the School office and we can email you the information. Final numbers will need to be sealed soon.
Apart from all of these significant events, life at Korowal continues to be rich everyday as our students smile their toothless smiles, run up for hugs, throw their bodies around in laughter, gallop around the playground, sit and chat, dash about the ball court, ask profound questions, and we all learn through our errors. Why would you be anywhere else?
May you have a great final week. We know that the junior high school is looking forward to their excursion to the Royal Easter show on Friday!

A Window with a View - Wk 8, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 8, Term 1, 2019
When we returned to School this week the lingering glow of the Cabarette was still in the air, and primary children greeted high school students and staff in a different way. Our students deserve to be pleased with themselves for providing us all with such delightful entertainment and putting themselves on the line. As the week progressed there were signs of fatigue creeping in with our younger children, and with some of our high school students involved in the Cabarette, an emptiness or letdown was evident. It is a long term.

Performance letdown can occur when a performance or season is over, and is sometimes seen as sadness or even depression. It is due to the physiological changes our bodies are undergoing, from a heightened alert state in rehearsals and performance, to a normal one. We can experience fatigue, sadness, irritability and meaninglessness. Hopefully this state is short lived, and talking about it helps. It really assists to know that it is a normal process for us to experience this change, however if it continues into next week, we ask that you or your child lets us know, and we will then arrange to offer further support. 

Oracy at Korowal

We are now in a position to announce that Korowal is working closely with Oracy Cambridge to develop an Oracy program that will range from Kindy to Year 12. Currently Louise, Elise and I are working with Cambridge University on a program for Years 5, 6 and 7, and we will welcome Alan Howe to our school for a month in October to further work alongside staff and assist us to develop a school-wide approach. Elise began layering exercises into her program for Years 5& 6 last year and continues to do so this year. Louise and I are taking Oracy classes two hours per week with Year 7 this term.

What is Oracy and why are we placing value on developing these skills? 
Throughout the curriculum, much time is brought to developing the skills of Literacy and Numeracy. Yet the process of learning at the formative stage and the presentation of ideas at the summative stage do not always involve the written word. A lot of our time is spent talking. But is this talk effective and efficient? Over  time we have noticed a deterioration in skills we once took for granted, and a developing anxiety in many students when they are required to give an oral presentation. 

Recent research into ‘Future Skills’ highlights the need for a revision of our approaches to skill building in schools, and two of these are highlighted below.

'There is an increasing need for ‘Social and emotional, or so-called “soft skills”: these include advanced communication and negotiation, empathy, the ability to learn continuously, to manage others and to be adaptable. Business development, programming, emergency response and counselling require these skills’
                             Three skills for workers 2030- World Economic Forum. weforum.org

Dr Marion Steel, the Course Director for the Bachelor of Commerce at Deakin University, explains: 

“soft skills are taking those innate human qualities, such as communication, interaction, creativity, innovation, etc. and developing these so you can apply them effectively in the workforce.

Communication, for example: we often just think of our ability to talk to other human beings. But if you look at any organisation today, you’ll see that we communicate with each other face-to-face, via standard communication channels like email, and often on shared or collaborative work platforms as well. So we’re actually seeing that because of the way we work, we need to have communication skills face-to-face, but also be able to communicate really effectively in an online environment.

This includes knowing how formal communication works, what informal communication is and when it’s appropriate to use, and how to communicate goals and achievements to people ‘in a different time zone or region,’ 

When it comes to working harmoniously with others, these are the soft skills Dr Steel says you need:

• communication
• interaction
• teamwork
• leadership
• listening
• innovation
• creativity
• problem solving


Thus, at Korowal, in order to experience the program and its impact, we have conducted our own observational research internally and visited schools in England where Oracy is being prioritised. These ‘soft skills’ can be directly taught and exercised.

At Korowal this Oracy Program intends to bring focus to developing the students’ ability to speak and listen, and to involve the students and the teachers in dialogic teaching through ongoing whole class conversations with one another around a learning topic. In our Oracy classes we are engaging in exercises to understand the power of voice modulation, tone, volume, emphasis, pace, intention. We encourage the formulation and sharing of ideas, the imperative to listen to other opinions, and to solve problems through participation in conversation. We use formal and informal situations. We want our students to experience their right to hold an opinion, their right to be heard, and to give others their due respect through listening with an open mind and responding without putdown. As the program develops we intend to integrate these exercises into all subjects so that they become embedded in our curriculum across the School.

Already with Year 7 we are all witnessing a growing awareness and consciousness around the individual in the group, the impact we have on each other, where there are dominant voices and reluctant participants, while also enjoying the students’ curiosity at the possibility of developing these skills. It is early days yet, but we have enough evidence of the significance of an Oracy program for our School to invest in an arrangement with Oracy Cambridge. They are as excited to be working with us as we are with them! It is well aligned with our School values and relevant in preparing our students for respectful communications and a dynamic work future. 

Safety for all

As we move into week 9 we send a reminder about pickup times and the traffic in the turning circle. High school students are to be picked up from 3.30pm. Please avoid coming earlier as it causes traffic issues with the volume of vehicles entering and exiting. Please also refrain from parking outside of the turning circle, on verges or secondary roads leading to the hall, as this blocks the school buses.

Thanks for your ongoing support,

A Window with a View - Wk 7, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 7, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 7, Term 1, 2019

Throughout Week 7 we sang our hearts out. We entertained around 450 students, parents and friends with our ‘Cabarette’ across Thursday and Friday evenings. We extend our congratulations to all who participated, our Director Helena Zadro-Jones, Musical Director Kim Poole, as well as student, staff and parent helpers, for a successful and celebratory show. The students shone!

Our primary and high school audience was such a delight on Thursday. The spontaneity and joy they expressed was a gift to the performers and audience alike. The students on stage felt like rock stars! It is such a brave move to nominate to perform in front of peers, and we acknowledge every single performer for their courage to play, or sing, or dance, or contort, or assist to light or stage manage, in front of the school. Thank you for giving us the gift of entertainment.

Celebrating our Staff - Visual & Performing Artists

Following on now from the previous two ‘Window with a View’ postings about the talent and depth of educational experience within our staff, today we move on to look at the artists within.

Hopefully you experienced this in some way and therefore witnessed some of the talent. Kim Poole was our Musical Director and arranger for all the songs performed, and the band were exceptional, with students moving in and out for various numbers. Kim brought the staff together following a drive from Deb, Maria and the two Lisa’s to have the teachers perform Abba’s ‘Super Trooper ‘this year.  Eleven of us got on stage but fifteen of us rehearsed and had a fabulous time singing together. We also enjoyed being told what to do and where to stand by students, and being reprimanded for laughing too loudly!

Greg Brooks

Not one to sing his own praises, you will have observed our English and History teacher, Greg Brooks, on stage at our Cabarette playing sax with the students. Greg is a regular in our School Jazz band, Neill’s Armee. He is also a DJ around the mountains and Sydney. A great talent!

Andy Medina

Andy Medina also performed a solo and was a member of the staff group in Super Trooper. Andy is a recent graduate of the Australian Institute of Music (AIM), and has just started teaching singing through our Korowal Studios program. He is going to bring much joy to the students.

Neill Duncan

Korowal Studios is where Neill Duncan also teaches sax, clarinet, keyboard and drums, and from where our ‘Neill’s Armee’ Jazz band emerged. Neill is well known to the Mountains community for his remarkable talents as a musician for over 30 years, and more recently as a one-armed sax player and inspirational musician. Our students and staff benefit from the talents, compassion and generosity of this wonderful man. Last year he and the band recorded their first CD and are wanting to launch it with a bigband evening at Korowal later this year. The musical confidence exhibited by some of our musicians can be attributed to their experience in Neill’s Armee.

As we have begun to promote our staff more publically, many parents have recently commented that they had no idea of the depth of experience or richness that the adults within our community bring to their positions. We also have visual artists working with our students and briefly we will introduce some of these talents to you today. 

Anne Mashal

Anne Mashall and Andrew Ireland are both our high school art teachers, and together they do remarkable works for us in our high school. They have guided our students to great things and are the talent behind our students’ works being exhibited in ‘Art Express’, HSC exemplars Exhibit.  Printmaking is Anne’s joy, but she can guide any hand to excel in the art form of their choice. When needed, Anne just whips up props for School shows. She is less public with her art practice and declined the invitation to share here, but Anne was responsible for the fabulous fractured fairytales book that we used as a projection screen in Cabarette and with Andrew, assisted with the Grease Lightening red car! 

Andrew Ireland

Prior to teaching, Andrew Ireland was a Staff Cartoonist/ Illustrator with the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, Times on Sunday, Sunday as well as a freelance illustrator. He was awarded ‘Black and White/ Bulletin Humorous Illustrator 1990, and has been Artist Lecturer (Tertiary Level) at Sydney College of the Arts, Billy Blue Design School, Sydney Graphics College and U.T.S.

Andrew’s Solo exhibitions have been seen at Rex Irwin Gallery-Sydney, E5 Gallery- Verona, Southern Gallery- Rome, EMR studios, Hat Hill Gallery -Blackheath. 
From 1999 through to the present Andrew remains a practising artist while being a part-time teaching Art, Design and Technology. But wait, there’s more! Andrew is also a freelance musician for various bands.

Talulah Vane 

Talulah Vane is a Korowal Graduate and now, our primary art teacher, as well as visual artist. Following the completion of a first-class Honours degree in Fine Arts Talulah received Australian Post-Graduate Award and undertook Doctoral studies at UNSW in Fine Arts, examining the shift from analogue to digital photography and memory. In addition to her experience as a general classroom teacher she has worked as a specialist art teacher in primary and high schools, and university. 

Talulah’s recent works include site-specific installations, photography and sculptures created with silk, steel, automotive paint and found natural objects. She has recently exhibited at Blue Mountains City Art Gallery, The Woodford Academy and North Contemporary Art Space.  Her works often extend from stories that reach through generations; and her love of 1970’s muscle cars. Our students are the beneficiaries of her vast experience and passion.

Felicity Hughes

Felicity Moekel-Hughes is our library assistant, and cherished by all. She attended Art School, majoring in Printmaking, with a double sub-major in literature and art history. From there she began working in Libraries, while painting for galleries in Bowral, and donating much of my work to charity for fund-raising. While she still paints and draws, she has always loved words. Felicity has now completed three young adult books in a series, with the fourth underway, with words of lore, language and back-stories, maps, diagrams and genealogy lines. 

Alex Smithers

Quietly moving around us all, is Alex Smithers, our maintenance manager, lab assistant and sometimes bus driver. While she can fix almost any problem, would you have known that Alex is a retired Physics teacher, who took the leap into writing fiction over 10 years ago? A number of her short stories have been published in print and online. Alex’s passion for science and superheros inspired her debut Young Adults Sci-fi novel, Wraith, released in July 2018 (and found in any good bookstore), and it is a terrific read. It is also in our school library.

Not wanting to disappoint her readers, she is now working on Wraith’s sequel, but only when we aren’t crying out- ‘where’s Alex? We need her!’

As you see, our staff are exploding with creativity and passion, and we harness this to be educators, to lead others to an understanding of their talents and skills because we value the child’s right to experience process- to play, to experiment, to explore, to ask ‘why’ and ‘how come’. 

Before signing off, also wish to acknowledge our students who followed their passions to attend the Climate Change rallies in Springwood and Sydney on Friday, as well as those who chose to stay at school because they had made a commitment to being here for the Cabarette, and felt that they may not have returned in time.  

Let us support them in the endeavor to ‘become the changes they seek to see in the world’.


A Window with a View - Wk 6, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 6, Term 1, 2019

A Window With a View

Week 6, Term 1, 2019

As we ended Week 6 of our term we opened our School to welcome new families to meet our staff, see the School, have questions answered, and also be shown around by some of our Year 10 student guides at our Information Morning on Saturday. This is an active time of the year particularly for people exploring options for Kindergarten, Year 7, and HSC, all key points of transition in a student’s life. We also met with people who are just looking for somewhere less pressured and more focussed on process than test results. We were fortunate to have a recent graduate James Campbell working for us at the information table, plus current students, to speak frankly of their own experiences of Korowal.

Thank you to all of the staff who made this day most enjoyable.

On Friday for International Women’s Day I had the pleasure of attending ‘The Women of The West Awards’ at Homebush, as a guest of ANZ women. The Hon Julie Bishop was the guest speaker, and is an impressive woman who has created a pathway through halls of power and held her own at tables amongst the world’s leaders. Regardless of party politics, her message to all women and men is that ‘no nation will meet its full potential until it fully embraces the 50% of people that are female. Women and men complement each other’. 

 From her experience, gender deafness is real, and having been the only woman present in rooms of suited men, she can categorically state that the men responded differently when hearing themselves to hearing her sole woman’s voice. Ms Bishop encouraged women to mentor each other, for in so doing we strengthen our resolve and build our self- confidence.  ‘It need not take 80 years for the growth rate of Senior female executives to meet parity with men*. We can make this happen from today’. 

*Gender Equity Insights 2019: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling. 2019 Research conducted by Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre in WA

The lingering messages from all of the women receiving awards for services to community on Friday, as well as from Julie Bishop, was to ‘not let others define who you are’, and to ensure that we mentor each other. To make it easier, not harder, for other women.

Speaking as Principal for our beautiful School, where we work consciously to develop authentic relationships and model respect, it is important that we also look into our own shadows and challenge each other for any biases that we may hold. We have open and honest young men and women around us each day, and a responsibility to nurture their passions and talents equally, and to encourage their voices.

On that note, we have a display of talents ready to entertain you on Thursday and Friday evening from 7.00pm at our ‘Cabarette’. Even the staff are frocking up this year for a special musical number driven by the passions of Deb and Caroline in the School office. They have brought us together and we have all laughed a lot. The proof is in the pudding!

While this week in this post, I was intending to write Part 3 of our Introduction to our Staff. I will postpone this until next week and instead, invite you to come and see the talents on stage this week. Students and staff will entertain you. Tickets to our ‘Cabarette’ are available through phoning the Office on 47587466 from 8.30am -4.30pm Mon-Wed.

May your voice be heard by those around you.

A Window with a View - Wk 5, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 5, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 5, Term 1, 2019

Swimming Carnivals & Community BBQ

In Week 5 we just managed to capture days warm enough for us to enjoy the
Primary and High School Swimming Carnivals. Once again, the students entered
these with a great sense of fun and cheered each other along to achieve some
personal bests. While the range of swimming ability is diverse, from noodle racing
through to regional swimming records, the commitment to having a go is

We wish to extend a special thank you to Kizz for her fine organisation of these
events, as well as her enthusiasm and ease in directing staff and students.

We also extend thanks to everyone who helped make our Community BBQ on
Friday evening a relaxing picnic, to Talulah for driving it, the parents who made the
salads and platters of fruit, cooked and prepped, and cleaned up, the children,
parents and staff who shared in the frivolity.


Our next celebration will be the Cabarette on Thursday 14 th and Friday 15 th March.
This is a mini-Cabaret with a range of musical numbers and animations created by
our students. The staff may even have an act!

Celebrating our Staff

Now, continuing our theme of celebrating our staff and sharing their professional
stories, this week we have Part 2, where we introduce you to the two and a half
Doctors we have on staff, (not of the prescription writing type). We introduce you to Dr Louise Dungate, Dr Kim Poole and Doctoral Student Alistair Symons.

Louise Dungate

Dr Louise Dungate has now been with us at Korowal for ten years. Throughout her
doctoral research, Louise explored how teacher’s interactions with young children
affect their wellbeing and involvement. While completing her doctorate, and working
part-time at Korowal, Louise taught in Teacher Education at Macquarie Uni. She
completed her Doctorate in 2015. In 2018, Louise was awarded a scholarship by
Doshisha- Kyoto University to attend an Intensive Japanese Fluency Immersion
Course, which she attended and completed in June-July.

Louise has taught across every age group, and at Korowal, teaches Japanese to
Kindy through to HSC. Working in early childhood since the 70s, Louise started a
Masters in London and taught in London primary schools in the early 80s.  On her
return to Australia she became an early childhood specialist, working for the federal
government by advising on best educational practice. Louise was a writer of the
Australian Teaching Standards for Early Childhood. It was during her second degree
that Louise studied Japanese.

‘My son started at Korowal in 2000, so I knew about what the school offered. I
wanted to work in the Korowal teaching team because of the strong emphasis on
relationships and the collegiality’.

Louise taught Primary and a little High School Japanese at Blue Mountains Grammar for nine years prior to joining us at Korowal. Louise currently coordinates the staff teaching praxis at Korowal and together, Louise and I are engaged in a professional development project that plans to develop stronger oracy skills in students.

Kim Poole

Dr Kim Poole is our resident Music Teacher, composer, arranger and orchestrator. Currently Kim’s professional development includes arranging music for the school and his teaching, as well as for orchestras to play. Kim gets great satisfaction from seeing and hearing professionals realise his orchestrations.

Kim commenced his PhD program after completing his MMus (Hons), writing a
doctoral thesis that was ethnomusicological in terms of methodology and focus. His
studies started at the Conservatorium where he focused on the idea of high school
music teaching within a BMusEd. It was here Kim discovered his passion for

While working on his doctorate, Kim began teaching at tertiary institutions. First at
UNSW, before having a tenured position at WSU (then UWS) where he taught
performance (improvisation, ensembles, concert prep etc), theory (composition,
analysis, aural training) and musicology (ethnomusicological focus) - across about
13 years.

‘I did some casual teaching over a year or so at Korowal and found there was a lot I
liked about the philosophy of the school, in particular the way it fostered a different
kind of teacher-student relationship - more like what I was familiar with in my uni
teaching, and more like what I had known as a high school student myself with my
teachers in secondary college in the ACT’.

‘On paper I would have looked ridiculously over-qualified and woefully under-
experienced in terms of teaching in school. What I felt straight away when Mark
interviewed me for a primary position was that he was simply getting a sense of me
as a person who was interested in teaching, and my character, not getting caught up
with my qualifications and presuming I was an 'academic' who was going to be out of touch with teenagers. So Korowal was literally the first school to take a shot with me’.

The rest is history as Kim clocked his 10 Year anniversary last year, and continues
to teach classroom music from Year 3 through to HSC., as well as arrange and
musically direct shows. He always strikes the right chord with the age group. He is

Alistair Symons

Being a Doctoral student, Alistair Symons joined Korowal in 2018 as the High School Coordinator/Deputy Principal.

‘The most appealing aspect of the role is the opportunity to work with teachers to
deliver an engaging curriculum that is mutually beneficial and rewarding for both
students and staff’. Alistair was attracted to many things at the School, including the beautiful grounds and heritage buildings filled with history and character.

Prior to this position, Alistair worked in four secondary schools, where he was Head
of Department and Head of Curriculum. He was also Director of Learning and Teaching at a national university, responsible for implementing evidence based best classroom practice such as the 'Flipped Classroom' model.

Alistair commenced his doctorate in that role and his research continues in the area
of school effectiveness and improvement. He is investigating how school leaders and
teachers improve educational outcomes for all students. He will be contributing new
knowledge to the literature by interviewing Korowal teachers about their pedagogical
practices and leadership of learning in their discipline.

There is so much happening behind the scene that enrichens our School community.
Most importantly, we are people together, supporting each other, laughing, mindful of
our impact.

May you have a powerful week.


A Window with a View - Wk 4, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 4, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 4, Term 1, 2019

As we continue smoothly through our first term of school for 2019, we have begun reflecting upon our uniqueness in the educational sector. Together we will celebrate our community on Friday afternoon 1st March at the Community BBQ.

This week I again visited John Marsden’s Alice Miller School in Macedon, Victoria. John introduced me to the assembly as Principal of ‘a school like theirs’. We appreciate our association, which started in 2016 with our first ‘Impressions’ Conversation. We have been sharing ideas and discussing potential joint ventures, and Monday’s visit was a further conversation in that domain. It is too soon to go into any detail, but it’s invigorating to share our concerns for our students and teachers and look towards creating opportunities that inspire.

We share concern that schools are under ever increasing pressure, and it’s not the teaching experience in the classroom so much as the documentation and administration that are changing the focus. Teachers’ workloads are potentially destroying their passion for the very thing they entered the profession to do - to lead students towards an understanding, to create moments of wonder, to challenge thinking, to build skills for independent learning and to be in harmony with their class.

I am prompted to write about our teachers after a conversation with a parent who has taken a year away from the teaching profession to breathe, and to reprioritise. In the five years she has been teaching, the work load steadily increased to the point where she was running the entire time, always stressed that an incident hadn’t been written up or that she had not had time to reply to a parent; just catching up on marking, programming and reading new texts in the term breaks before the intensity started again. There was no reprieve.

We need to look after teachers! Our teachers are remarkable and we celebrate them today. At Korowal, we listen keenly to our staff and work collegially as much as possible to share concerns and support each other.

We also prioritise opportunities for staff professional development and connections and for a small school, we have much to celebrate in this area. It is time to let you know of more about some wonderful people we work with and who teach your children, and share their professional story of 2019. Here is insight into four of our colleagues, with more to come in the following weeks.

Jason Carthew - High School

Jason is our IT coordinator. He is our HSC Multi-Media, Elective Multi-Media, Technology Mandatory teacher and takes our primary Coding Club.

Jason runs teacher and pupil inservices and training sessions for NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA). This term he is involved in ‘Shape’ seminars, presenting exemplary works from HSC marking 2018. Jason also assists with presenting HSC Marking Guidelines for Year 12 Industrial Technology, and consulted in the development of the new Australian NSW Curriculum for Technology Mandatory.

Andy O’Doherty - High School

Andy is new to our staff and teaches HSC Biology and Chemistry, junior Science and Maths. Andy sits on the NESA HSC Biology Exam Committee and is attending sessions currently. She is a Senior Marker for HSC Chemistry and has been invited by NESA to write questions for HSC Chemistry papers.

Bec Finch - Primary School

Bec is our Primary Coordinator and Deputy Principal. She also shares the Year 6 class teacher role.

Bec is undertaking the AIS Flagship Program in 2019. This is a rigorous, holistic, twelve-month program for senior leaders and aspirant principals in the independent educational sector. It contributes 25% towards a Masters in Educational Leadership.

‘It blends theory and practice, provides hands on experience in leading school-wide change, develops knowledge and skills needed for successful senior leadership, and addresses both the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and Australian Professional Standards for Principals - standards which are applied to emerging and current Principals and members of a school executive’. AIS NSW.

Sarah Farrell Whelan - Whole School Wellbeing

Sarah is a Senior Social Worker and our Wellbeing Coordinator and is engaged in Open Dialogue Training. Developed in Finland in the 1980’s, Open Dialogue invites a person experiencing distress or with mental health concerns, and their network, to come together to talk. It is a meeting of minds to explore all of the perspectives on the situation or crisis at hand.

As Sarah reflects: ‘I believe that there has been minimal cross over at this time between Open Dialogue practices within Health and The Education system. This seems to be a loss for our students, their families and school staff. The ethos, practices and philosophy of Open Dialogue are so fitting to the welfare and wellbeing of schools, particularly Korowal. It fits beautifully with our Restorative Practice model.’

In 2017 Open Dialogue Training commenced in Sydney, through a partnership between Sydney University and St Vincent’s Hospital with Finish trainers for the first time. This Training has been offered to a very selective group of clinicians who have been part of an Open Dialogue study and Sarah is one of the 12 students. This Psychotherapy Training and Trainers Training will go over 3 years, and it is now in its second year. It is the first of its kind in Australia.

Our values of kindness and respect attract staff who want to work at Korowal, and we are the beneficiaries of their expertise and care. We have so much to be grateful for.

May we remember gratitude as we step forward into our new week.


A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 3, Term 1, 2019

In the High School

Annual camps are an integral part of the outdoor education curriculum in the high school. They are structured learning experiences outside the usual school routine. In the past week, from Wednesday to Friday, two groups attended camps. Year 7 ventured to the YMCA Camp at Yarramundi, under the guidance of their intrepid Coordinators, Barb H and Andrew. Pathways students trekked to Dunns Swamp, or Ganguddy, as it is known to the local Aboriginal people. This site is a beautiful waterway on the Cudgegong River in Wollemi National Park. Students were accompanied by plucky Pathways Coordinators, Lisa H and Rick, as well as Andy (Andrea), a great addition to the Korowal staff in 2019.

Ideal weather conditions at Yarrumundi provided the backdrop for a marvellous experience for our newest members of the high school. Archery, high ropes, cave maze, rock climbing, kayaking, abseiling, orienteering, giant swing, alpine rescue, and the campfire, were included in the program for the three days and two nights. Whilst the students had a good deal of fun, they achieved other important outcomes such building resilience and cohesion as a group. In all respects, Year 7 is transitioning successfully into secondary schooling.

At the other end of the high school, the Pathways camp represents a different rite of passage, as our senior students continue to transition into young adulthood. The program for them included canoeing, swimming, bushwalking, bird watching, bush survival skills, camping, and team building. The physical activities provide a medium for students to forge their solidarity and identity as the senior leaders of the student body. Reports from our own teachers and Red Hill Environmental Education staff who facilitate the camp, were that Pathways students gave a commendable account of themselves throughout the event.

Sincere thanks to the teachers who attended the camps, giving students a memorable outdoor education and skills building experience. Thank you also to the teachers who held the fort, ensuring Year 8, 9 & 10 continued their on site learning unabated. Additionally, Week 3 witnessed the culmination of a series of meetings for each year group. We appreciate the engagement of parents and carers at these meetings, in our ongoing partnership of educating our most important stakeholders, our students.

In the Primary School

Teachers and students also went about the core business of teaching and learning. We asked our new Kindergarten students what they like about being at Korowal and here is what they said:

Maths is iniguous [sic] which means so pretty. I liked when we made the shapes with our bodies. I like singing “Good mornings what we do”. I like that we get to say our sounds and act them out like “n,n,n” I like quiet play time. I like when we say our goodbyes. I feel the most welcomed at school. I share, I play. School is like a dandelion that comes from the heart. School makes me learn and my brain gets better and better.

Playing with Matilda and doing all the fun crafts and letters. I like playing in the playground because it’s fun. I like it because we do the afternoon circle and the morning circle. I like it because we sing the songs altogether and it’s really nice and beautiful.

I like learning the new letters every day and learning how to read. I like dressing up and quiet play.

I like it when you read me books.

I like playing with Evie. I like learning facts like writing and drawing.

Learning stuff and learning how the weather feels and what the day is like. Playing and making new friends.

I like learning my sounds and Maths. I like playing with friends.

I like playing with new friends and old friends. I like handing out the crayons when it’s my turn. I like putting my desk away and stuff. I like our maths books, they are so cool. I thought there were only two pages in my books but then I know that there’s lots.

And here’s some other quotes our teachers heard this week from Primary students:
It’s easier to get help from a teacher when it is a small class.
(Year 6 student)
It’s ok, I’m having fun. It’s probably my favourite thing to have. 
(Year 4 student)
Oh…do we have to go home? Please don’t say it’s home time. I want to keep working on my embroidery.(Year 4 student) Yeah can we keep doing it?
(Rest of the class)
We love being able to look after the new Kindies and see them smile.
(Year 6 student)
I would go out there and tell everyone to come to Korowal because it’s the best school, the teachers care and we do lots of fun things.
(Year 5 student)
Our playground is really beautiful.
(Year 5 student)
Reading this book with everyone just makes me happy. I really feel like I’m on an adventure.
(Year 5 student)
I like my homework. It’s fun!
(Year 4 student)
There are teachers who teach and we get to do drawing and play.
(Year 1 student)
It is certainly heart-warming to hear the candid observations of our youngest students. We are delighted that learning thus far for them has been enjoyable. Their comments are also a wonderful affirmation of our teachers who work tirelessly to provide a uniquely valuable educational experience for our students.
Have a great week!
Alistair & Bec

A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 2, Term 1, 2019

We welcomed Kindy children and parents to School this week. Even though many of us are years or even decades away from our children starting school, the significance of this rite of passage and the emotions involved are very near at these times. Singing the welcome songs, holding hands in circles, saying farewell to parents and stepping into the ‘big school’ experience, are all familiar first day rituals, but each year they are unique to the families of our new kindy group. We congratulate all of our Kindy families for their smooth transition to school.

Thank you for your understanding regarding the need to postpone the planned Community BBQ on Friday due to the storm predictions. Fortunately, their intensity passed over us, yet we regret that we were unable to come together in the early weeks of term. As soon as possible we will publish the alternate date and so enjoy the occasion.

We are happy to announce that our first Year 6 student and parent visit to our Caihe 3rd School, sister school in Hangzhou, China, is proceeding this year. This tour will provide our students with the experience of life in a large primary school in China, in stark contrast to their experience at Korowal. They will attend classes, as well as visit museums, galleries and a tea plantation, before getting a fast train to Shanghai to experience Disneyland and the Bund. They will stay in both hotels and homestay arrangements, as Hangzhou families are keen to welcome us to their homes and spend a day sightseeing. The tour is to take place over the Easter holidays and currently includes five students, five  parents and Korowal staff. While we have confirmed these numbers, final numbers will be submitted on Thursday, so if you have overlooked the deadline there is still room for inclusion.

In continuing our commitment to exposing our students to further cultural diversity, throughout 2019 Bing will again be working with Years 5 and 6, introducing cultural insights and Mandarin language. She will be attending the tour to Hangzhou and will provide an essential interpretation of language and culture for our families and staff. Bing’s Mandarin classes are in addition to the weekly Japanese language and cultural program (NSW Australian Curriculum) that is taught by Louise and embraced by the students from Kindy to Year 10. Together, these provide a rich program, and we anticipate some insightful conversations and review when the group returns from China.

In the week to come, Years 7, 11 and 12 will attend their annual camps. We encourage all students to participate in this outdoor education program, for the benefits far outweigh the potential discomforts. We notice that it is becoming more challenging for parents to hold their teenage children to this aspect of the curriculum, possibly because the resistance is too intense. Students attending camp do not have access to electronic devices, are involved in group activities, undertake physical challenges, and confront their self-imposed limits. They laugh a lot, sing a bit, get wet and dirty, may feel uncomfortable, but always come back saying camp was awesome. Unless there is a health concern, please hold the line on this issue. In confronting fears and complacencies, resilience is developed. Our Year Coordinators are available to talk this through with you if necessary.

As we seize each day and its opportunities for new experiences in play and discovery, we are grateful to be surrounded by bush, beauty, and interesting people. With the green tips sprouting in the charcoaled bush, wallabies with joeys have returned to our grounds again.

Let’s take time to notice!



A Window with a View - Wk 1, Term 1, 2019
A Window with a View - Wk 1, Term 1, 2019

A Window with a View

Week 1, Term 1, 2019

It was wonderful to welcome your children and yourselves back to Korowal on Thursday morning. Our Summer break away from routine is perceptible in the energy and focus brought to bear at the start of the new school year. For the past three weeks staff have been preparing, either back at school or at home, to have everything in place for the moment when our students return, for then it all has meaning and we are whole again.

It is strange where you hear things about Korowal, and what you hear people say. Today for the first time (while at the hairdressers) I mentioned that I worked at Korowal, and was met with smiles and two people saying simultaneously ‘Ah, the cool school!’ So maybe we have moved away from the reference of ‘the hippy school’ to become thoroughly contemporary in other people’s eyes. It’s not really a surprise to us, but it’s great that people are looking at us as we are today. We value play, and academic rigour, and we expect students to act responsibly in order to embrace the freedoms that this enables them.

The more we all spread the word about what a beautiful school Korowal is, the more people will find out about us, ‘the best kept secret in the Mountains’! Reflecting on the past few years we can confidently state that they have been harmonious and we have strengthened our commitment to stay relevant to current as well as future needs. It really is a peaceful place to be. With our refined communications systems, Open Dialogue sessions, Restorative Practice and increased playground supervision, any tensions between students are being eased before escalation. We value parents and students raising issues and concerns and provide the space for them to be heard, as we strive to remain aligned with our values.

Korowal Community, Primary and High School, BBQ this Friday

To propel us in to the year, Talulah (a parent and our Primary art teacher) has again offered to coordinate our Korowal Community Picnic/BBQ. Please come along after school this Friday 8th Feb. 3:30 to 5:30pm. This will be a great opportunity to chat with fellow Korowal students and parents, and meet new families joining us this year.

As this was very successful last year, we would like all students to contribute a piece of fruit or vegetable for salads. Please send these to school on Friday morning.

Talulah will be organising volunteers for Friday afternoon to slice, dice and prepare salads. We will also need BBQ chefs and servers, and the essential cleaners and assistants afterwards. If you are able to help out please email
Talulah - tvane@korowal.nsw.edu.au

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Chinese visiting students

We will have 19 students from China visiting us all week in order to experience education at Korowal. The students will be undertaking their own English language classes each morning, and joining Primary and High School classes after recess. This visit beautifully coincides with the Chinese New Year on Tuesday 5th February. Our Chinese language teacher from Western Sydney University, Bing, has invited students to wear red clothes on Tuesday to acknowledge this significant day of celebration for Chinese people. Bing will share the traditions and meanings behind the Chinese New Year in her language class with Stage 3 on Tuesday. We are sure our Chinese student visitors will also have much to share with us!

Calendar of Class Meetings

We have now emailed all families the Term 1 Calendar of events. Please take time to review this. Class meetings begin on Monday evening and continue for two weeks. We encourage you to prioritise these as they are few and far between, and the best way for creating class community. As your children grow and move towards independence, keeping communication channels open is easier if you know the parents of their friends and have an understanding that it’s ok to check in when necessary.

Now, until we meet at a class meeting, or at the Community BBQ, may you enjoy the cooler weather. Also, if you have not already done so, check out the new Korowal website!

It is great to be back.