About Korowal

Korowal School is a co-educational, secular, and community-based school for students Kindergarten to Year 12

Our school name, Korowal, is an Aboriginal word meaning to stand alone, or the strong one. Korowal School is just that. Founded in Leura in 1978, Korowal School was based on a human-centred philosophy, which means we consider that all human beings are of equal worth and capable of reason. We believe that each of us possesses a capacity to solve problems for ourselves in order to flourish. We continue to build on these progressive education foundations today, by designing learning that: 

  • actively involves students in the learning process, specifically through dialogue (learning to talk and through talk)
  • supports and challenges students' thinking, considering issues and ideas from various perspectives
  • supports learners to make meaning through their interactions with each other and with the environment and communities they live in
  • requires students to take responsibility for their learning and their role within our learning community
  • actively engages students in understanding the world around them and their potential as agents of change
  • provides an environment of productive struggle via challenging learning experiences that support learners' creativity, confidence and motivation.

Korowal's Focus

Creativity can be seen across all subjects. It is how we approach learning that encourages lateral, creative, expansive thinking. We value process over product.

Play is seen as a child's right. To be creative while surrounded by beauty, to develop in their own time. Education is not seen as a race. 

Relationships are at the heart of the educational process. Relationship to self, to others, to learning and to the environment. Students are on first-name terms with staff in honour of our equality as human beings. 

Critical Thinking is embedded throughout our processes. We encourage questioning. We analyse, apply logic and reasoning by asking how and why to further understanding. 

Self Expression is held as important for each individual within the community. There is no school uniform.                


My fondest experience at Korowal has been observing the growth of the students into mindful, self-conscious individuals who are critical thinkers, contribute well in discussions and who have a strong creative streak.
Year 12 Parent