The ongoing growth and success of Korowal School is built on a foundation of responsible and accountable governance. The governing body of the School is the Korowal School Board (KSB). Korowal School is a not-for-profit company incorporated in NSW. We encourage parents and carers to become voting members of the Company when they enrol their child.

2021 AGM 

At the 2021 Annual General Meeting Korowal thanked and farewelled Parent Director, Eleanor Phelan and Parent/Staff Director, Talulah Vane. Two new Parent Directors were welcomed to the Korowal School Board bringing new skills, experience and perspectives to our school governance. We now include among our board of directors, Ben Phelan and David Taylor

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The daily running of the school is in the hands of the School Principal and the Executive. The Principal is the School’s Chief Executive Officer and reports to the Board. Our current Principal is Barb Fitzgerald, a long-time teacher at the School. 

The Executive consists of the Principal (Barbara Fitzgerald), the Deputy Principal (Rebecca Finch) and the Business Manager (Melanie Williams).

The Directors of the School Board are elected every two years and are currently composed of elected members, being four parents and two teachers. This arrangement allows for the consensual and efficient operation of the School, both administratively and educationally, and also encourages a constructive partnership between parents/carers and teachers. We strive for consensus in all decisions.

Parents and teachers are encouraged to take an active interest in school governance through voting or nominating for election to the School Board. There is an Annual General Meeting in May each year.

Governance Policy 

Management and Operation of the School Policy and Procedures Handbook Download

Korowal School Board

Chris Lee Chair
Greg Lucas  Deputy Chair
Louise Dungate Director, Teacher
Ben Phelan Director, Parent
David Taylor Director, Parent
David Wright  Director, Parent
Eleanor Phelan Director, Parent
Fionna Russo Director, Parent
Matt Spiteri  Director, Parent

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