Founded as an independent co-educational school in 1978 in Leura, Korowal School was based around a Human-Centred philosophy rather than a faith-based system. It was philanthropically assisted by the Gavemar Foundation. There is only one Korowal.

In 2009 we relocated from Leura to Hazelbrook and moved from being philanthropically assisted to celebrating that we had become truly independent.


The ethos in Korowal’s early years is not far from our ethos today. Relationships were at the heart of the educational process. Above all, value was placed on the child’s right to play, to be creative in all things, surrounded by beauty, with the right to develop in their own time without grades and ranking. It placed the child at the centre of education. Topics for study were integrated across subjects and disciplines. 

There was an Education Council where teachers participated in all decisions regarding the operations of the school, and there was a Board of Governance with equal numbers of teachers and parents as Directors. The position of School Coordinator was a rotating position from within the teaching staff, retaining a three-year tenure. Class teachers were the guardians of primary and high school year groups. 


Today, the ethos of our past remains with Korowal in Hazelbrook. We continue to place great value on play and creativity, and hold that childhood is a time to valued, not to be rushed. Students' and staff are on first name terms and there is no uniform - we love this about our School. 

Topics and curriculum continue to have an integrated approach in primary and in some high school subjects. 

  • Moving forward we have elevated our focus on environmental sustainability.

  • We have an Executive structure with a Principal and two Deputies, also known as the High School Coordinator and Primary School Coordinator.

  • We have a Board of Governance with parents and teachers as Directors.

  • In High School we have two Year Coordinators per year who share the role for a period of four years, 7-10, and Pathways Coordinators for our Years 11 and 12.

  • Class teachers are guardians of the class in primary.

  • We stand independantly, owning our property in Hazelbrook.

  • Students' and parents' input are important to us as we explore further ways of ensuring that the curriculum and learning are relevant and engaging.