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A weekly message from Korowal's Principal, Barb Fitzgerald.

A Window With a View

Week 8, Term 4, 2020

A Window with a View


In Week 8, we have squeezed as much as we possibly can into the final days of Term 4, 2020. The turning circle was alive with colour as the children’s artworks were displayed and available for parents on Friday. The big red double decker bus has taken the children for their last swimming school sessions. Primary children have taken their workbooks and artworks home to share with families, and this year, it is the first time that parents have seen the work up close due to COVID restrictions. 

Across all years, our students finish classes on Tuesday 8th December.

Year 6 Graduation 

On Friday evening, as Year 10 were enjoying their semi-formal off site, we held our third and final Graduation Assembly for 2020. Year 6 students and their parents came together for a beautiful celebration of the completion of their primary schooling. 

Our Year 6, 2020, is characterised by their energy, joy, steadiness, engagement and focus. Plus, their compassion. The students drop into very gentle places at times, and we witnessed this as they read their self-written and illustrated story books to the Kindergarten children a few weeks ago. This was a very special gift, and a demonstration of leadership that each kindy child received with awe. While we do not give certificates or awards at Korowal, we provide opportunities for the students to develop and value the intrinsic rewards of leadership. These children are well on the way to understanding this at a deep level.

It takes a great deal of steering and education to bring a class to this point. The students need to trust their teachers, as do the parents. Every teacher the class has experienced since kindergarten has helped to shape the group. For the past two years the individuals we see in Year 6 have been infused with the energy, intelligence and warmth shared by their class teacher, Elise, for both Years 5 & 6. She is a remarkable person and their sound development is largely due to her sage advice, clever planning, energy and joy at sharing learning, and love for the people entrusted to her care. Thankyou Elise. 

There are many further people that work alongside Elise, and they include Talulah, Sarah, Sarah FW, Kim, Kizz, Maria, Louise, Harumi, Bec, Cate, as well everyone in the School office. Our staff show great care and extend the children beyond complacency, so that they commit to themselves and set personal standards. They are great role models for the children. Thank you all.

For the first time in my memory, every child from Year 6 is continuing into Korowal high school for 2021. We have not needed to say farewell to any students or families as we pass 
them all across to Kizz’s capable hands. Even though we share the same campus, the students in Year 7 will be experiencing exciting new ways of being as a high school student and Elise will join them for morning meetings a few times a week. It will be a gentle gear change, but a significant transition from childhood to adolescence.

On behalf of all of us, we congratulate the students on completing primary school, and their parents on this milestone.

House Keeping for the Holidays

School Office 

The School office will be closed from 11.00 am Friday 11th December and re-open on Monday 18 Jan. High school text book lists will be sent home this week with ordering options included.

Personal Property

If you think that your child has left any property at School- jumpers, hats, jackets- please make contact with us by Tuesday. We regularly clear the lost property at the end of the school year.

School Reports

In the primary school, these will be sent home with your children this week. 
High school reports for Years 7,8,9,10 have been sent electronically in time for the parent teacher evening sessions on Monday night, 7th December, over Google Meet.

While it’s not quite a wrap yet, we are feeling the buzz that the holiday season is upon us after such a tiring year. Regardless of the disruptions, we have achieved great things. Next week we will look back at where we have come and celebrate that with you in our final post for 2020.

Let’s enjoy these final days together!




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