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A weekly message from Korowal's Principal, Barb Fitzgerald.

A Window With a View

Week 9, Term 3, 2022


In Week 9 we were exquisitely entertained by our primary children as they performed their unique version of The Wizard of Oz. Such life, music, bravery and colour onstage can only evoke one response, and that is gobsmacking joy. The audience were grinning from ear to ear, laughing in all the right places, and shedding tears at the beauty of the singing.

Without a doubt this has been a highlight of not only this year, but the past 3 years. We came together as a community, in the hall, without restrictions, enjoying the children and each other’s company. The play had been adapted by Sarah, Andy and primary staff to incorporate our values of kindness and restorative practices and cater for the whole school. It spoke volumes of what has been missing, of the absence of opportunities to share our work and play, as well as the beauty that is within the programs and work that the students and teachers engage with each and every day at Korowal.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Andy Medina, Sarah McGowan, Amelia (of Vocalosity),  Rachel Dykes and all of the primary staff for their dedicated focus, and guidance. The greatest applause is extended to our students, who opened our hearts and gave us the gift or performance.

Korowal's Open Dialogue Model is being presented at an international education conference

Following on from my visit to Oracy Cambridge, James Mannion issued an invitation for us to present our work at the inaugural Rethinking Education Conference in London, this September. As distance is an issue, we have produced a documentary film which outlines our work in Open Dialogue, and our presentation has been listed within the online platform at this conference.  

What happens when you bring the social network around a student together to talk without an agenda and ask 'what is important for us to talk about today?' In response to this question, Sarah Farrell Whelan and I outline the practice at Korowal, with insights from staff, parents, students and health practitioners who have participated in Korowal Network Meetings. Within this overview of Open Dialogue, we explain what led Korowal to adopt this approach and how it has been adapted for the school setting. 

The Conference was launched on Saturday 17th September and access to the keynotes and online presentations is open from September 18 (UK time). For more information or to find a link to tickets (by donation) for the online platform visit The Eventbrite page is here:

Assemblies in Week 10

As we enter the final week of term, Week 10 brings many celebrations, graduations and farewells. On Wednesday evening, Year 12 will attend their sleepover camp and reminisce on their schooling and time shared together. When they return to school on Wednesday, staff will enjoy a morning tea together with Years 11 and 12, and then move across to a Gift Giving Ceremony between Years 11 and 12, then between staff and Year 12. This will be followed by an end of term assembly, but not the graduation assembly. Year 12’s Graduation Ceremony has been put back to Friday at midday due to Thursday’s public holiday. 

Our Wednesday assembly will be held in honour of Rick Morris, our much-cherished high school Maths teacher, who is moving into retirement. In preparation for this significant event, last year we employed Jennie Bucco as our Maths Coordinator and high school maths teacher, so Rick’s experience of Korowal has been shared with Jennie over the last three terms.

More will be said about Rick in next week’s post. In the meanwhile, be assured that he will be honoured and given a beautiful send off.

Friday will be our final day of Term 3, a term filled with memories of opportunities to gather With the Fair and Open day, NAIDOC celebrations, Fun Run, Primary Play and Assemblies we have come together and rekindled our sense of belonging to a very special community. It has been a term of significant celebration as we immersed ourselves in cultural rituals, and look forward to a few more to come.

Have a beaut week,




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