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A weekly message from Korowal's Principal, Barb Fitzgerald.

A Window With a View

Week 10, Term 1, 2022

We have come to the end of our first term with great energy and effort. The space to breathe for a moment over these April holidays is gratefully received by all staff and students, and well deserved for their teaching, learning and adaptability over the term. 

It was a term that necessitated ongoing communication and communal effort to keep the school functioning. We had moments of great illness and staff shortages, but never a need to close – thanks to parents and carers for looking after unwell or isolating students, and thanks to the flexibility and extra effort from all staff.

The people in the Korowal School community are wonderful, thoughtful and active participants. I always appreciate the questions, conversations and the ongoing problem-solving required to work at this school. I know this is also appreciated by many of you and you are often asking how you can get more involved. I’d like to offer two great opportunities for you to work closer with and for the school – the Korowal School Board, and the Open Day/Fair.

Korowal School Board 

The Korowal School Board is the governing body of the school. The Directors of the School Board are elected every two years and compose of both parents and teachers – encouraging a constructive partnership. You are encouraged to take an active interest in school governance through voting or nominating for election to the School Board. 

Nominations for a position on the Korowal School Board are open. A notice regarding voting and nominations for the Board was sent via SkoolBag on April 6th. The Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 18th May at 5pm.

Open Day & Fair 

The Open Day/Fair has been on our school calendar for Saturday 27th August this year, however we have since learnt that the Winter Magic Festival has been placed on that weekend, so we are bringing our Open Day forward to Saturday 20th August. Please put this date in your calendars!

We will be commencing Open Day preparations with interested parents, carers, family members and friends very early in Term 2. Look out for the first Open Day meeting to discuss ideas and be part of this very exciting day!

As we settle into the two week break, I share with you a significant school improvement project happening this week. We are getting a much-needed replacement of the Administration Building roof! It is so lovely to see the sun shining on the school! 

Wishing you a warm, healthy and restful break. 





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