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A weekly message from Korowal's Principal, Barb Fitzgerald.

A Window With a View

Week 2, Term 3, 2021

At the end of Week 2 of Term 3, it is also the end of Week 4 of lockdown, the first two weeks having been within the school holidays. It continues to be a long stretch. 

This week we experienced diverse responses from students, families and teachers through class meetings, individual conversations and emails. In both high school and primary, people are really missing social connection, and while morning meetings online provide space to meet it does not replace the longing to be physically present in a space. 

Some parents and students are managing home learning smoothly, while others are not - for many reasons. Children in younger years require more direct support from parents or siblings to engage in the work, yet there is mixed capacity to do so. Some teenagers need the same presence to get started. We have received expressions of appreciation for the primary learning packs, as well as dismay that they are not more comprehensive. We have families requesting more online learning in primary and others who are happy with the level supplied. The layering we are bringing to this program is gradual, and the feedback that you have provided thus far will assist us in our planning for coming weeks. 

Thank you all. While we hope that we can return to campus soon, the planning for both home learning and on campus classes are running alongside each other.

In high school, teachers and parents are in constant contact and cross referencing, so that where they feel a student may be fading or hoping to be invisible, they are drawn closer.  Several network meetings have been held by Sarah and Lisa this week, to offer greater support for this way of schooling. 

Your Voice 

We encourage you to continue to make contact with class and subject teachers, if you have questions. If you have concerns, then please email, or Talulah, Bec or myself. 

As much of what we hear/see/read in the media are negative news stories, we are committed to sharing positive feedback and comments that hopefully, brighten your day. 
Some parents in primary have offered:

"So thankful for everything you have done for us, we are loving the take home learning pack!"

"We love seeing all the children's faces at Morning Circle each day, it is the perfect start to move into our learning each day."

"We have set up a designated work space and created our own timetable together."

“We don’t want a timetable; we are happy doing what we can when we can.”

"We really like the way the learning packs were set out, the structure is so easy to use."

“Thankful to be able to spend time with my family and having a front yard!”

“Grateful for our pets, audio books, having nice neighbours and plenty of food!”

“Love the Morning Circles- Hearing the singing, chatting, sharing of poems”

HSC Changes to date

On Friday evening we were alerted that many HSC practical project due dates have been extended, and that the starting date of the HSC examination period has changed. We will be in contact with all of our Pathways students and families with the specific details of this on Monday.

Looking ahead 

Having farewelled Week 2, it might just help us all to get through lockdown if we can take control of some part of our lives. Ash Barty’s Mindset Coach, Ben Crowe, talks a lot about learning to accept that we are ‘enough’ by owning our own story, rather than listening to the stories that others say about us. He has this to offer:  

“If you can win the morning, you can win the day. 
..….. mantras, affirmations, allow you to own your story.”

Crowe suggests that if we don’t take ownership of our own story, accepting that who you are is enough, then the world (others) will. 

If you like this notion, you may enjoy listening to the whole podcast of ‘Bounceback’, Episode 13-with Dr Andrew Rochford; featuring Ben Crowe.

May we win each day!




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