Principal's Message

A weekly message from Korowal's Principal, Barb Fitzgerald.

A Window with a View 

Week 5, Term 2, 2020


Week 5 was possibly the greatest highlight we have had since COVID-19 entered our lives. We experienced the first sensations of something familiar, almost normal, as hundreds of students returned to campus. Having made the decision to bring students back for three days throughout the week in staggered fashion, the build of momentum was just right. For almost everyone from K-10 the experience was positive. 

As we had anticipated, in primary some students had difficulty being back. Not to worry, as it will take time to build their school resilience. They may experience emotional upset at leaving their parents and possibly be teary at further changes until we settle back into routines. 

Our senior students came back full-time and while they remained engaged in their online classes, they appear to be full of vim and vigour now that we are back. Keeping physical space between each other is the one big challenge. 

From Monday, all classes are back on campus full-time. We are all looking forward to having a four-week block of classes with consistency for the students between now and the end of term. 


Thank you all. Traffic flow on campus was steady throughout the week as families responded to the request for primary pick up from 3.05 pm and high from 3.30pm. Next week will be the real test here and we will have further signage in the drive way. You will notice that we have banners indicating the primary kiss-and-drop area and the high school zone. 

We request that all high school families progress towards the old school bus zone for drop off and pickup, and that you wait until 3.30pm before entering the school for pickup.

Reconciliation Art Project

As we enter the final days of Reconciliation Week, with the theme of ‘In This Together’, our primary and high students will be creating an artwork from fallen leaves on the front lawn. We have chosen this area of the School so that parents can see the creation on pickup in the afternoon. Due to the current distancing measures in place, regrettably we are unable to welcome you to the event, but hope to share the result. Throughout the day classes will move in and out of the area to create an ephemeral artwork that over time, will alter, be tossed about in the wind and rain, and eventually disintegrate. Such are the cycles of life.

If you have flat fallen autumn leaves and can collect them before school, we would use them in this installation.


While we are opening our doors again, we are hypervigilant about our health and hygiene routines at School. Our staff are the people at highest risk of COVID-19 infection. We are appreciative of your support in reminding your children that they cannot come to school if unwell, as much as they want to! 
Thank you all for communicating with us when you seek clarity. We really do feel supported by our community.



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