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A weekly message from Korowal's Principal, Barb Fitzgerald.

A Window With a View

Week 9, Term 1, 2021


We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine as much as we have in Week 9. While we have kept away from the trees for three days following the rain, there have been plenty of spaces outdoors to play, kick balls around, and picnic on the grass. The creek through the middle of the playground was the perfect place for Year 1 to play ‘Pooh Sticks’, by throwing sticks into the flowing stream and watching them race each other. 

Looking Outward 

Forging cultural links and experiences was one focus that went on hold under the COVID restrictions, but it’s one which we highly value. With these lifting, we have been able to immerse students in museums and galleries, to lift learning off the page or screen and into the sensory realm. In both Week 9 and 10 we are seeing many classes getting out and about. On Monday the Fire and Rescue NSW’s Lawson crew met with our primary children to talk about safety in fire situations. By Wednesday our senior Visual Arts students had ventured to the NSW Art Gallery to see exemplar 2020 HSC artworks, and then the White Rabbit Gallery’s exhibition of a significant collection of Chinese contemporary art, a topic which they study in their Year 11 Course. Year 9 attended the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park on Thursday. 

Coming up in week 10, Years 5&6 will attend the Cultural Centre for the Arthur Boyd Exhibition, while Years 11 and 12 enjoy an excursion to the Royal Easter Show, and Kindy, Years 1&2 have their Teddy Bears’ Picnic at school. Thursday is the last day of term before holidays commence on Friday, which is a public holiday.

Unfortunately, Bush Day plans for last Friday needed to be postponed until next term. However, everyone enjoyed the Pyjama Day fundraiser on Thursday.

Primary Assembly 

In keeping with the opening up and returning to traditions, on Thursday morning we will be welcoming primary parents to school for an end of term primary assembly. The primary vocal group have been preparing for this day and will sing ‘We Are the world’, accompanying it with Auslan signing. Some of us were privileged to have a preview of this on Friday. The children, under Amelia’s direction, touched our hearts, bringing tears to our eyes as they connected with the lyrics. 

We will also say farewell to Clare at this assembly and thank her for care, warmth and passion in teaching Years 1 and 2 over the past three-plus years.


Our Korowal Cabaret rehearsals have picked up momentum. High School students are rehearsing acts in every free moment of the day, with senior student taking leadership in a number of areas, and Jason and his tech team setting the spaces in preparation for the performance at the beginning of Term 2. For students in the Cabaret, rehearsals will run in the last week of the holidays so be sure to have a copy of that schedule where the family can all see it. It opens on Thursday 22nd April, in week 1 of Term 2.

The most important aspect of these final weeks is that the cast is reliable and meets their rehearsal commitments. Time is of the essence, and every single person’s contribution is what strengthens the ensemble.  The band cannot rehearse without the full suite of instruments, nor can the dance routine or vocal group refine their gig if people are absent. Every person matters and any absences slow down the momentum. The run-throughs, feedback, the entrances and exits, the costume calls, all require that everyone hears the same message at the same time. Changes in direction are quick and frequent in the final weeks as the show comes together, with great joy and excitement generated by the group. 

The cast and crew take the show to the next level in preparation for their ultimate purpose, which is to share the fun with an audience and simply entertain us.  Tickets are on sale from this week and more information on how to purchase these will be sent home via SkoolBag. The good news is that we can welcome bigger audience numbers!

Darcy's Swimming Success Continues

Congratulations to Darcy Hollingsworth in Year 9 for swimming personal bests in nearly every event at the AICES swim meet, including blistering a 1 min 07 secs in her 100m freestyle. Over 3 secs off! 
Darcy now moves on to represent Korowal at the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) Swimming Event. If you know Darcy, you will no doubt agree that she is a determined and disciplined young woman, with a gentle and caring disposition. This is a well-deserved result. She has our confidence and support with her as she swims for CIS.

School Holidays Commence Friday

As swiftly as we commenced the term we are now signing it off! Years 11 and 12 have their Course exams on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this coming week, and many subjects in high school have been presenting and submitting tasks over the past two weeks. If you follow Korowal on facebook or Instagram you will be seeing many posts of dynamic work being undertaken by students across primary and high school, celebrating our unique learning environment, including Oracy and Project Learning presentations. 

Thank you all, students, teachers and parents, for being engaged and supporting our beautiful school. 

Parent Meeting

There is a parent meeting being held this Monday night, 29th, from 6.00-7.00pm. This will provide the space to come together, meet new friends and share questions, comments and ideas. Everyone is welcome. We ask that you just let us know you are coming as we prepare our COVID Plan for this event.

I’m off to get a hit of Vitamin D as the sun is calling me outdoors.
May we all have a gentle week.



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