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A weekly message from Korowal's Principal, Barb Fitzgerald.

A Window With a View

Week 8, Term 3, 2021


This week marks the end of our 10th week of lockdown and 8th week of Term 3. My oh my!

We are now refining our return to school plan, which we will share with you in Week 9. As we will continue to receive health updates it may have many iterations before October 25th. However, it will be our guide to returning to our School campus.

At Korowal, the values of inclusion, discernment, compassion and respect are our bedrock. On a daily basis I have been receiving a range of concerns and opinions from our families. Mostly they pertain to the public health orders, their application and implications for our community, both positive and negative. Thank you for sharing these and please be assured that while we are all challenged by COVID’s impact, we hold our values close, and intend to succeed as best we can to accommodate our whole community within the requirements. 

Thank you also for filling in the return to campus survey. On current responses, it looks to be around 85% returning to classes at school and approximately 15% continuing with remote learning for Term 4. We will run this survey again, closer to October 25th.

It is with gratitude that I share this message from our Chair of the Korowal School Board and applaud the care shown by our directors, led by Chris Lee.


A message from the Korowal School Board to our community 

The Korowal School Board is providing support, advice and counsel for our school executive who, with our teachers and support staff, are at the frontline of the school’s response in these unprecedented times. In the dynamic landscape we find ourselves in, decision-making can be extremely difficult. As much as we all wish to provide certainty for our school community, the current environment makes that tricky. 
The principle at the heart of Korowal’s COVID response is to control what we can control. There are things that we are required to do, bounded by our funding and accreditation through the State and Commonwealth governments. We develop plans based on guidance from the NSW Health and Education departments, and industry expertise from the Association of Independent Schools. Some of that guidance has flexibility to allow us to develop responses that reflect our circumstances and accommodate the Korowal approach. Other guidance is mandated through Public Health orders, which does not allow flexibility or interpretation. Sometimes information is presented at such a high level - one line in a press release, or a Minister making a statement - that we are unable to decide on a course of action until the detail is made available.
This fluid information environment does make it difficult to plan ahead, but we are doing that and responding and reviewing as new information or guidance becomes available - often on a daily basis. This places enormous pressure on our staff and leadership team.
I want our community to remember that we are all working together to enable the best outcomes for our children. We are balancing external guidance and legislation, developing safe environments for staff and students, within our approach to education. Some of these decisions may not be what we would prefer as a community - nor may we all agree on what these should be as a community - but please be reassured that we will always do our best to balance the competing forces to make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time.

Thanks to those of you who have sent messages of support to your class teacher and the school staff - it is very much appreciated by everyone.

Chris Lee, Chair KSB



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