A Window with a View - 2020

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A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 1, 2020
A Window with a View - Wk 3, Term 1, 2020

A Window with a View

Week 3, Term 1, 2020

In Week 3, our Kindy children completed their first full week of big school. For their first weeks, rain has prevented them from exploring the grounds, but this is about to change. Jodie, Clare and Anna, our Kindy, Year 1 & 2 teachers, have made the decision that the students need to be able to splash about in the wet. Enough indoor play! They just need to have a set of wet weather gear at School, complete with gumboots. Parents will have received a message requesting that spare sets be left at school, with names attached. Also, if your child has outgrown raincoats, gumboots, overalls and you can part with them, we will happily receive them. Let’s hope that the next week brings peals of laughter as they splosh about.

Year 7 Camp

In spite of the forecast for this coming week, Year 7 will venture off to camp at Yarramundi on Monday, so the same recommendations for rain gear apply for them. As we discussed at the class meeting, the activities are varied and the centre can rearrange the schedule according to the day. Spare shoes and clothing are essential for comfortable evenings.

Our Stand-Up Comedian

On Friday at lunch time the high school students and staff were treated to a stand-up comedy routine by Zac, in Year 9. It was delightful. It was a courageous and sophisticated act. Congratulations to Zac for a funny, witty and entertaining piece which was very well received by the entire audience. Maybe this is the start of lunchtime acts? We hope so!

Junior Band

Also, this week Neill Duncan brought us the news that there are now so many high school students wanting to be in the Jazz Band ‘Neill’s Armee’ that we will need to start a junior band! Our response without a doubt……go for it, Neill!

Can you loan us a bike?

Kizz has again been successful in securing a Sporting Schools Grant ‘to access specialised sports services as part of our PE program in Term 1, 2020.  On this occasion we have secured funding to be part of an exciting new bike riding program.  Our years 7 + 8 students will have access to specialised bike riding tuition, on-site and within the surrounding neighbourhood during their scheduled PE lessons in Weeks 6 + 7 of this term’, as quoted from Kizz’s letter to families.  
However, many students do not have bikes and we are wondering if any of our families have bicycles that you could drop off at school for students to use under supervision over the two weeks. They need to be in good riding condition. They would be locked up for safe keeping during this time. If so, please let the office know and Kizz will be in contact with you.

Class Meetings

Thank you to the high school parents and carers who came along to our class conversations this week. It is great to catch up with you and receive your feedback. We have now almost completed these, with just two remaining. Year 10’s meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th at 5.30pm and Years 11 and 12 (Pathways) at 6.30pm on Thursday 20th February. 

Enjoy the calm,

A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 1, 2020
A Window with a View - Wk 2, Term 1, 2020

A Window with a View

Week 2, Term 1, 2020

We paddled our way out of our first complete week of school for 2020, and we continue to
be saturated this weekend. So far today, we hear that the School is standing up well to the deluge, with the exception of the Pathways common room. 

Take extra care 

As we all return to our routines tomorrow please take extra care in and around the carpark, hold your children’s hands and look out for little ones who may have made a dash for the car. Arriving a little later for pick up will also keep traffic flowing so please wait until 3.30pm or later for high school pickup in the turning circle.

Also, send students in both primary and high school with wet weather gear. The bus stop does not have a shelter and computers and books in backpacks are vulnerable. 

Class meetings

Thank you to all of our parents who have attended the primary class meetings over the past week.  The connection between parents and teachers, having everyone in the same place to hear the one consistent message, is greatly appreciated. Thanks to our teachers for their attention. dedication, care and open communication. 

We understand that it can be difficult to leave the children to be at the meetings. We have been asked if we could skype or use a social media platform to include those who cannot make it, and we did so at one meeting. It brings to the fore the reason we provide these meetings at the start of the year, so I will share our thinking on this:

Relationships and Community

The opportunity for sharing information that directly relates to your child’s class, and for us to receive questions and feedback from you, really only happens at the start of the year. We place such value on this that we have the class teacher, coordinators, deputy and principal at the meeting. This is where the Korowal story for the new year is told. It is the collective voice that is heard. There is an exchange of ideas, and we sit in each other’s company. We belong to the group.

There are currently few traditions that we have for coming together at Korowal. We do not have big assemblies, award nights and prize giving ceremonies, nor do we have many formal gatherings such as dinners. We do have a class meeting and a picnic at the start of the year. Hopefully we will continue to have a Jazz night to celebrate our end of year. 

We place great value on the relationships we develop and the conversations that we share. Written communications from the school, such as this, are one way. So are the class newsletters that you receive. Cuppa under the tree is an opportunity to stop and touch down, ask questions, get to know each other. It is a pleasant yet more individual and informal arrangement. 

We are keen to continue to meet you at the class meetings and strengthen our connections, and for you to meet each other. We have many new families and they want to know the community. They want to meet the parents of the children that will become friends with their child, exchange contact details and so on. That said, we are open to reviewing and discussing the best model for class or stage meetings going forward.  If there is a way to foster greater networks, we would welcome hearing about them. 

High School Class Meetings

In the meanwhile, High school class meetings are yet to be held. They are in the evenings this coming Tuesday for Year 8, Wednesday for year 9 and Thursday for Year 7, plus the following Tuesday 18th for year 10 and Thursday 20th for Years 11 and 12. We look forward to being with you then.

Cuppa Under the Tree will be held on Wednesday morning if the rain clears!

Have a great week mucking about in the rain!

A Window with a View - Wk 1, Term 1, 2020
A Window with a View - Wk 1, Term 1, 2020

A Window with a View 

Week 1, Term 1, 2020

We had a beautiful start to the School year on Thursday. There were smiles all round, sharing of stories, welcoming of new families and deep outward breaths as sighs of relief that we have returned to routines. It is possible to settle once again.

Thank you for placing your trust in us as educators and mentors.

First Aid and Child Protection updates

For the two weeks prior to the children returning to School staff were planning, meeting, setting up, and refreshing our training. We had first aid training in CPR, Epipen use and snake bite response. Korowal now has a Defibrillator in the front office.

We also had a Child Protection Training workshop presented by the Association of Independent Schools (AIS) Wellbeing staff. In this confronting presentation, we were again reminded to remain alert to indicators when keeping our children safe. We feel it is important to share a summary of this with you.

Above all, to listen to our children; believe them; take action; notice any changes in their behaviour; trust your instinct.

The statistics for child abuse are still high and many incidents are going unnoticed. Often it is not only the child who is being groomed, but the family as well. Be alert.

Working with Children Check

All adults employed at Korowal are required to have a Working with Children Check (WWCC) clearance from the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian. This checks for any criminal charges for offences against children. All parents who are volunteers at School must also apply for the Volunteer WWCC, at no cost. Our aim is that all parents at school have clearance in the volunteer or paid worker categories.

Class and Stage Meetings

These will be held in the evenings over the next two weeks. Please come along and meet the staff and each other, introduce yourself to new families, hear about the year ahead and have any questions addressed.

Novel Corona Virus

Please keep an eye out for the regular updates we send from the Department of Health to our families. The current situation is that if you, a member of the family or a house mate, have returned or will be returning from China or Hong Kong, that you self-isolate for a period of 14 days from the day of arrival. In a domestic situation, children and/or partners of a recently returned traveller cannot attend school for the 14 - day period as stipulated. By the department of Health. Should this impact you, please keep us informed by calling the school office on 4758 7466.

Our Canteen is open from Tuesday

Steph will be tempting us with tasty sensations again from Tuesday so consult the menu that was sent through Skoolbag and place your orders on a bag or container on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Our delivery service My School Lunchbox, is available Mondays and Fridays by ordering through the following site.

Thankfully we have had three further classrooms fitted with reverse cycle air conditioners over the holidays. Now to go solar!

Have a great week,