At Korowal, our teachers are storytellers. They share stories of their own, and retell the stories of others. Teachers weave together ideas, perspectives and journeys alongside their students in each lesson. Their classrooms, boards, and daily routines are effectively the storylines for each day and each learning experience  using language, music and visual art to engage and connect their students.

Our school community holds a great diversity of individual perspectives, and this requires a space that is respectively open-minded, inclusive and kind. Our teachers mentor students with the problem solving, skill building and dialogue needed to work together. 

Executive Team

Cindy Barnsley Principal
Matthew Whaley Deputy Principal
Melanie Williams Business Manager

Whole School Coordinators 

Talulah Vane Primary School Coordinator
Louise Dungate Projects & Research Coordinator
Jason Eddie IT Coordinator, Academic Continuity Advisor
Sarah Farrell-Whelan Wellbeing Coordinator
Sam Corlett Inclusive Education Coordinator
Kirrily Boyd PDHPE Coordinator
Jennifer Bucco K-12 Numeracy Coordinator

Primary School Staff

Jodie Foster Teacher Kindergarten
Sarah McGowan Teacher Class 1
Sassica Whaley Teacher Class 2
Emma-Joy Reardon Teacher Class 3
Anna Summers Teacher Class 3
Rita Barbaro Teacher Class 4
Andy Barnett Teacher Class 5
Elise Alt Teacher Class 6
Meaghan Blattman Primary Teacher
Louise Dungate PS Japanese
Steve Clark PS Music
Kizz Boyd  PS Physical Education
Talulah Vane PS Art
Cathy Dobbie PS Integration Teacher
Nathanael Hunter Teachers' Aide
Robyn Spark Teachers' Aide
Tammy Hall Teachers' Aide
Trish Fitzgerald Teachers' Aide

High School Staff

Georgina Khoo HSIE, Drama, English, Society & Culture, Year 7 Mentor
Louise Dungate Japanese, Oracy, Year 8 Mentor
Kirrily Boyd PE, PDHPE Coordinator, Year 9 Mentor
Rachel Alice   English, Year 10 Mentor
Andy O'Doherty Science, Chemistry, Biology, Stage 4 & 5 Advisor
Jason Eddie Technology, ITM, Digital Literacy, Stage 6 Advisor
Jennifer Bucco Maths
Barb Hall Ancient History, Modern History, Geography, HSIE, Studies of Religion
Kelly Wyburd Drama, English
Cristin Quinnell Maths
Jeremy Cook Business Studies, Work Education
Emma Hogan Visual Arts, Technology
Steve Clark Music
John Phillips Physics, STEM, Tech Mandatory
Sarah Bishop Science, Maths
Helen Curry Teachers' Aide
Robyn Spark Teachers' Aide
Sarah Farrell-Whelan Wellbeing Coordinator
Maria Formica Teacher Librarian

Library Staff 

Maria Formica Teacher Librarian
Felicity Moeckel-Hughes Library Assistant

Administration, Business & Maintenance Staff

Caroline Flack Administration Coordinator
Deb Robertson Administration Assistant
Naomi Tipper Administration Assistant
Michelle Maunsell Finance Officer
Susan Pearce Finance Officer
Leigh Armstrong Executive Assistant to the Principal
Allysia Murray Digital Content Creator
Justin Lovelock Grounds Maintenance
Ben Clayton Building Maintenance
Lindsay Page Building Mantenance
Connor Bruce Grounds Assistant

Bus Driving Staff 

Col Robertson Upper Mountains Driver
Peter Turnbull Upper Mountains Driver
Michael Storey Lower Mountains Driver


Korowal teachers have beautiful relationships with the students. It has been wonderful to watch my children bond with Teachers in a respectful and nurturing way. My children will cherish the relationships they have had with teachers for years to come.
Korowal Parent